How to Create an Email Newsletter

How to Create an Email Newsletter

Derek Fredrickson
November 8, 2013

Something we are always teaching our students of The Client Attraction Business School is how to create an email newsletter, or “ezine,” to send out to an email subscriber list. Whenever I speak or teach on the topic of email list building or email marketing, people ask, “Derek, how do I put my ezine together? What should I include and where do I begin? How often should I send out my newsletter and which format is best?”

Sending a consistent email newsletter to your subscribers builds trust and value over time. You’re conditioning your readers to consume and appreciate the value of your content (and ultimately get to know, like and trust you).

Your email newsletter should be focused on building a connection between you and your readers. (Click here to tweet this.)

Your ezine is your go-to, stay-in-touch online marketing vehicle. It keeps you on your list’s radar screen. It helps build a connection and deepens the relationship between you and your readers.

There are three very important factors to consider when planning your ezine:

  1. Content
  2. Frequency and timing
  3. Format and layout

In today’s video strategy, I cover: Content. Find out the essential components of an effective and memorable ezine by tuning in below.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Conduct an ezine audit, specifically around your content. Looking at your own ezine, what areas are missing or lacking in some way? How can you improve on your content? Share below… I’d love to hear about it! And remember—if you need guidance, don’t hesitate to look at our Client Attraction ezine.

Next time I will share key strategies on timing and frequency for email marketing. Until then, Happy Client Attraction!

  • Yaritza Baez

    Hi Derek: This video could not come at a better time for me. I’m in the brainstorming process of creating a newsletter to start publishing next January. Now, I have a better idea of what should be the standard sections to include. Great advice as always. Thank you!!!

    • derekCA

      Excellent! So glad to hear it and excited to hear the timing was just right for you…

  • Christine Gallagher

    I changed out my ezine to match this video when you shared it at GMC and its been fantastic. The personal note section has gotten such a great response from readers – creates that personal connection. And I’ve switched over to vlogs that have increased opens. The featured client section my instructors love bc it gives them more visibility and they also are sharing the content on their pages and with their lists so I get increased visibility. Everything you suggested really works and has up-leveled my business for sure!

    • Glad you’ve seen such a great response from your readers – that’s such a good way to build your business fast. Sending you hugs Christine!

  • Kandi

    Hi, Derek!
    We send our eZine monthly, but other mass-mailers (short emails, short plugs, reminders) throughout the month.

    I’m going to implement revealing more high-content value and a case study into ours consistently, in addition to an ‘About Us’ statement/section! I always have links to our webpage, and we did some serious marketing in October which landed us with 1036 UNIQUE visitors to our website 1740 times, visiting an average of 3.26 pages each visit. Now to work on our website and converting the visitors to DOLLAR$$!

    -Kandi Mensing

    • Woohoo Kandi! Good for you on taking that step to bring in so many new visitors 🙂 Sending you big hugs!

  • SynchronEssence

    Fabulous timing! I am currently developing a new format for my ezine and will use your suggestions to ensure that it’s top-notch. I like the notion of including a personal message as it is important that people can relate to my story as I help them create theirs. I’m planning to increase my frequency from monthly to weekly–a big step but one that will help me build momentum for some great programs I’m developing. Many thanks for the tips!

    • So glad these came at the perfect time for you Synchron. I’d love to hear how the switch from monthly to weekly goes!

  • Shannon Lagasse

    Hey Derek!

    Great video!

    Once upon a time, I used a format similar to what you’re mentioning, but it didn’t work for my audience.

    Now, I use an email that has a header (so they know it’s from me) and merge my “personal note” with my blog. I talk a little bit about what’s up, what’s coming up, and give a little intro to the blog.

    I follow it up with a sign-off and a “manage your subscription” section. I found that readers weren’t interested in my bio, just my content.

    That said, having made these changes has improved my open rate, as well as my subscription rate, while DECREASING unsubscribes! :]

    • That’s great to hear Shannon, glad you’ve taken the time to really track what YOUR audience responds to best, so you can give it to them. Thanks for your note!

  • Amy Sinclair

    I started using these strategies after learning them from Derek and the ways my clients starting relating to the personal section was overwhelming! We also saw such a huge increase in opens. Our clients started relating so much more to us and our referrals also went though the roof!

    • Woohoo Amy! Love hearing success stories after people take action. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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