March 2009 - Small Business Coach, Women Business Coaching - Client Attraction

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

You’ve heard a lot more about the Law of Attraction recently. For nearly 10 years, I’ve been using it consciously to create my ideal business, on a daily basis, in addition to disciplined marketing strategies.

With anything in life, if you don’t KNOW where you’re going, you’ll either eventually get lost or it’ll take you a long time to get there, much longer than necessary. If you’re heading out to drive cross-country and choose to do it without a roadmap, it may not even make sense to head out in the first place. Worse, if you don’t consciously choose what you want, you will continue to attract by default what your unconscious mind wants to attract.


“The day you plant the seed is NOT the day you eat the fruit. Don’t worry, don’t get frustrated, be persistent. It’s on its way to you.” That’s a thought that always stays with me in taking my business (or one of my clients’ businesses) to the very next level. Thing is, we’re conditioned through the media that everything is supposed to happen miraculously quickly in our lives:

“Thinner thighs in 30 days”

“Quit smoking in 2 hours”

“Build your list to 30,000 people in 4 months”

“Sell $100,000.00 worth of products in 2 hours”

Whoa. Slow down for a second!


While the media is searching out anything to create panic in the eyes of consumers, I want you to think about your own life. When you went to the mall last time, was it empty? What about popular restaurants? Could you hear crickets chirping? Personally, everywhere I go, I’m still waiting in line, I still wait ten minutes for a table, and I’m seeing people STILL buying a lot. In fact, to put it in perspective, our business has made more just last month than most people make all year. What “economy”?


“It’s important to realize that making a LOT of money in your business comes down to several different things”: Authentic and compelling marketing, systems for everything, different sources of income, leverage, etc. But, believe it or not, those are actually the easy part, because you can be shown exactly how to do this (that’s what I teach in my workshops). The difficult part is actually a two step process: 1. Making the DECISION to do whatever it takes; 2. Then eliminating all the excuses that inevitably come up and DOING what it takes. If you can master those, then everything else comes easily.”


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“The ONE Thing You Need To Do To
THRIVE In This (or Any) Economy”

Dear Solo-entrepreneur,

Can I get very REAL with you?

I’ve been sitting back, watching the effects of ‘The Economy’ unfold, and although I’ve been mostly ‘unplugged’ from the media, it’s undeniable that SOME businesses are having a difficult time.

At the same time, OTHER businesses are bringing in lots of money, and continue to thrive and do better than they have in the past.

“What you have to give is enough-if you give it with all your heart.”
-Chieko N. Okazaki

For years, I’ve noticed how many of my clients stopped themselves from marketing because they needed to learn MORE. They’d already gone through the required training, and many were certified, but it was like something strange was in the punch bowl and they were all drinking it: the “I’m Not Enough Yet” fruit punch.



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