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  • Patrick Conley on
    The Client Attraction Business School

    “The first year of The Client Attraction Business School has skyrocketed my business. We have generated at least $50,000 in revenue from our Client Attraction activities alone.”

A word from our Leverage Track students…

2Leverage Track

 The Leverage Track is designed to give you, the established business owner, the specific curriculum you need to end the overwhelm that comes from having a lot of clients but not enough time.


Student Success Story Videos

Phyllis Harbinger on The Client Attraction Business School

“I’m so grateful to be here and have time with Fabienne and Derek on a more personal level. I’m enjoying this real mastermind, mentoring and laser coaching. These are likeminded, powerful people really creating awareness and pushing you with so much accountability.”

Amanda Pekoe and Chris Lueck on The Client Attraction Business School

“Just by shifting my mindset and by really absorbing and believing in these principles, I more than doubled my income for the year in two months.”

Rachel Sherwood on The Client Attraction Business School

“Since enrolling in the Leverage Track of The Client Attraction Business School, I’ve done more with my business in one year than I have in the past eight or nine years previously.”


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