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She thought she needed an MBA… (nope)

Fabienne Fredrickson
May 3, 2016

Cris was already running a multiple six-figure organizing business when I met her. 

But she knew there had to be a better way to stop Working. So. Hard. 

In fact, she was considering going back to graduate school to get her MBA. 

She figured that was the only way to take her business to the next level. 

Problem is, that would have cost her about $100,000. Ouch. 

Instead, watch this week’s inspiring 6-minute video to see what she did and witness her rapid results. Wow, just wow: 

Cool, right? 

And I love that Cris talks about the dreaded “shelf of shame” we all have. (I have one too, so no judgment!) 😉 

The biggest problem is that this creates a self-propagating cycle of “I’m not good enough… I don’t follow through… I’m irresponsible.” 

No, what you are is…human. 

As a business owner, you are wired to start things, but not necessarily to finish them. 

That’s OK, since you’re exceptional at other things. 

This is why we created a Business School with a big focus on community-based accountability that you hear so much about in these videos. It’s because it’s so vital to your success, as Cris vows. 

Cris’ words about the community she’s found here, her daily accountability calls with her awesome peers and the home she’s discovered as a business owner are exactly what I love about our work here… 

…and why we are an online business school like no other. 

We live and breathe to set you up for success and to discontinue that cycle of “stuckness” so many others experience. 

I want you here with us. I want you to have what works. The Plan. The Community. The Accountability. 

No more books up on the “shelf of shame,” OK? 

It’s time for a massive shift in results, like Cris experienced and continues to experience. 

It’s time. 

Fill out an application to talk to a coach today, OK? Don’t be shy. It’s time. All it takes is one phone call to determine whether we could help you. 

And if it’s a question of affording it, don’t worry. We can help you map out a plan for that too. Just ask our Strategy Coach to help you with that. 

Let’s get you on the path to doubling your revenues year after year, too. 

To your success,

P.S. Just imagine what it’ll be like when you don’t have to do it alone anymore. Breathe that in. 

A 3-year-old can do this (can you?)

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 28, 2016

OK, soooo, I have great news today.

You don’t actually have to understand the science behind Quantum Physics to use it to dramatically grow your business in your business, like I do (and thousands of my clients have done).

It’s actually so simple that anyone can do it (even a 3-year-old)!

The even better news is that there is increasing scientific evidence that supports what I’m sharing with you today, even if this may not yet match your understanding of how reality works.

Here goes:

Everything you experience exists because of energy and probabilities of existence. You are literally living in a fluid reality, where results are impacted by your observation and focus.

You may be thinking, “Really? Sooooo, what does this have to do with my business?”

Watch this week’s 4-minute training to learn this crazy awesome process and why it works:

You see, all you need to do is CHOOSE, choose what you wish to experience and observe in your business. If you put your attention on this with consistency, it will be so.

You will manifest even faster when you have Clarity, Focus and Certainty around exactly what you want.

The challenge that I see many entrepreneurs have is that they aren’t clear about what they want, are afraid to claim it for themselves, are focused (if not obsessed) on what they don’t have yet or are inconsistent with their belief that they can have the thing they want.

So, let me ask you the following questions to support you in creating Clarity, Focus and Consistency:

What are you really putting your attention on in your business? What are you expecting? What are you creating with your consistent focus? What do you want to manifest?

And (just as importantly) what kind of support would help you keep your desire front and center in your actions and attention?

Share your answers with me in the comments, and don’t forget to post them where you can read them several times a day.

It is really that simple (see…no physics required).

Happy manifesting!

P.S. The best advice I can give you is to NOT try to understand this intellectually, but rather to simply try it as an exercise in faith. Do the exercise in the video and keep your answers front and center in your awareness (post them on your fridge or bathroom mirror).

P.P.S. Please do let me know what you experience as a result of this exercise. It’s had a huge impact on the results in my own business and in the businesses of the thousands of people we serve. (You can share your good news in the comments.)

Welcome home.

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 26, 2016

Let’s be honest, left to our own devices, most of us business owners will procrastinate, get in our own way and second-guess our way out of the best potential business in the world.

It’s how we’re wired

…we love to start new things, but not necessarily finish them. Deadlines, schmeadlines! (You know what I mean, right??) 😉

So, despite this, how do some business owners get more done and double their income every year?

In this week’s short video, be inspired to follow Jeanne’s advice:

I hear, time and time again, that what makes our process so powerful is not just that it’s great knowledge about growing your business consistently…

…it’s about the community that backs it up and keeps you (lovingly) accountable to do what you say you want to do.

It’s a community of friends who will keep you honest and give you a loving kick in the pants when you need it most, as you will for them.

Students succeed here because they don’t have to go it alone.

This is so truly refreshing and energizing.

Imagine what would happen if you didn’t have to do it alone.

Imagine that you were given the step-by-step process that works every time and that you were then helped by coaches and other entrepreneurial friends to be your best self, to do what you said you were going to do, to feel a part of something bigger than yourself.

And what if that training and accountability paid for itself, in the form of new clients and increased sales?

What would happen to your business to your income, to your life? Think about that.

If you haven’t realized this yet, there’s a lot that is special about our Business School. That’s because it’s not your father’s business school.

When you get your hands on the exact steps we share with you, you then have everything here to take your business from where you are now to (well, depending on where you are now) six figures, multiple six figures, seven figures, then multiple seven figures.

From our coaches (yes, every student here has a one-on-one coach who cares deeply) to our community, our energizing in-person meetings, to our crazy-generous Facebook group of people who love to share their resources…when you are a student at CABS you are literally never alone.

Which means that you get farther faster in your business than if you keep telling yourself you can figure this out on your own. (I used to tell myself that too…so, I know!)

If you’re ready to forge a new path, follow a proven system and join an epic community of other business owners doing the same, we are here. We’ve been waiting for you.

I know it can feel like a big leap, but you don’t have to commit to it yet. Let’s just see if it’s a fit first.

You can fill out a short form here to apply for a free call with one of our Strategy Coaches. People rave about how incredibly helpful (and no pressure) these calls are.

(They’ve already got your back and you don’t even know it yet.)

Then, if you like the idea of joining us, you’ll make that decision, not us. We’re just here to support you.

Welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you,

P.S. Remember the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing, over and over and expecting different results. If it’s not working on your own, it’s OK. Nothing’s wrong with you. You’re brilliant and you’re one of us. Let’s do it together. It’s more fun that way. 😉


If you work with your spouse (or you’re curious about how I do it)

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 20, 2016

This week’s video is FUNNY, and it’s pretty real about what it’s like to live my life.

If you work with your spouse, you’ll probably nod your head the entire time because Derek and I didn’t hold back in this one!

(And even if you don’t, there are serious gems in this week’s video for you about boundaries and being clear about how you are consciously showing up in your work and in your life.)

Before you watch it, I want to assure you that all of my eye-rolling was for fun. I don’t actually do that with him. 😉 Working with Derek has been the greatest gift, and he is an excellent CEO and partner. And…sometimes (let’s keep it real) there is conflict.

How do we keep it all in check – running this business together, living together, raising kids together? To really know what it’s like being me (ha!) watch this week’s funny video now:

The truth is that we do disagree sometimes. And that I don’t always like it when he pushes back in his role as CEO.

But let’s face it. I need a yin to my yang, and sometimes a yang to my yin, ya know?

The lesson for you here as you grow in your role as business owner and visionary is the importance of giving yourself an intelligent sounding board that isn’t always going to tell you what you want to hear.

(This does not have to be your partner or spouse, of course…but it can be, and Derek and I both agree that this can be done quite successfully, when you follow some parameters.)

I love what Derek said about being clear about which hat he’s wearing, and I can attest that the biggest challenges arose when we hadn’t quite figured this out yet.

As long as we are both clear, in every situation, whether we are in “Work Fabienne and Derek” mode or “Personal Fabienne and Derek” mode, it works. And it’s (mostly) very fun.

And what I love the most is that at the end of the day, we can put our feet up together and celebrate the amazing people we serve (you) and the work that we do together (being of service to you).

Hope this helps a bit.

Hey, tell me in the comments, if you wouldn’t mind sharing honestly…

What specific challenges have YOU had with working with others in your business (your spouse or otherwise) and how did you resolve them? What worked for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and for you to share the wealth with our community.

Here’s to powerful partnerships!

P.S. This is a small tip for you, even if you don’t work with your spouse:

I know all too well that as a business owner, your work can be all-consuming. What I’ve learned though is that sometimes, it’s just best to leave your work at the door, so you can connect with your partner about all the other things happening in your life. Usually, no small children will be harmed if it waits til tomorrow. Don’t always make it about work. That’s too boring and annoying… 😉

You don’t need to do it alone any more

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 18, 2016

Sometimes people come to us at The Client Attraction Business School, and they are so overwhelmed, they wonder whether it’s all worth it.

Often, there’s a feeling that if they don’t figure it out, they are going to have to go back to corporate or go work for someone else. 🙁

(I can’t tell you how many times I hear this, whether it’s someone trying to make their first $50K or someone at multiple six figures. Often, they’re tired of doing it alone and feel like giving up.)

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Is it possible to turn it all around and go from feeling overwhelmed and alone to multiplying your business 10 times in just 8 months, feeling excited about the future?

Well, let’s be inspired by Yasmin this week. You’ll hear how CABS has impacted not only his business, but his life as well. (It’s short, just about 90 seconds… Watch Now.)

Someone asked me the other day, “Who are your competitors? Who else does what you do in your space?” And I just sat there on the phone, thinking, thinking some more, and I said, “I don’t mean to sound arrogant but no one, not a single person or organization, does what we do for business owners. It’s magical. We have created something that never existed before and that’s why people multiply their results and stay for years.”

That’s because, within CABS we have turned predictable business growth into a science, a verifiable formula using 1) Strategy, 2) Mindset and 3) Community-based Accountability that makes it easy for a business owner to multiply their results and gain their life back.

It’s like we set out the bread crumbs along the path, and all you have to do is follow them.  

This powerful simplicity is what transforms overwhelmed entrepreneurs experiencing inadequate growth into business owners who experience lasting results and who feel excited about their business.

Ready to experience this for yourself? It’s a great time to speak to one of our Strategy Coaches today about enrollment. They really care and will help you create your plan to go from overwhelmed (or lost) to advancing quickly, like Yasmin, and rocking your business and life.

The point is you don’t have to do it alone anymore. You just don’t.

We’re here for you.

Come on. Reach out to us by clicking here, fill out the short form so we can get to know you better and we’ll take really good care of you from there, OK?

I’m here for you – we all are,

P.S. The CABS community is really, really special, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We are not about settling for the status quo around here. We are about reaching our potential and we will do anything for each other. There is so much love and support here. I think you would really love it.

P.P.S. I just spent last week with our Leverage Year 1 students for their quarterly meeting and I have to tell you that what they’ve created in just the last 90 days alone would blow you away… 90 days! Let’s do the same for you, OK? Fill out the short form to talk to a coach by clicking here.

If you’re independently wealthy, don’t go networking

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 14, 2016

I know, it can be hard.

I remember back in the day when I used to get that knot in my stomach before I walked into a networking event where I didn’t know people.

Over the years though, I’ve learned that some of the best long-term relationships with potential clients and strategic partners can be created from meeting them at networking events.

Even though I can still sometimes get shy in a roomful of people I don’t know, I’ve learned to get over it. 😉

In this week’s short training, I share with you the exact words that I’ve used (for years now) to take the pressure off…

It’s only 3 minutes, but so many of my students have said these words changed everything for them. Watch it here:

Doesn’t it feel better when you think about networking in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with you?

Think about the last time that you were at an event and someone pulled the “pitch and shove” on you… (Meaning they launched into their elevator speech and then shoved their business card in your hand.)

Ick right?!?! Don’t do that. Do THIS instead, and learn that you too can fall in love with networking.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Find THREE events to attend (locally or otherwise) in the next 30 days. Get yourself there, use my mini-script to take the pressure off and learn about THREE people at each event.

You in? Let me know with an “I’m on it, Fabienne!” in the comments!

Now go meet some awesome people!

P.S. Isn’t “client attracting” way better than “client pushing”???

She was giddy about 6 figures, but now… (holy cow)

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 11, 2016

I’m going to let this video (mostly) speak for itself. But let me give you a few bits of background that are going to make it even more special:

This video was shot a couple of years ago.

I’m sharing it to celebrate this amazing woman, Stacey Martino… Not only because of her epic success (more on that in a minute), but because of the role she has played here at The Client Attraction Business School, and in our hearts.

You’ll hear where she was just 6 months after joining CABS. Watch the video, and then in just a moment, I’ll tell you where things stand for her today:

So that list that was 768 people? Today it’s well over 10,000.

That celebration because she was going to hit 6 figures?

In THREE years, Stacey has gone from 0 clients and $0 in revenue from this business to having hundreds and hundreds of clients and doing 3-day events in tropical climates. She is happily on her way to a million dollar business within the next 6 to 12 months.

And I promise you, it’s because she said:

“No matter how big this gets, I am ready to step in and I will do whatever it takes…”

Which, by the way, is exactly what it takes. That. Willingness. To. Get. Support.

Listen, Stacey can help anyone’s relationship. Any relationship. That she’s confident about. But she just didn’t know how to get her message out there in a big (really big) way. She needed the expertise others (I) have and the support of a freakin’ amazing community to keep her believing in herself.

So how about you?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes, enter the Client Attraction Vortex (as our students call it) and have the path of success laid out exactly for you, like a trail of breadcrumbs that you just need to follow? What about the wind of this community at your back?

Are you willing to play the game required to have your dream business be your reality? It only took Stacey 3 years to go from 0 to just shy of a million. Three years goes by in a heartbeat…

You see, the magic doesn’t happen in your existing comfort zone. Because if it did, you would have already reached your next big level. So, what’s required is a leap of faith.

Would you be willing to take the leap of faith? Put your trust in this proven process of ours and then hustle?

Talk to one of our amazing coaches today. They’ll help you map out the path (and can even help you find a way to afford it, if that’s an issue).

They care. And so do we.

Don’t be shy.

Just reach out.

I want you looking back to this moment three years from now, knowing that you made the best decision you ever made. Like Stacey did…

To your breakthroughs,

P.S. Do make sure to watch this video. It’s so good… Even Tony Robbins makes a guest appearance.

P.P.S. Stacey…from the bottom of our hearts to yours, thank YOU. We love you, are so proud of you and are incredibly grateful that you continually give us the opportunity to be part of your brilliant journey.


A powerful reframe on marketing I think you’ll love

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 6, 2016

In this week’s training video, I get a bit emotional. (In fact, my eyes just welled up in tears watching it again just now.)

The premise of this week’s lesson?

Imagine that you have the cure for cancer.

But imagine that you are keeping yourself a secret.

Please watch it now. It’s just under 4 minutes, and I believe it will be a powerful reframe on marketing, one that I think you’ll love:

This training video is about the good that marketing can do when the right energy is behind it.

And it’s also about why it’s your moral obligation to get out of your own way and let people know that you exist, by marketing your business in a bigger way.

It’s me taking a stand for you to play a bigger game by multiplying your reach.

And serving more people with the “brownies” that you’ve been given.

That is, in fact, your divine contract.

So are you ready to answer these very big questions? And be honest with yourself?

“Why am I making it so hard for them to find me?”

“Why am I keeping myself a secret?”

“Why am I playing so small?”

I look forward to reading what you discover, if you would do me the honor of vulnerably posting your answers in the comments.

In service to you, as you multiply your reach,

P.S. There are people who need you and they don’t know it, and you have the ability to impact their lives in the most meaningful of ways. You’ll see what I mean when you watch this week’s video.



Your 3-year plan?

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 5, 2016

I believe that sharing inspirational success stories with you can help fortify your belief in yourself and your abilities.

And the idea of staying at one thing and one thing only, until you get traction is an idea that pays…

…rather than moving on to the next shiny object.

Here’s what Dave and Stacy Rowan, 3rd-year students of The Client Attraction Business School, have to say about stick-to-it-ive-ness.

Watch their 3 ½ minute video now:

I know how impatient we can get as entrepreneurs. We want the results and we want them now. I love how Stacy mapped out their 3-year plan of growth, because this is what works, time and time again.

When you follow a consistent plan, there’s no over-thinking. The path is easy! You get to stay out of your head (and therefore out of overwhelm) and put your pieces in place, one simple step at a time.

We really do have something incredible here within CABS, and as Dave shared, it’s completely because of:

#1: Our proven multi-year curriculum
#2: 1-to-1 coaching and accountability
#3: This incredible community (what Dave said is totally true – if you’re dreaming it, someone here has done it and is happy to help!)

So what’s your 3-year plan?

If you are ready for (and committed to) creating a consistently growing business that brings you money AND meaning, I encourage you to apply to speak to one of our Strategy Coaches today.

What’s possible for you when you have the right support and guidance would probably blow your mind. They’ll help you map it out, here.

I look forward to serving you for years to come,

P.S. My hat’s off to Dave and Stacy. Given the relationship that Derek and I have created through our own partnership at work, I hold a truly special place in my heart for the couples we are privileged to serve here in our community.

You don’t need a partner to thrive here, though. The hundreds of people waiting here to champion you means you never have to do this alone ever again. Let’s explore whether we are a fit for each other, today, OK?

This video got me so many great clients (try it!)

Fabienne Fredrickson
March 30, 2016

I have a bold challenge for you today.

And, depending on the stories you’ve heard about what your marketing is supposed to look like, this may be difficult, but I’d like to invite you to share more of YOU in your marketing.

You see, perfect is boring.

The more of your life and your unique personality you’re willing to show potential clients, customers and your community, the more you’ll create lasting relationships and repeat buyers.

To show you a completely crazy example of what it can look like (and how it can make you big money), here is a clip from a while back that definitely gives a taste of what life is like here at Chez Fredrickson (this video got me soooo many awesome clients).

Watch it now:

Notice the response of the audience to my sharing this… Are they offended or annoyed? Do they feel more connected to me because of it, or less?

People are still talking about this video. As I shared, there are clients that we’ve had the opportunity to serve here at The Client Attraction Business School directly because of my willingness to be seen in my real life.

Unruly children don’t make perfect marketing, by any stretch of the imagination. No, they make real marketing.

And in a world of fake, slick and lots of sheen, people crave authenticity.

In fact, I was in London last week doing a presentation for hundreds of entrepreneurs and the hugs that I got at the end of the day were all accompanied by, “Fabienne, you are so real, so authentic. THAT is what attracts me to you and why I work with you year after year.”

So, the question I have for you this week is:

How can you be more real in your communications? How can you show all of us what it is that makes you unique? How can you have more fun in your marketing?

I know it can feel uncomfortable at first. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we have to present ourselves in an excruciatingly professional manner (and like we’ve always got it all together) to attract clients and grow. But you know what?

Nobody has got it all together all the time.

When you become willing to let more of your realness show through your marketing, you become relatable and likable to your audience.

And that adds to the “know, like and trust” factor that is vital to creating long-term client relationships.

Now, go make a video or a post that shows me who YOU really are!

I’d love for you to post it in the comments!

Let go of perfection paralysis and have fun, OK? It pays.


P.S. I miss my kids being this little, but phew, does this clip remind me how challenging it could be. If you are an entrepreneurial mom or dad, like me, kudos to you, my friend. And… Congrats. I wholeheartedly believe that being an entrepreneur is an amazing opportunity for our children to learn how to embrace their own magnificence.

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