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The Client Attraction Blog

How to speed up your client attraction when it slows down

July 30, 2014
How to speed up your client attraction when it slows down

Has this been happening in your business? When you first started out, getting clients seemed to flow for you. You connected easily with people as you met them and seemed to find prospects anywhere you went. Now a few years into building your business, your pipeline has slowed and client attraction feels more difficult. You […]

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How to attract clients by not being perfect

July 28, 2014
Being perfect is not required to start sharing your knowledge in business

Have you come up with a system that got you where you are today? Often that is the basis for a small business – sharing your knowledge, wisdom and solutions with others who have the same type of problem. That’s how to attract clients. While it’s very important to be congruent with what you say […]

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Why you shouldn’t always accommodate special requests

July 23, 2014
Accommodating special requests wreaks havoc with your system

Do you get clients who want a special price break, payment plan or a smaller program than you currently offer? Some people ask you to make exceptions and special arrangements for them to meet their needs. How should you respond? It might seem reasonable if one person makes a request of you. You can accommodate […]

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Four ways to handle a client who says, “I can’t afford it”

July 21, 2014
Four ways to handle a client who Says, “I can’t afford it”

As business owners working to get new clients, we’ve all heard it. You’re in the closing part of the conversation and your client says those fateful words, “I can’t afford it.” For some owners, this is the worst case scenario because you feel stuck when your potential customer uses this reason not to work with […]

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What to do when fear gets in the way of taking action

July 16, 2014
What to do when fear gets in the way of taking action

Recently a student told me how she had a lot of fear about her small business and how to get clients. She had an enormous number of opportunities coming her way, but she felt afraid to take any action. That fear made her feel like a failure and unworthy of such opportunity. As a result […]

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Four keys to creating an evergreen boot camp

July 14, 2014
How to create an evergreen bootcamp to serve more people

If your practice is filling up and you are looking for ways to serve more people, consider developing a boot camp program. I did this several years ago when my practice was full, and I had a waiting list. There were also others who couldn’t afford to participate in my live programs. I wanted to […]

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It takes time: what to expect when marketing your new business

July 9, 2014
Your marketing efforts are like planting seeds; both take time to grow

When you are starting a new business, the first couple of years involve a lot of hard work to attract clients. That’s no secret. But sometimes business owners come to me about how hard they are working and that nothing is happening yet. That’s why I tell people starting a new business is like planting […]

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Four questions you need to ask yourself when writing to attract clients

July 7, 2014
Writing great sales copy that gets clients

To get clients, there is a certain degree of skill when it comes to writing sales copy. Finding out what makes sales copy great can dramatically change the number of people who convert from lookers to buyers. At, there are four key questions we keep in mind when writing copy to attract new clients. When I […]

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A love letter to you, on this special day

July 4, 2014
Thumbnail image for A love letter to you, on this special day

This (very) personal note was not something I expected to write you today, and at the risk of sounding overly emotional or sentimental, I will admit to you that my eyes are welled up in tears as I write this. Today, this special day, is one that means the world to me… free·dom ˈfrēdəm/ noun […]

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Five steps to raise your rates AND get new clients

July 2, 2014
Five steps to raise your rates AND get new clients

Have you been thinking about raising your rates? That can be both exciting and nerve wracking for business owners. On one hand, you’ll produce more income from the same amount of work. On the other hand you may be concerned by the risk of losing clients due to higher rates. While this may be true, […]

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