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About The Client Attraction Business School

This is Not Your Father’s Business School

The Client Attraction Business School™ is where entrepreneurs come to play a bigger game—in business and in life. With the help of today’s technology, we welcome business owners from all over the globe. We provide an unparalleled entrepreneurial education and experience designed to accelerate your business growth to the next level by attracting more clients, making more money and multiplying your business with authenticity, integrity and love.

What Sets Us Apart


Each track of the business school provides its own carefully planned curriculum with specific topics covering what you need to implement in that particular stage of your business.


You’ll get direct access to a Client Attraction Coach who will lovingly work with you to keep you on track and accountable to your goals and assignments.


Our Client Attraction community provides you with the heart-to-heart connections that you’ll come to absolutely treasure. Lean on this tribe for resources, to celebrate successes, brainstorming, connecting, networking and a soft place to land if you need it temporarily.


Each quarter, you’ll select a new accountability buddy for regular check-ins. This is in addition to the accountability prompts you’ll receive to help you focus on priorities each day.


Your success is directly correlated to the state of your mindset. Our mindset teachings will provide you with the exact steps you need to break through self-imposed barriers that stop you from playing a bigger game. You’ll get the tools you need to increase your confidence, expand your vision of your business, and gain the courage you need to take quantum leaps in your business.


We believe that every person in the world wants to feel significant, heard and unconditionally loved. CABS provides a sacred space in which our students feel appreciated, celebrated and championed for who they are.


We take a non-denominational, spiritual approach to success in business with a focus on multiplying results using metaphysics, the Law of Attraction and spiritual principles. (This is not the core of the curriculum or coaching, yet we sprinkle it in throughout because the results of applying this layer are indisputable.)


Other business schools can cost up to $40,000 a year, requiring you to take out expensive loans and graduate school with staggering debt. Sadly, many students have reported that despite paying hundreds of thousands in tuition at others schools, they still don’t know how to attract clients. That’s not the case here. Not only is the tuition highly affordable, but many students report that they were able to pay off their tuition within a matter of months because the education pays for itself in the form of new clients.


Other traditional business schools require that you start the curriculum on a certain date, sometimes having to wait months to begin implementing and seeing the results you want now. Our program starts when you start. As soon as you enroll, you are connected with your peers in the private Facebook group, get access to your curriculum classes, schedule your first call with your small business coach and register for your first meeting. You can start getting results right away.


This is the unique, intangible yet very real, high-vibrational energy that comes as a result of a large number of spiritually-open CABS students gathering with gratitude to celebrate their successes. The vortex allows for instant manifestations that magnetically attract new clients, opportunities and abundance. (You’ve got to experience it to believe it!)

It Really Works!

The result of our work is an approach to marketing that, over time and with your dedication, works consistently to attract all the clients you need. (See Student Success Stories )

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Your mindset dictates your results.

Shifting your Mindset past subtle self-sabotage and procrastination and into confidence and consistent action is THE proven process for overcoming resistance. The moment you shift your mindset, you gain the momentum that increases your business (and income) to the next big level you’ve been asking for.

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Success Stories from Our Students

  • "I'm so grateful to be here and have time with Fabienne and Derek on a more personal level. I'm enjoying this real mastermind, mentoring and laser coaching. These are likeminded, powerful people really creating awareness and pushing you with so much accountability."
    Phyllis Harbinger
  • "Since enrolling, my business has grown in leaps and bounds. I now have immense clarity, have repositioned my entire business to regularly attract my ideal clients, have consistent, reliable marketing systems in place and have cleared a lot of the “gunk” that kept me stuck and stopped me from playing bigger!"
    Sarada Chaudhuri
  • “Within eight weeks of enrolling in The Client Attraction Business School, I signed $64,000 in contracts.”
    Rebekah Marler

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