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  • Fabienne Fredrickson on the Fox Morning Show

    Fabienne shares advice on childhood bullying and self-esteem in relation to her book, Embrace Your Magnificence.

Fabienne Fredrickson is the founder of The Client Attraction Business School™ and, ranked repeatedly by Inc. magazine as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Over the last twelve years she has become an inspirational small business mentor to thousands of business owners as well as a best selling author and sought after international speaker. Fabienne leads her audiences with a dynamic, fast-paced mix of very practical how-to information delivered with a high dose of inspiration, motivation, humor and love.

As one of the most influential marketing and mindset thought leaders in the world, Fabienne brings an unmatched level of expertise to the stage with a magical ability to truly reach her audience with her high content, high value teachings.  Her authenticity, infectious energy and upbeat spirit will thoroughly engage your audience…and may or may not include some spontaneous dancing. ☺

Fabienne Fredrickson has dedicated her life to helping entrepreneurs and business owners create a legacy of service through their business, adding value to the world in a lasting way and creating breakthrough paradigm shifts in their mindset and their personal income.  Her presence on stage lights up any event and leaves attendees forever transformed.

Fabienne’s Most Popular and Requested Programs

How to Attract All the Clients You’ll Ever Want (and join the top 5% of income-earning women business owners…)

No matter how long you’ve had your own business, you’re probably very good at what you do, but you may be lacking the real-life, authentic marketing skills that bring in a consistent stream of new, ideal high-paying clients. There is a proven, verifiable and repeatable system that will show you exactly how to attract all the clients you’ll ever want and need, and join the Top 5% of all women business owners with Client Attraction’s women business coaching. Fabienne Fredrickson, founder of, developed The Client Attraction System® to teach other women business owners at all levels of business exactly how to use authentic and consistent business marketing strategies to their advantage and start making a lot more money in their own business, much faster than they would on their own.

In this practical, info-rich “don’t miss” presentation, you’ll discover how to:

  • Break down the marketing process into easy-to-implement steps
  • Use the secrets of PULL marketing to authentically and effortlessly get new clients
  • Determine which target market will yield you more revenue quickly
  • Attract clients who will pay you what you’re worth and refer other ideal clients
  • Discover how to close the sale 97% of the time, without ever feeling sales-y
  • Create your own simple marketing plan to start seeing results in just a few days
  • Put all your marketing on auto-pilot to create results quickly
  • Join the Top 5% of ALL women business owners!

The Breakthrough Mindset Secrets of Highly Successful Women in Business

Have you ever wondered why some women in business easily advance and increase their income every year and eventually make 7-figures or more, while others stay at the same level practically every year? There is a BIG difference between these women and it comes down to their mindset. You see, what you believe to be true about yourself (your “inner game”) and how you take action (your “outer game”) determine your results. If you often compare yourself to others or sometimes feel like you’re driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake, it points to a shift that must be made within. To break through and advance quickly in business, you must shift the internal mindset barriers currently holding you back. The moment you do, you have the ability to play a much bigger game, multiply your revenues, and exceed all your previous expectations of success.

Join multi-million dollar entrepreneur and business mentor Fabienne Fredrickson, founder of as she shares her proven step-by-step process to upgrade your mindset and discover how easy it is to upgrade your business, your income and your life. In this high-content, high-value business mentoring program, you’ll be lovingly “stretched” by Fabienne to:

  • Uncover the hidden reasons why you’re not currently moving to the next level in your business
  • Discover the exact step-by-step process required to shift your mindset into abundance and transform your income
  • See a much bigger vision of what’s possible for you
  • Learn how to get out of their own way and play a MUCH bigger game
  • Discover the easy formula for creating more income so you can live the lifestyle you dream about

This presentation is a game-changer for women in business ready to experience greater financial success, increase their level of fulfillment in business, live their ideal lifestyle, all without losing their freedom or working harder.

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What Clients Are Saying

tara-150x150“Fabienne is an incredible guest speaker. She engages the audience, brings her own level of authenticity and creates an environment that SUPPORTED my own intention of offering our high level mastermind to our community. Our clients are still talking about what she shared and I can honestly say that opening up our stage to Fabienne added value, impact and improved results at our event.” – Tara Marino, Founder,

tina_johnson“Fabienne is FABulous! She’s an authentic and fearless Business Guru, Marketing Mastermind, Motivational Speaker and Inspirational Leader all rolled into one. She’s got that rare ability to make learning and growing a “yummy” experience where you just want to gobble up every Marketing Morsel that she delivers…even the ones you think are hard to swallow because you’re terrified you’ll fail. With Fabienne, you walk away with unbridled courage and a powerful mindset shift. She helps unleash the floodgates to your future by guiding you to align your passion with your authentic self. The result: a business and life “richer” than you ever imagined! At the end of the day, our Conference attendees felt educated, empowered, and fired-up to create a business and life most people only dream about. In a nut shell, Fabienne, inspires women to have fun doing something they love; and shows them how to follow their passion! I highly recommend Fabienne to anyone who wants their business to explode to unimaginable levels! She’s priceless! Fabienne supports you to be you, by being her authentic self. She embodies the exact message that she delivers: I can create a business and life I love, by being my authentic self and doing what I’m passionate about.” – Tina R. Johnson, President & CEO, JP Events & Consulting, and Co-Founder, Virginia Women’s Business Conference

sandra-150x150“I’ve had the pleasure of inviting Fabienne to speak on my stage at the annual eWomenNetwork International Conference for the past three years. Fabienne’s energy and style lights up the room, and each year she hits a home run with our attendees! Her mindset teachings are life changing for my audience of women entrepreneurs who are there to build businesses that change the world. The value that she adds to this event is immeasurable.” – Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO, eWomenNetwork, Inc.

“It was wonderful to have Fabienne back on our stage at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a successful graduate, Fabienne is a source of inspiration for our students. She passionately shares content on how to attract clients with integrity and authenticity. She speaks and teaches from the heart.” – Joshua Rosenthal, Founder/Director, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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Your mindset dictates your results.

Shifting your Mindset past subtle self-sabotage and procrastination and into confidence and consistent action is THE proven process for overcoming resistance. The moment you shift your mindset, you gain the momentum that increases your business (and income) to the next big level you’ve been asking for.

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What Participants Are Saying:

Inspiring. Thank you.”

“Thank you for one of the best presentations this year. Each year, there is one speaker who provides really useful information that everyone can take home and start using immediately, and you were it!

You are a treat to learn from!”

“Fabulous as always! I really learned so much and was inspired.”

“Great presentation. Open, transparent and to the point. Loved her!”

“I have been put back on track and after letting this morning’s seminar resonate in my head, I can say that I have taken more from today than any other seminar that I have attended in the past. Thank you!”

“Great energy, authenticity and left the audience wanting much more.”

“Wow, what a great seminar. The content of the program was concise and invaluable. Hearing you present this information in such a focused way was very powerful. I also commend your style—easy and alluring.”

“Good pace, engaging, great content!”

“Fabienne is really skilled in making the concept of marketing, networking and getting additional clients easy…and interesting. It’s not the same old cookie cutter method that’s out there. She adapted what she knows to our market rather than trying to fit us into some mold. Her seminar is priceless.”


“The workshop was great! We all learned a great deal. And it was a lot of fun. We’d love to hire you again.”

“Exactly what I was looking for to help me improve my business and my LIFE!”

“Excellent. She knows who she is and what to do to help us.”

“Fabienne is extremely thorough. She broke down the marketing process I have feared for years and made it seem fun and easy. She is an amazing problem solver.”

Partial Listing of Past Keynotes:

eWomenNetwork International Conference

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Virginia Women’s Business Conference

Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC)

Entrepreneurial Women’s Network

Joe Polish’s 25K Group

Elegant Femme

Soundview Club

Super Mompreneur Conference

National Speakers Association

Office Depot Annual Conference

The NAPPS Annual Conference

Coachville NYC

The Interior Refiners Network

The Virtual Business Group

The Marketing Executives Group

New York New Media Association

The Association of Asian Women in Business (AWIB)

Advertising Women of NY (AWNY)

The Swedish Institute

The Business Exchange

Mercy College of Acupuncture

The Collaboratory of Graphic Designers

The Health Counselor Association

Metromom Home Sales Network

Rockland Business Association

T.E.A. Women Network

University of Chicago Alumnae


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