October 2016 - Small Business Coach, Women Business Coaching - Client Attraction

I would never ask you to do anything that I’m not willing to do myself…

…even if it’s scary, even if it feels like a big risk.

And since I’m all about playing a bigger game in business and in life, activating your potential by fulfilling your calling and leading boldly with your heart, I’m pleased to tell you that you’ll be seeing some BIG changes here soon.

Our amazing Team has been working for close to a year on shifting our brand to reflect what we actually do with our students/clients/members of (what will soon no longer be called) Client Attraction and The Client Attraction Business School.

Yes, Client Attraction is on its way out, which is bittersweet for me.

We are ushering in something really bold. (It might give you whiplash at first, but know that if it takes a while to get used to, it has been in the planning for a long time and will begin making a lot of sense to you very quickly.)

So, in celebration of all that Client Attraction has meant to so many thousands of people over the years, and as a farewell of sorts…

…we are sharing the BEST of the BEST in the next couple of weeks, some of my most popular videos from the last few years. This week’s video is from 2012.

It’s all about how to stop doing everything in your business yourself…and how to start making it all happen…without you. Watch it now:

This is a good one! It’s been viewed thousands and thousands of times and it shares the exact steps to go through so that you can scale and grow your business.

Systems are your ticket to freedom.

I believe that this video has been so popular because you’re likely ready to get yourself out of the day-to-day of your business to work ON your business.

The key takeaway I’d like you to have from this week’s video is this:

If there’s something you still have to do yourself in your business, it’s simply something you haven’t systematized enough yet.

(Case in point: This blog is coming to you while I am in Rome during my two-week Italian adventure with my family. The only way this could happen is because of the systems we have in place. Now it’s your turn.)

It’s your time,

P.S. Next week’s “best of” is all about one of my favorite topics ever…so make sure to keep your eyes open for it. (Sigh.) This trip down memory lane is a bit emotional for me, because of people like you. Client Attraction was my first “child” as she came before my 3 children. I’m sad to see her growing up. At the same time, I simply can’t wait for you to see what’s next!


I haven’t met one single business owner (yet) who didn’t have this thought…

“I should be able to do this myself.”

This week, I’m so happy to share Jennifer’s story with you. It’s important for you to hear what she has to say (plus, she made me cry).

It’s under two minutes, so go ahead and watch now:

It’s so much easier when you don’t do it alone! That’s why virtually all of our members say that the community here is one of the best aspects of working with us in CABS.

I can feel the visceral relief that happens as the realization sinks in… “I don’t have to figure this all out myself.”

And so, while you may think that you should join us just for the strategy, marketing systems, training and accountability, I have a feeling that the thing you’ll also come to be grateful for (just as Jennifer shares in the video) will be the other “like-minded, light-hearted entrepreneurs” who will become your support network for years to come.

Will you let yourself choose an easier way?

Schedule a call with one of our compassionate Strategy Coaches. The first step is filling out this simple questionnaire so we can be of the most support to you on the call. Fill it out now.

We are all here waiting for you with open arms,

P.S. It still makes me laugh and shake my head that our students joke about having amnesia around how incredibly useful the strategies and content are within CABS because these sometimes get overshadowed by the incredibly supportive community. But it’s more than OK for me, as I know it all works hand-in-hand, which is why it’s so magical here. In fact, you deserve to be here. Come join us.


I get asked this question a lot… “How do I create a great tagline for my business?”

In this week’s training video, I share some important things to think about, and some unimportant things, too…

You see, a tagline isn’t necessarily what you think. This 3-minute video will explain what I mean. Watch it now:

I’ve had a lot of taglines, huh!?!?

(I hope this gives you some ease and a little chuckle, especially if you’re someone like me who’s often reinventing yourself!)

The video addresses what’s most important, but for now I want you to remember to focus on what matters most. If your biggest goal is to get more clients, then that is networking, working your relationships (stay-in-touch marketing), and speaking.

If you’re ready to leverage, it’s creating your systems and building your team.

Your tagline serves a purpose, for sure. But it is the combination of your actions, consistency, decisions and service that make your business soar.

To your success,

P.S. Did you catch the hint that we’re about to announce our new brand? It’s so exciting, I can hardly stand it. Stay tuned… 😉


I believe deep in my core that (most) people settle for far less than what they can actually accomplish or who they are capable of being. I mean, think about this:

Is it possible to double your already-successful business every year?

Yes, just ask Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton.

She is the founder of Organizing Maniacs Professional Organizers in Virginia and has been a member of our Client Attraction Business School (CABS) for 3 years now, going strong.

Can you break out of a rut and create awesome results you never thought possible? I share Cris’s story with you today as an inspiration of what is possible for you too.

cris“I had a great business before CABS. I was doing multiple six figures and had several people on my team. By any standard, I was running a good business. But I thought, “There’s got to be a better way to do this.” I knew that I’d used all of my organic learning tools and that I needed something that was more comprehensive.

I needed structure. I had told my husband I wanted to go back to graduate school to get a masters in business to learn how to take my business to the next level. It would have cost between $80,000 and $100,000.

When I came into CABS, I was the person with the Shelf of Shame. I’m sure we all have that. You go to all of these trainings and seminars and come home with a book and great notes, and then you put it next to your desk. And then for weeks, you think, “I’m going to implement that one thing” but then you get really busy doing other things and you don’t…and you get angry with yourself because you didn’t implement anything and you feel like, “Oh, I totally wasted my money.”

I was tired of doing that. So, when I came into CABS I said, “This is not going to happen to me anymore.” The CABS step-by-step direction and meetings provide that sort of structure. So does the daily accountability. I talk with my CABS Accountability Buddy every day about what I’m working on now and how I’m going to get my business to the next level. At the meetings, you get Strategy on what to focus on for the next 90 days.

In my first year in CABS I doubled my business. (Remember it was a multiple six-figure business to begin with.) After 6 months of my second year in CABS, I had already done as much business as the first year and was on track to double my business again.

Why? I’ve met so many amazing people that I could literally just pick up the phone at any time and say, “This is what’s going on. This is what’s happening. Help me out.” Where do you find that? I have owned a business for almost eight years and I had never seen that before.

I absolutely recommend CABS. If you’re thinking about enrolling and also thinking, “Oh, I’ll wait until next year,” I’ll ask you one question: how much money are you making today and how much money could you be making next year?”

So, why does CABS work so well for so many business owners? It’s because we have turned predictable business growth into a science, a formula using 1) Strategy, 2) Mindset and 3) Community-based Accountability that makes it easy for a business owner to multiply their results and gain their life back.

It’s like we set out the breadcrumbs along the path, and all you have to do is pick them up…one at a time.

I want you to have a success story just like this one too. Just like so many others who’ve entrusted us with their learning and growth as a business owner.

Do you want this too? Then let’s talk. Here’s where you fill out a short form to get some coaching as your first step.

Time to break through, 

P.S. Don’t be shy. Let’s connect and set up a time to chat about what your next twelve months and “moving forward with confidence” could look like. No pressure, no icky sales pitch. Let’s just figure out a plan together, for timing and maybe even on how to afford it, if that’s a concern, OK?



This week’s (super simple do-it-today) strategy will increase your revenues…without fail…IF you work it.

When I was focused on filling my practice (back in my early days) this is the strategy I used consistently.

(And if you know anything about me, you know that being innately disciplined is not necessarily a natural strength!) So, you can do this too. 😉

Here it is, in just 3 minutes:

I used that one simple tactic consistently, thanks to my friend Ruth. And I will be forever grateful to her.

If you can implement this strategy too, you’ll have new clients before you know it, whether you’ve been in business for 12 years or are just starting out.

Here’s the thing about simple actions applied consistently:

They may not be sexy, at first, but they work. And when something works consistently, it feels really compelling.

So, if you want clients all the time, make this week’s strategy a part of your weekly marketing activities and watch your cash flow grow.


P.S. Know how you find people to put on your own Love Em Up list? Get out there and start talking to people in the flesh! It can actually get you faster results in the beginning, rather than just lurking online. (High-tech stuff, right?)  xo

P.P.S. By the way, I think you’re awesome. Just want you to know that. 🙂

After working together in their business for 16 years, and doing consistently well, you might wonder why a couple like Lucy and Mike would join the Leverage Track here at Client Attraction.

Watch them chat about it in this week’s 2-minute video:

The truth is that whether you are brand new to your business or you’ve been at it for 16 years like Mike and Lucy, going it alone in business often results to stagnation and frustration.

Your needs may be different as a newbie than as a seasoned business owner (which is why there are multiple “tracks” within our program) and yet the need for 1) a different perspective, 2) accountability, and 3) a community of peers cheering you on is absolutely vital, no matter what stage of business you’re in.

To succeed in business and get past whatever hurdles you may currently be experiencing, there needs to be a specific framework to help you create a solid plan, and then one to help you reverse-engineer how you’ll get there. Then, it’s about having access to the valuable resources that will get you there more rapidly than you would on your own, the resources you don’t have access to currently because you’re operating solo.

And if you’re like most business owners, having daily accountability and one-on-one coaching to give you clarity and get you from unstuck to moving forward is always an awesome bonus.

These elements are what help you take that newly-formed plan and put it into action, which leads to results…without fail.

As Lucy and Mike shared in this week’s video, this new energy lit up their business and increased their revenues, and it had only been 90 days.

What about you? It may be time to get you some serious level of support, so you can gain traction, shift your results and bring in the business you’ve been dreaming of. 

Yes? Maybe? The only way to find out is for us to talk about your situation and see if we can help. You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

The easy way is simply to fill out a short survey here to get a free session with one of our caring Strategy Coaches. They’ll set up a call with you to help you map out your next 12 months, see what’s getting in the way of you reaching your goals, and then suggest some paths to creating new results you’ll love.

Again, you don’t have to do it alone, OK? We’re here for you. Just ask.

I believe in you and your bigger future,

P.S.  I’m glad to see it’s been a moving experience for Mike. He and Lucy are wonderful people, doing good things in the world, and I admire them for saying yes to themselves. I hope you’ll cheer them on with me. xo

I am trusting that this is the message you need to hear today, because this is a message from my higher self to your higher self.

I know it can be hard to be patient…and I know that sometimes you wonder when all of your hard work is going to pay off, and maybe, whether it will ever pay off. I want to share this message with you as a gift and inspiration to, well, keep on keepin’ on. 

This video is a bit longer than usual, but if you give me the next five minutes I will give you one of the most powerful messages I have to share about how this all really works:

Here’s the deal…

You are never alone.

You were never in it alone, and you never will be in it alone. I know that sometimes it can feel this way, but we are all connected to a source and wisdom that defies explanation, even in business, yes.

I’ve simply experienced and witnessed too many miracles to know that it is so.

So if you’re struggling…if you feel like you’re failing…if it feels like it’s happening too slowly…

…take a really deep breath.

Follow these four steps:

  1. Dream even bigger
  2. Believe that what you want is on its way
  3. Take decisive action
  4. Stay in faith (crucial)

This is it how it happens. And just know that everything you are experiencing right now is a vital step in the process.

Be bold in your faith that all will be well. Stay connected to your heart.

It’s always hardest in the middle.  

Right here with you,

P.S. I share how I understand what is being communicated to me from source in the video. Yes…tingles, images, all of it. Take a moment and think about it. What have been the signs for you? 

P.P.S. “Dust yourself off and try again…” Still one of my favorites.

I’m happy to introduce you to Kiki today. She’s been a CABS student for close to a year now, and she spoke on the panel at my last Half-Day Solution in New York City.

Sometimes you may serve a niche or industry that feels harder to reach. (Perhaps it’s a group who is certainly NOT hanging out on Facebook!)

That being said, you know intuitively that they aren’t going to hire you if they don’t know you…which begs the obvious question:

How do I get them to know me if they’re difficult to reach?

In this 3-minute video, Kiki explains what she did to transform her results: 

This is what I hear from our new Client Attraction Business School students, time and time again: “I was ready.”

Kiki was craving the kind of support with her marketing and implementation that she happily found here. She dove into the plan and started experiencing results quickly. She wrote the book (her “calling card on fire!” Love that!) and was finally getting booked to speak.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, it is as simple as following the plan (or “following the CABS recipe,” as our students call it). Problem is, many people struggle with clarity and following through on any plan. This is why our beloved accountability system and regular meetings are so vital to your success. It makes you implement things so much faster than you would ever do on your own, which then creates results faster.

We’ve got the plan for you. It’s been proven across virtually all industries, niches and business models. We have the community to lovingly (and boldly) hold you accountable.

The only missing piece is you. 😉

If you are ready too, like they all said they were, and now is the time for your income breakthrough and not having to “do it all alone,” then fill out the application here to speak to one of our caring Strategy Coaches so they can help you map out your next twelve months. Then, if it feels right, you can ask them about what it’s like at CABS and why it works so well.  

There’s not a better time than now.

Much love,

P.S. Hey, I just want to make sure you know how awesome you are. You really do have what it takes. I mean it. You’ve made it this far, so you can totally go the distance. It’s not hard, when you dig deep, remember what matters most and apply yourself, with faith. I promise. xo


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