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There are some solo-entrepreneurs that market ’til they’re blue in the face, and STILL don’t attract ideal, high-paying clients. They’re seemingly doing all the “right things”: they’ve got marketing materials, marketing plans, they’re speaking, networking, etc. and yet producing no real results. Yes, they have some clients. Yes, they’re making their bills. But they’re not seeing the kind of success they so desperately want. (Are you one of those?)

You might be wondering, “What is going on? What am I doing wrong?? I’m busting my chops, working like a dog, and yet my 1ncome is still NOT what I want it to be… in fact, not even close.” On the outside, everyone probably thinks you have a great business, but YOU know what’s really going on, especially financially. I actually hear this a lot. As I am working with higher level clients (people who have plenty of clients but not the business or 1ncome they really want to be making) I’m noticing that the marketing is only half the problem.


“There’s definitely a fine line between authentic self-promotion and being pushy. To make people aware of your problem-solving resources, without becoming ‘Client Repulsive’, GIVE GENEROUSLY. It’s easier to promote when you are GIVING something of high-value to a prospect. It’s an approach of SERVICE rather than ‘selling something’ or trying to ‘get something’ from your prospect. GIVING is much more Client Attractive and takes the pressure off of the person (and yourself). Let’s face it; people love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.”

I once asked a few people to be part of my Research and Development team to find out what stopped them from getting out there in a BIG way to get clients. I also asked them to tell me the MOST they could see themselves making being self-employed. Honestly, I was saddened by the answers that rolled in, and their answers were right in line with the people I talk to on a daily basis.

You see, most people have very LOW expectations on what can be made in self-employment. The average from my polling was between $50,000 and $75,000, and the highest amount I heard was about $150,000. Using SYSTEMS and LEVERAGE techniques, we can totally change that to create an income that is FAR beyond what you’ve ever thought attainable for yourself. (I know it may not seem possible as you read this, but I promise you, it IS possible for you too. I’ve done it for myself and I’ve done it for countless clients.)


Let’s face it, most solopreneurs put marketing on the back burner, something they get to only once they’ve put out all the fires that need to be put out, once they answer each and every e-mail in their inbox, once they’ve sent every client what they promised to send. Yes, it’s really important to do all of these things; however, you’ve got to realize that if you don’t MAKE the time for your Client Attraction (i.e., Marketing), then you’re simply not going to attract all the clients you need. Make sense?

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Over the years of coaching thousands of self-employed professionals to attract more clients, I’ve created a few systems to keep you on track and make Client Attraction a priority. What we’ve got to do is have you clear the decks and get rid of the “leaks” in your day.


If marketing is one slice of the pie, Manifesting is another. And by manifesting, I mean the Law of Attraction, what you focus on with great feeling, you attract into your existence. At its most basic, here’s how it can be described: If you’re continually focusing on having a full practice of yummy clients who pay you what you’re worth, then you will start to attract that. If you’re focusing rather on the LACK of clients and you’re ticked off that people aren’t paying you what you’re worth, then you will attract that also (meaning, not having those clients or not making enough money). Simple, yet very powerful.

Too many people ride the ‘feast or famine’ roller coaster of having clients, especially SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs. Some months they have almost too many clients and are WAY too busy, and other months, they’re feeling the pinch. The well is dry and they’re digging their well when they’re thirsty. I’ve been there in the past, and there’s nothing worse than experiencing those two extremes on a regular basis. It’ll make you want to go back to Corporate for good! (NOT ME!)

You’ve heard me talk about my NO EXCUSES approach to getting clients. That means that the number one rule I have is that I do SOMETHING to bring clients or client referrals towards me every single day. Otherwise, you’ll find that no matter how good you are, your pipeline will eventually dry up.


I believe the key to more clients, more in-come, and more time off, is making your business run like a well-oiled machine. Right now, you may be handling everything yourself, or perhaps delegating a little bit of it. The problem with that is your business is probably running YOU, as opposed to you running your business. And that probably means lots of stuff is falling through the cracks, which then means lost opportunities and fewer clients and less mo-ney coming in.

If you’re like most people in business for themselves, you market yourself in an ad hoc fashion: when you have time, when you think of it or only when a specific opportunity comes along. But wouldn’t you agree with me that inconsistency in marketing creates inconsistency in new client flow? That seems to be the bain of existence for most self-employed people like us.

I recommend buying a year-at-a-glance calendar and plugging in your marketing efforts. For example, your weekly breakfast networking group goes onto the calendar for the entire year, same with your monthly association meetings, writing your articles, giving teleclasses, meeting with your referral partners, sending your newsletter, mailings, speaking engagements, etc.

That way, you never have a week where you’re not doing ANYTHING to market yourself. That means you no longer have periods of feast or famine, or an inconsistent pipeline of curious prospects, ready to buy.

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” —Albert Schweitzer

I’ve mentored a few already-successful solopreneurs recently who walk the line between ‘high-achiever’ and ‘overachiever’ and let me tell you, there IS a difference. You’ve heard me say many times that I work best with high-achieving go getters who know exactly what they want (usually it’s more clients, more in-come, with more time off to enjoy it all) and who say to me, “Fabienne, show me how to do it and I’ll do exactly what you say.” That’s the kind of person who sees results.

But sometimes, there’s a different breed of person. The person who takes on too much, too fast, and seems to always be RACING towards the next level. (I know firsthand about this, I used to be one.) The ‘high-achiever’ sets high goals and then does what it takes to make those goals happen. The ‘overachiever’ seems to want to accumulate just for the sake of accumulating. (I know, because again, I used to think like that.)



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