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I have a bold challenge for you today.

And, depending on the stories you’ve heard about what your marketing is supposed to look like, this may be difficult, but I’d like to invite you to share more of YOU in your marketing.

You see, perfect is boring.

The more of your life and your unique personality you’re willing to show potential clients, customers and your community, the more you’ll create lasting relationships and repeat buyers.

To show you a completely crazy example of what it can look like (and how it can make you big money), here is a clip from a while back that definitely gives a taste of what life is like here at Chez Fredrickson (this video got me soooo many awesome clients).

Watch it now:

Notice the response of the audience to my sharing this… Are they offended or annoyed? Do they feel more connected to me because of it, or less?

People are still talking about this video. As I shared, there are clients that we’ve had the opportunity to serve here at The Client Attraction Business School directly because of my willingness to be seen in my real life.

Unruly children don’t make perfect marketing, by any stretch of the imagination. No, they make real marketing.

And in a world of fake, slick and lots of sheen, people crave authenticity.

In fact, I was in London last week doing a presentation for hundreds of entrepreneurs and the hugs that I got at the end of the day were all accompanied by, “Fabienne, you are so real, so authentic. THAT is what attracts me to you and why I work with you year after year.”

So, the question I have for you this week is:

How can you be more real in your communications? How can you show all of us what it is that makes you unique? How can you have more fun in your marketing?

I know it can feel uncomfortable at first. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we have to present ourselves in an excruciatingly professional manner (and like we’ve always got it all together) to attract clients and grow. But you know what?

Nobody has got it all together all the time.

When you become willing to let more of your realness show through your marketing, you become relatable and likable to your audience.

And that adds to the “know, like and trust” factor that is vital to creating long-term client relationships.

Now, go make a video or a post that shows me who YOU really are!

I’d love for you to post it in the comments!

Let go of perfection paralysis and have fun, OK? It pays.


P.S. I miss my kids being this little, but phew, does this clip remind me how challenging it could be. If you are an entrepreneurial mom or dad, like me, kudos to you, my friend. And… Congrats. I wholeheartedly believe that being an entrepreneur is an amazing opportunity for our children to learn how to embrace their own magnificence.

Do you struggle with this, too?

Listen, one of the hardest things for a business owner to navigate is inconsistency in your business. It’s stressful and keeps us stuck in a cycle of feast or famine.

So while Shailia says she was a “hot mess” (her words) when she joined us, what I know is that what she was experiencing was pretty normal…

Hear how things changed for her so dramatically in this short 2-minute video:

There is so much value and freedom that come when you finally figure out how to have consistency and stability in your business. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

You sleep better.

You dream bigger.

Like Shailia, you begin to work ON the business, instead of IN your business.

But there are some tried-and-true strategies all super-successful business owners have discovered that you need to discover and some puzzle pieces that must be put into place.

Continuing to do things the way that you’ve been doing them creates the same results.


The skills, systems and strategies that we teach here at The Client Attraction Business School have a proven track record of getting entrepreneurs just like you off of the feast-or-famine roller coaster and onto the scale-and-leverage track.

This is what we do. And we do it extraordinarily well.

So if you are ready to join Shailia and hundreds of entrepreneurs like her in creating stability, confidence and sustainable growth in your own business, I invite you to apply to speak to one of my awesome Strategy Coaches here at CABS, today. If you already have a business, they can help you map out what to do in the next 12 months to grow and scale.

Once you complete your application here, we’ll get you scheduled for that call with one of our coaches. It’s time to fully explore how to have the greatest impact with your business.

I am so rooting for you!

Much love,

p.s. Isn’t this concept of “How do I, more and more, take myself out of the business?” one of the best questions ever? It requires that you have a solid foundation before you get to ask it.

Perhaps you’re finally ready to get that handled? If so, reach out today by clicking here and filling out the simple form. We are here, ready to help.

Deep down, you know that…

…every human shares a desire to feel important.

…every person on earth wants to feel significant, like they matter.

…every individual wants to feel special, like they’re more than a number.

And that includes your potential clients and customers.

The problem is many business owners and marketers treat their potential clients like cattle, a herd of faceless people who don’t have a soul.

But you’re different. You actually care about your people.

So when it comes to your marketing and how you communicate with your potential clients, it is vital that you embrace what I have been teaching my own clients for years, which I’m sharing with you in this week’s training.

Watch it now, because although it’s short, it has the potential to dramatically shift the impact of your marketing:

This applies to you whether you have a business where you feel comfortable using words like “love” or whether you work in an industry in which that isn’t quite the accepted norm (at least…not yet).

Ultimately, this week’s 5-minute video training comes down to empathy. How can you make the ONE person you are communicating with feel valued and special, even if you’re writing copy that reaches tens of thousands?

Is it possible to sell by being compassionate? If so, how??

Here are four strategies you can employ to have more empathy in your marketing:

  1. See their world through their eyes.
  2. Understand their feelings.
  3. Communicate understanding.
  4. Appreciate them as human beings. (Heck, even love them.)

There are so many people that are longing to feel appreciated, respected and seen. This is about having compassion for those you serve.

And ultimately when you do this, people want to consume what you offer to them.

When you act this way with your prospects, they want to be with you and invest in your services, products and programs.

It’s human nature to go where you are genuinely loved.

Will you do this? Would you be willing to slip into your heart a little bit more?

Will you start writing your marketing copy as if you are writing to your best friend? Let me know in the comments below.

(I think you’ll be really surprised when you do.)

You Rock!

p.s. From my heart to yours, I so appreciate you for being a part of this incredible community. I respect and admire the path you have chosen and love being on your team. Now go rock some compassionate copy, OK? 😉


Let’s be honest. Your business is not like everyone’s business.

Your business has specific needs at its current level, and without getting those needs met, it won’t grow.

When you give your business exactly what it needs at its current stage, you grow fast. The clients come in quicker than before and the money comes in faster than ever. It feels AWESOME.

That’s what happened to Kerri Konik. She got what she needed and within months, she was ready for her next growth strategy, which we then gave her.

Want to see how it works and how fast it can happen?

Kerri explains very specifically why her business grew so fast once she joined us, so that you know what to expect when that is you 😉

The video is just 3 minutes long. Watch it now:

There are two very different skill sets required for reaching the different business levels you will experience. It’s important to know what they are so you can anticipate them.

Here at The Client Attraction Business School, we understand that.

That’s why there are two different, very specific Tracks for our students.

The Growth Track is for business owners who are striving for the $100K mark. They are eager to learn the specifics on how to get clients and make money.

The Leverage Track is for the business owner who is already at $100K or more (sometimes over a million) and is now ready to scale and leverage their business to new levels and gain their life back.

When it’s time to scale and leverage, the shift in focus is from building your business to working on your business. But it is vital that you’ve got the solid foundation of consistent revenue underneath you to support this growth.

So whether you are building your first six figures or you are ready to look ahead to the path to seven figures, we’ve got you covered here at The Client Attraction Business School with the right step-by-step plan, accountability and community that’ll take you to your next level of success.

As Kerri shares, even the best business schools in the country have got nothing on us here at CABS.

Perhaps it’s time for you to harness our tools, resources and capabilities to quickly build your business foundations? Or is it your turn to scale and leverage your business so you earn more while gaining your life back?

Then I invite you to fill out the application to speak with one of our Strategy Coaches today. They want to help you map out your next 12 months and get you on the path to faster growth.

Not only am I here and ready to cheer you on, but there are literally hundreds of entrepreneurs at the ready to support you to achieve your vision too. It’s so cool.

Your journey starts here.

To your success,

p.s. We really are like Kerri is describing us as a think tank with love poured over it…best CABS description…ever! Apply for a free call today!

Sometimes I’m the (loving) bearer of bad news… 🙂

Here’s what I say to many, many of our clients and students who want to turn their yearly revenues into their monthly revenues. Ready?

“Your business cannot grow if you keep doing everything yourself.”

(The response? You choose: Ouch or Duh.)

Listen, I know it can be hard. It’s actually quite an emotional process to learn to let go and delegate. Believe me, I have experienced the “There’s no way anyone else will do it as well as I can” thing.

You see, you had to be a “control enthusiast” to get your business to this level. But now, “letting go” is required. And that can be very difficult because it’s hard to trust that it will be done and done well, to our standards.

There’s another side to this coin, though. Watch this week’s training video to learn how you will know that it’s time to delegate in your business, and more importantly, what to delegate, now:

It is a beautiful thing to learn that there are people who have a zone of excellence in the areas where you are merely competent (or even incompetent)!

Listen, we all have our gifts, strengths and talents.

None of us can be good at everything and none of us (at least those of us who want to grow) can go it alone.

Remember… Your incompetence IS someone else’s Unique Brilliance. And when you let go of needing to do it all yourself (like a control enthusiast) and needing to improve your weaknesses (instead of harnessing your strengths) your business can and will thrive.

It’s a mindset as much as a strategy.

So this week, I invite you to think about the functional areas in your business that fall in your zone of competence or incompetence (rather than excellence or brilliance) that you can hire someone else to do…

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Your email and scheduling appointments
  • Your social media posting and content
  • Bookkeeping
  • Maybe even your Customer Service?

When you do, you have time for more MGAs (Money Generating Activities), which means that you make so much more money and those you hired just paid for themselves.

So, tell me on the blog: what is it in your business that needs to be delegated so you can focus on Money Generating Activities? What will you be brave enough to let go of soon?  

This is the first step in scaling and leveraging your zone of genius. And that, my friend, is the path to entrepreneurial success and exponential growth.

Here’s to your freedom,

p.s. This really is a conversation about freedom. The reward of becoming a successful business owner is that you create independence in your life. When you learn to delegate effectively you become free to create the systems and tools that generate revenue, and then…go to yoga, or for a walk on the beach, or lunch with friends. It’s kinda awesome. 🙂

Do you ever have the feeling that you’d just like to bust out? To break through your current level of success and experience and hit the next level that you know lies right on the other side?

I want to share a bit of Tracy’s story with you.

Tracy was already very successful before she came to The Client Attraction Business School. She has degrees from MIT, including an MBA. She had a highly successful health coaching practice and a passion burning inside of her that was calling her to the next level.

But she didn’t know how to get from here to there…

So when Tracy says that you can’t get what is available here at other schools, she’s speaking with experience of the best of the best.

Want to get inspired? Watch this 6 minute video now:

There’s so much I love about this…

I LOVE that Tracy shared that she was able to leverage her existing business without struggle or sacrifice and double her income with ease.

Tracy went from being a successful health coach to helping other health coaches build thriving 6-figure practices by increasing their clinical knowledge and business acumen. And once she stepped into CABS, she was able to harness the content, community and accountability to create success quickly and easily. (It’s not just an idea – that kind of growth is real here.)

I believe that when we are ready to make a decision about living a bigger future, we’ve actually known it for some time. There’s a pressure that builds for some time until it becomes too uncomfortable to not do the thing. (I hope you don’t take eight years to get here, but hey, whatever it takes!)

But what I love most about Tracy’s testimony is what she shares about the community, because it is so true: “There is an unwavering love and unwavering insistence that we all collectively rise to where we are going.”

Our success with our students lies on the three pillars of our content, the accountability provided by our coaches and the love and connection of this vibrant community.

It is unparalleled.

It simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.  

If this is your time to bust out, let’s set up a chat for you to map out your 12-month goals. Click here to fill out an application to speak to one of our caring Strategy Coaches.

So many blessings,

p.s. My favorite word, entelechy, states that there is an innate potential that lies within everything and everyone. For example, an acorn has the innate potential to become the oak tree.

If you were to plant yourself in the fertile soil of The Client Attraction Business School, what would become possible for you? Let’s find out, shall we?

I cannot pretend to be or do anything that I am not.

And there is a vital component to my experience of success that I want to share with you, even though it feels a little edgy to do so.

If this conversation makes you uncomfortable, it’s ok. This is simply the truth of what has allowed me (and our students) to shift from struggling in business to experiencing absolute abundance.

The woman whose story I share in this week’s video clip is not alone. You may also cringe at the idea of having to market your business. It is my hope that you will have a new perspective after you watch this week’s content-rich video.

Watch it now:

Can you begin to see how marketing can be an expression of your divine connection to your purpose?

Manifestation, metaphysics, quantum physics and what I like to call Vortex-y Goodness are directly correlated to your ability to get more clients, make more money, multiply your business and monetize your message.

This is about way more than marketing for money’s sake (and there is nothing wrong with marketing for money’s sake, when done with integrity). This is about tapping into the divine to support you to bring your powerful work to those you are intended to serve.

More money simply happens to be an outcome of this alignment.

I know this to be true. In every cell of my being.

And I hope this week’s 7-minute video gives you a sense of hope and relief.

The reason I want to inspire you to take a spiritual approach to marketing is because it means you are never alone. In any moment the Universe, God, Source, the Angels and “All That Is” are available to you, should you ask for their guidance, even (yes) for marketing.

Know that I do this before every event, coaching call and yes, even before I sat down to write this blog post for you today.

In business, I believe that we are being called to a new level of understanding, where abundance and spirituality co-exist in the name of transforming the planet through our work as business owners. And I believe that we must be brave and speak our truth.

Will you share with me in the comments section how this week’s topic lands for you? Edgy? Right on point?

This is one of the most powerful conversations of our time, one that I’ve been leading for years, and I would love to hear how it resonates for you.

With love (and abundance),

p.s. Doesn’t it feel amazing to know that the Universe has your back and that you are never actually alone? This conversation inspires me to share one of my favorite Albert Einstein quotes: “There are two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. And the other is as if everything is a miracle.” I highly recommend the latter. <3


For the first time, Janak and Urvi actually see the path to their million dollar business…

…and are happily getting there.  

Sometimes business owners get caught in a trap of inaction because getting to the next level seems like it’s going to be too hard and take too long.

Not our students in The Client Attraction Business School.

Today, I’d like for you to hear firsthand how this power couple went from stuck at the same income for several years to growing year after year because they made the smart decision to join CABS.

Ready to see why it works so well? Watch this short video (it’s under 3 minutes) now:

(OK, just for the record, I have NO idea why that person’s arm is in the right hand side of the frame. I thought about not showing it to you because it’s not “perfect” but then you’d miss out on the inspiration and wouldn’t get to meet my two friends. So, here goes anyway…)

How are they able to feel confident about reaching that million-dollar-mark soon? They say it’s because they’re following our systems, plugging into the community and getting accountability (and love) that makes business dreams come true.

Want to know a trap business owners often get caught in?

Thinking that the results others achieve are because they have something we don’t have, or that they are somehow more capable.

Nonsense! It’s simply not true.

What creates results are the right actions, taken in the right order, one step at a time, consistently over time.

When you do this (and this is exactly what our students are supported to do at The Client Attraction Business School) you really can’t not succeed.

But it starts with a decision to start 🙂

Would you be willing to spend the next three years joyfully committed to experiencing the success that you want, with people who champion you and love you?


Do you want to be one of those “other people” (I call them “muggles”) who will spend the next three years thinking about when and how they are going to start creating the success that they want, staying stuck in inaction?

We believe we’ve got what you need. Now, it’s time for you to see if it’s right for you. And all it takes is one conversation to change the course of your life for the better.

Ready to multiply your business like Urvi and Janak? We want to hear about your situation, help you map out a plan and see if we can help. No pressure, just caring strategy. The thing is, we can only help you if you take the first step…

Click here now to fill out an application to speak to one of our caring Strategy Coaches, OK? 🙂

Do this for yourself. Do it for your family, and for all the new clients and customers waiting to work with you.

I can’t wait for you to begin taking the actions that lead to your own path to a million-dollar business.

Here’s to massive abundance for you too. (There’s enough for everyone!)


p.s. I love it when Urvi says that if she was asked to unplug from CABS, she would go off and hide so you wouldn’t find her. It’s because she no longer wants to “do” this business journey thing alone. She loves the strategy and our community of aligned peers too much. It’s what we have for you here at CABS. To explore this level of support for yourself, apply to speak to one of our coaches today!

p.p.s. You can reach a million, if that’s what you want. Check out more of our student success stories here. They are so inspiring!


I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today, because we have BIG changes in the works for 2016 (which also means a big positive direction for our business).

In fact, I am certain that this is a tipping point year for us here at The Client Attraction Business School. We just had hundreds of people enroll in our Mindset Mastery Course, and over 4,000 people were introduced to the importance of this concept.

That being said, it’s quite humbling that our work changes real things for real people. And it all began with the roots that I’m sharing with you in this week’s video. (I’ve pulled this one out of the archives…it’s from 2012.)

If you want more clients, watch this video and more importantly, implement what you learn. Watch it now, and then I’ll tell you why I’m so nostalgic:

You see, what you do today in your business is what will create results six months from now (please don’t let that discourage you, it’s why this video is so important…)

This topic is still the core foundation of what’ll end those middle of the night worries about not having enough clients.

Will you do what I’ve shared in this week’s 5-minute video?

It’s these consistent, planned actions that lead to consistent and stable results.

Time and time again, I notice that those who succeed are the ones who plan the work and work the plan.

It’s how I grew this business to where it is today and why we are ready to embrace our next big evolution as a company (be on the lookout for new tools, expanded learning and really big announcements over the next several months).

So while the recommendations I make in this video may not make you jump up and down with excitement (hey, I get it, you and I are built similarly), I promise that if you are in the elite group of business owners who DO implement this, you are setting yourself up to win.

And I know you’re a winner. 😉

p.s. Think about how you can systematize and operationalize your marketing strategy. What would make this easy for you?

p.p.s. And really do get the wall calendar. If you’re a visual person like me, it totally works.



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