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Happy (almost) New Year!!! 🙂

There is a secret that all people who experience a high degree of success (financial and otherwise) know.

It’s not rocket science. You may already have heard of it.

But it’s everything. And it’s my New Year’s thing I’d like you to think about before we head into 2016 (this video is only 2 minutes long):

(By the way, this is me speaking in front of close to 7,000 people, one of the biggest highlights of my year. And no, I wasn’t nervous, I was thrilled.)

Basically, if you want to be successful and if you’re committed to living a life of meaning and fulfillment, then you must answer the call

Joseph Campbell, who is known for the Hero’s Journey, has some pretty sobering words about what happens when you don’t…

Watch this week’s short video and reap its most powerful message.

I know that most people (in the Muggle world, at least) want the security that comes from the known. They want certainty and aren’t willing to take big risks. They can’t handle the possibility of failure or defeat.

But that’s not you.

It takes a certain kind of person to pursue the path within.

And you are brave, very brave, because you come from the heart.

After you’ve watched this video, I’d like for you to please answer this question in the comments:

“If there were no limitations or negative consequences, what would you accomplish this coming year, if you could not fail?”

Don’t hold back. Dream big for 2016, and then share it with me here. I can’t wait to read your response and celebrate you…

You can do anything you set your mind to this year.

I’m here for you, with love,

p.s. I don’t know about you, but it is painful to me when people I love and admire are compromising a life of passion and fulfillment for a life of mediocrity and complacency. Do you know someone else who needs to hear this, right now? Would you be willing you share this message with them by sending them this blog? It would mean so much to them.

p.p.s. Happy New Year. Let 2016 be your best year yet! Mwah!


“Done.” “Check.”  “Yup.”

I looove that feeling when you realize you’ve reached your goals…and then some.

It’s amazing what’s possible for your business, in just one year, when you have the right support.

Patrick is a perfect example of this, and I’d like you to meet him.

Patrick had worked as an engineer, and had been laid off from his job. He was freelancing for one year and couldn’t get things off the ground as fast as he’d liked.

Until he got some support and…well, WOW.

Ready for a dose of inspiration? Watch this video and imagine what could be possible for you too, no matter what stage you’re at now:

Patrick joined the Growth Track even though it was a bigger investment than he thought he could swing.

In fact, he said he was scared to make the decision.

Like many of our students, his leap of faith was just that.

But, as you’ll see, he grins in the video when he reports that with the kind of unparalleled support he got from us, he experienced a 750% return in his first year, and as he shares, was ready to make his next big leap forward after one year.

Watch Patrick tell his side of the story in this 6-minute video. 🙂

Pretty awesome, huh?

So, what about you?

What would your life look like with an increase?

Not everyone experiences a 750% increase in one year, some do. But what about a 40% increase that comes from finally getting help? What about doubling your business like so many do?

It’s your time.

Big squeezy hugs to you,

p.s. Maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to put aside being the “watcher” and join the awesomeness that happens here at The Client Attraction Business School and become a player

…someone who plays a bigger game and experiences the results that come with it.

I invite you to spend some time on this page, to be inspired by other entrepreneurs who despite “logic,” as Patrick said, were able to turn their dreams of success into actuality.

And when you get that excited feeling in your belly, the feeling that kinda feels like nervous energy, I’d like to suggest to you that perhaps it is time to schedule a call with one of our coaches, so that you can begin to see just what’s possible for you.

Just reach out here to speak to one of our amazing Strategy Coaches. We’ll do the rest, OK? xo

This week’s story is miraculous.

…and it’s also rather commonplace from where I stand. (I’m not trying to seem blasé in any way; it’s just become our new normal within our tribe.)

And so this week, I’d like for you to meet Laverne.

As you’ll see in today’s inspirational video, Laverne is a different type of Jury Consultant. She thought she couldn’t do marketing to increase her business (because that’s not what people do in her field) and certainly not with video.

Until, we took a stand for her at our Growth Track meeting. And boy, did she wow us at the following meeting!

You gotta watch this incredible transformation (she even looks different just a few weeks later, giggling and embracing that she is now an industry transformer!):

(In June of this year she had no idea how to communicate why people should work with her. And at the 2:58 mark, you’ll see that she sure does now.)

So, just how does someone go from “last ditch effort” to making more than $30,000 in one month, just 120 days later?

What I’ve learned about the heart-based entrepreneurs who hang out with us and consistently move to the next level, every 90 or 120 days, is that it’s not just about what we teach them from the stage or in the modules…

it’s our tribe of other caring entrepreneurs who will look at you, hug you, believe in your potential and hold you accountable to reaching your goals and bigger future, with love.

This is a place where advancing entrepreneurs come to enrich their businesses and their lives…and, it takes a village.

So while this is a short video (only 8 minutes), it showcases EXACTLY what happens for our members during our quarterly meetings. Watch it here to get inspired for 2016.

You’ll hear where she started.

You’ll experience the love that she receives…not just from me, but from her peers.

You’ll feel the palpable shift in her confidence, energy and yes, RESULTS…in just four months.

This week’s video captures the essence of what we do here.

And by watching it, it is my belief that you’ll start believing that everything can change for you in a heartbeat, the minute you commit to being helped by others.

With so much love,

p.s.We’ve got an epic strategy, hugs, accountability and unconditional love waiting for you on the inside. If you’re inspired (and I hope you are) then let’s see if you qualify for a no-charge Strategy Call with one of our Coaches to map out what 2016 can look like for you.

If this is possible for Laverne, it is absolutely possible for you. xoxo

It’s with deep gratitude that I share with you my newly-released TEDx Talk today (click on the image to watch it):

I feel like I should pinch myself.

I’ve been watching TED talks for years, at my desk, showing them to clients and watching them with my family after dinner to educate them with ideas worth spreading.

To me, these talks are a window to the world of knowledge and possibility. They bring me great inspiration and the motivation to think bigger about what I’m here to do…

…and what you are here to do too.

And because of that, it is surreal for me to share this clip with you today.

The topic is Activating Your Potential for Greatness and in this 18-minute talk, I share with you the valuable lessons I’ve gained in own my life and as a result of working with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs…

…who boldly commit, with their heart and soul, to play a bigger game in service to others.

The contents of this talk (and my 8 simple but powerful activators to greatness that anyone can employ) are what I believe most in the world.

You can watch the TEDx talk and post a comment for me to read here.

I believe that you too have the potential to do great things, even if you don’t yet feel equipped or believe you have what it takes to crush all your existing limitations.

I promise. You do have what it takes.

Can’t wait to read your thoughts about the talk in the comments.

Love you,

p.s. Hey, I believe that this is indeed an idea worth spreading. Who do you know that could use a boost of confidence today? What group of people or network do you belong to that needs to hear this message? It would be my greatest honor if you shared this link with them.

Thank you. You are awesome and I am so grateful for you. xoxo

I’d like you to meet Dr. Jessica. She is hilarious. Seriously… this woman is FUNNY, and one of the things I love about her is that she tells it like it is. No holds barred.

Although Jessica was a “hot mess” a year prior (her words, not mine), she experienced some pretty profound shifts in her life since joining our community of entrepreneurs.

As you’ll see in this video, she doubled her income in her first year and made some pretty significant life changes she is grateful for.

Be ready to laugh, maybe even cry, at the 10-minute mark, and get super inspired for your own future. I promise once you start watching Jessica, you won’t want to stop. She’s delightful:

(Honestly, I don’t think I’ve giggled so much on stage before. In fact, she made Derek blush and cover his face when talking about our “competition.” Hysterical.)

But back to Jessica feeling like she wanted to play bigger…

She talks about having people to contend with in her life that were less than supportive.

Her husband didn’t get it. Her mom didn’t get it. Even her friends at home couldn’t understand why she wanted to play a bigger game.

She needed a place where people believed in her so she could soar. And boy, did she get it…and then soar!

Listen, it’s hard to ignore the nay-sayers. I get it. And if you have lots of them around, like Jessica, and you could use a tribe to cheer you on, stretch you, love you and believe in a bigger future for you, then I encourage you to watch her video now and get inspired.

It just might give you the nudge you need to change your results for the better.

You can’t do it alone.

With love,

p.s. Full transparency: I almost asked my team to edit out several parts of this video (there is some mild swearing) and extraneous stuff, especially the last 30 seconds, but they are just too funny to edit out. Enjoy!

p.p.s. If you crave the kind of support that may help you double your income this coming year, now’s the time to reach out. Let’s see if you qualify for a complimentary Strategy Session by clicking here, OK? Then, we’ll schedule a time for you to speak to one of our awesome Strategy Coaches to see if we can help.

Do it now! 😉 Let’s get you on your way! xoxo

Today, I’m departing from our usual teaching videos and bringing you something new.

(I hope you’ll love it…)

I’ve learned that I’m not the only person who sometimes learns best when watching something being done in action, rather than just learning about it.

Which is why I’ve decided to open the doors of our most recent Growth Track meeting and let you in on a process that I take my students through to help them monetize what they know.

Watch the video below to see me in action helping Reggie on stage:

(Please forgive the first few moments of me gathering my papers. Reggie didn’t realize he was coming up on stage with me!)

You see, I have a unique strength in helping people turn their yearly income into their monthly income…

Really?? Is there really a way to turn what you make in a full year into your monthly income?

Yes, really. It happens all the time in our Business School. And it often starts with you taking what you know and creating programs and products around it.

Today’s 14-minute video shows you exactly how you too can take what you know and package it so you can charge so much more for it and work with so many more people.

Stick with me on this one. I know it’s longer than usual, and it’s worth it…

… especially when you see Reggie’s face when he realizes at minute 11 or so how he can monetize his intellectual property and serve his corporate clients in a bigger way.

Priceless, as is the gratitude in his voice (and my eyes welling up in tears) at the end.


Love you,

p.s. If you’d like us to help you do the same, go to, OK? You’re awesome and we’d love to help you too… xo

OK, you ready for a good laugh (or a few good laughs) and a dose of inspiration?

Then you’re going to love Kate Kingston:

(I’ve always felt that it’s impossible not to love Kate. I bet you fall in love with her like I have.)

Within 4 months of joining us in the Business School, Kate was making $10,000 a month.

Her secret?

“I just do what Fabienne tells me.”

That’s exactly what she says multiplies her revenues up and up every year.

In fact, she says in the video, “When I’m around Fabienne and Derek, I make money. Period.”

But it’s not about the money for Kate. It’s about how we care for her and believe in her. In fact, she calls me her muse (which I find very touching).

Watch this week’s 7-minute inspiration video to get a glimpse of you in your near future.

Could joining our community to get help with your business create new results for you?

You can do this.


p.s. Could joining our community to get help with your business create new results for you? Let’s find out. Go here to talk to one of our coaches for a free Strategy Call and let’s map out your year. If it makes sense, we can also talk about working together, but that’s up to you.

And if you know someone who is ready for a plan for making money, then forward them this blog, OK? Or, send them here.

I hear this all the time:

“Fabienne, I’ve been at the same level for a while. I’ve plateaued and I don’t know why. I feel like there’s a roadblock getting in the way of my growth, but I can’t seem to figure out what it is. Can you help me?”

Yes, I can.

We entrepreneurs are presented with opportunities for growth almost on a daily basis.

If that’s true, then why isn’t every entrepreneur growing?

Lack of commitment.

And not doing what it takes because of excuses.

(Hey, I’ve been there too, so no judgment here!)

Would you like to know the number one excuse entrepreneurs use that gets in the way? Here it is, in this week’s video:

(I take a pretty strong stand for you in this video. Not sure if you’ve ever seen this side of me.) 😉

If we want different results, we simply must be willing to do what we previously haven’t done.

And that means we must be willing to go beyond our excuses, the ones that stop us.

And in today’s 7-minute video, you’ll hear the short list of the most common entrepreneurial excuses – and what to do to stop making them.

This creates traction. This creates new results.

In the comments section, please let me know this: what excuses are you willing to give up?

I can’t wait to read your comments and cheer you on from the sidelines!

Believing in you always,

p.s. Do you know someone who could use more traction in their business? Please forward this blog to them, OK? Thanks so much for reading and sharing. I am grateful for you.


Hi there!

Busy and super fun week ahead… 🙂

I came home from Thanksgiving weekend to a house freshly decorated for the Holidays, thanks to my fantastic personal assistant, Maryellen.

Here’s a glimpse inside our party last year for some of our students and what my house will look like this Thursday night… take a look and imagine yourself there with us:

(Be sure to see just what surprise guest lovingly took over my party at around 2:27 in the video… it was never really my gig after that! The look on my face at 2:27 is priceless…) 😉

If I’m being fully transparent, our holiday party is off the charts… we seriously know how to celebrate.

But what hundreds of our Client Attraction Business School™ students are really flying in from all around the world for (as I type this) is our annual Planning and Strategy Day, happening on Friday.

It’s a bonus day that I gift to all of our students to help them completely map out their income growth strategic plan for 2016.

Here’s what one of our wonderful multi-year students wrote about last year’s P&S Day:


Not only will they all walk away with a full plan for next year, but what makes our CABS community unique is its ability to serve our entrepreneurs by giving them the gift of connection to each other.

That is priceless, or so they tell me.

You know, it’s not too late for you to join us here this week…

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting your foot in the door of our Business School and starting to ramp up your results sooner rather than later?

If so, take a moment now to schedule a complimentary strategy session with one of our caring Strategy Coaches.

Don’t get this confused with a sales-y, put-pressure-on-you call.

(Yuck, we don’t do that!)

We just really want to chat with you about you, about your business and about your goals and what’s getting in the way, and help you plan out your next steps for 2016.

And if it speaks to you, we’ll invite you to join us in CABS, and maybe even to Stamford CT this week, for the Holiday Party, or at least the Planning and Strategy Day.

How does that sound?

Would you like to feel like a part of something bigger than yourself, to feel that you don’t have to do this alone anymore?

Do you crave strategy, clarity, systems, a plan for the next 365 days, community, connection, a little inspiration and just a lot of fun with people who will get you?

Then let’s talk. Click here to schedule your strategy call today, OK?

Who knows… maybe we will see you very soon? 😉


p.s. Thanks so much for being so awesome. I appreciate you so much.

p.p.s. Hey, if you know someone who also craves strategy, clarity, systems, a plan for the next 365 days, community, connection, a little inspiration and just a lot of fun with some cool people, would you send them this blog and encourage them to call us? You will look like a total rock star! Thank you… 😉


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