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I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a bit more routine and structure in my days and to dive into the second half of the year. 😉

It’s actually a great time of year to refocus. You’re (hopefully) refreshed and ready to tackle the next few months like a champion, like I am. Do you believe you can achieve more in the next few months than you have all year?

This week’s 3-minute video will give you specific ideas and some inspiration to stretch your belief of what is possible for you in your business for the rest of 2016. You can watch it now:

If you want to grow your business, you must intentionally expand how big you think you can grow. Otherwise the typical culprits (procrastination, overwhelm) will keep you in your current results.

Expansion in your business always begins within your mindset. In fact, growth happens this way:

Mindset First

Strategy Second

Action Third

In today’s video, you’ll also hear how important it is to align yourself with people who have a more expansive mindset and belief system. You must have the right environment if you want to finish this year really strong.

Here for you,

P.S. Swimming in the ocean is way more fun than swimming in a fishbowl, don’t you think?

P.P.S. By the way, you are awesome and I believe in you. xo

Tiffany suffered an unspeakable loss in 2010, with the sudden death of her husband. The story she tells today will inspire you.

You see, when Tiffany’s husband died, she was left with a business that didn’t quite suit her (you’ll see how much so in today’s video!) and she was seeking answers on a spiritual and practical level that fortuitously led her here to The Client Attraction Business School.

She’s gone on to create a compelling mission and a powerful business that makes a difference in children’s lives. Watch this 6-minute video now, and allow yourself to be moved by her results:

It is often the losses and setbacks in our lives that ignite us and lead us on a quest to personal growth and empowerment. I have such admiration for the process our human spirit takes to find its way out of the darkness to fulfillment, especially in business.

Business ownership gives us such an amazing opportunity to grow into and embrace our mission, to self-actualize. But often, we can’t do it alone.

By surrounding herself with like-minded people and following the formula to achieve success, Tiffany has doubled the monthly income she was making in her highest paid job in her former life and is empowering parents to shift from frustration to fulfillment in the most important job they’ll ever have.

I loved what she shares in the video, that seeing other people boldly achieving their desires showed her it was possible for her too, and it motivated her to do it. This is the power of CABS.

Yes, you get the next steps here. Yes, we show you to how get out of confusion and self-doubt and into taking bold, bigger action towards your goals. And then, we are the community that cheers you on and sees the greatness that already lies within you. And we would love to have you join us to achieve your own goals, professional and otherwise.

If you are ready to break free from the current results you are experiencing in your business and in your life, fill out an application to speak to a Coach today. This call is free and for many, a defining moment in their careers.

Because I believe that your best is yet to come, too.

Much love,

P.S. Don’t you love how excited Derek gets about marketing?! It was a great ad… And the Dalai Lama was wrong 😉

If you’re anything like me you’ve had a sense, for most of your life, that you weren’t like most other people. And while this may have been difficult at times, the good news is…

…it’s because you’re wired to be a business owner. And not everybody is!

You’re not meant to stick to the status quo of doing unfulfilling work and being beholden to someone else’s rules of how to play the game of life.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that business ownership comes easily to you. In this week’s 5-minute video I want to share why this is… Watch it now:

One of the best ways to increase your business results is to acknowledge the truth about yourself and how you’re wired to take action in your business.

It’s being willing to look at the things you rock at, as well as the things you aren’t especially strong at.

After all these years of coaching growth-minded business owners, I’ve found we fall into these two general categories that I explain in today’s video.

I hope that you are able to see yourself in one of them. Knowing yourself and being honest about the “bigness of your back,” as I mention in the video, is the first step in getting out of your own way and creating an even more successful business, one that is more profitable and bigger, but also gives you more time and freedom than you have now.

Your “wiring” is your ally. It is your gift – once you embrace it, amplify the things that work, and do something about the things that don’t.

It’s what makes you, well, YOU, and what gives you the courage it takes to forge a different path than others are willing to risk (I meant what I said in the video…no soul-sucking existence will do for people like us).

Harness your strengths…your creativity, your resourcefulness and your ideas. And I believe that you will absolutely harness the income, freedom, fulfillment and meaning that drives you.

You’re awesome,

P.S. It really isn’t about the money, is it? I get it. This conversation is about so much more than that. It’s about living life on your own terms, self-actualizing and making a real difference with your life, through your business. It’s so worth it. Oh, and incidentally, that’s when the money comes. (wink wink!)

This week, I’d like you to meet Adrienne. You’re going to like her.

Adrienne specializes in Behavior Modification and has spent the majority of her life in school. In fact, she has three degrees.

But even after getting (and paying for) those three degrees, she still didn’t know how to run a business…

So she thought about getting an MBA.

But after examining what universities provide and what we offer, she boldly chose us instead.

Watch today’s quick 2-minute video to see what she has to say about why she joined CABS instead; it’s pretty compelling:

You see, Adrienne compared what universities were offering and what we provide and saw the clear distinctions of what she wouldn’t get with an MBA, versus how we would help her succeed.

And she’s so glad she made the right decision. As you can hear her say in today’s video, what The Client Attraction Business School provides business owners “is what universities should be doing for their students.”

You see, the fastest path to sustainable and profitable business growth is to follow a path that’s already proven to work and then take massive action.

Personally, I know that I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I don’t want to go down costly rabbit holes that don’t work.

Instead, I want to be shown how to get the quickest, most reliable results, in the shortest amount of time, with the least effort. I want to model what already works. And if you can hold me accountable to actually DO what I said I was going to do to grow my business, and then you champion me when I do it, well, then, I’m yours for life. 🙂

Are you like me?

Do you wish you had direction, the added benefit of the experiences and best practices of an entire community of business owners and mentors, daily accountability and fun people to be with on this (sometimes crazy) entrepreneurial journey?

This is a place where you learn by doing. A home where you are supported by others who have a shared goal of success without compromise. It’s where we will guide you to boldly break through your limitations so you experience a level of personal growth that positively impacts your business.

It’s about achieving your potential.

How long have you been at this on your own? Is it working the way you thought it would?

You don’t have to do this alone. It’s time to get some support. You deserve it. And we’re here for you.

Here’s what I recommend:

Fill out a short application to speak to one of our Strategy Coaches for free. They’ll help you map out your next 12 months, at no charge, and provide resources for you to get there.

I’m with Adrienne. I believe that working with us is a far better investment than plodding through a traditional MBA program. And it’s so much more affordable.

Let’s talk. Fill out an application for a free Strategy Call here, OK? Do it today. Let’s not delay your success any longer.  

I believe in you, fiercely,

P.S. As Adrienne so perfectly stated… “Do it, instead of talking about it!” At CABS, you get “the practical steps to get there.” This is why she chose us over an MBA, because she’d rather be growing her business, rather than talking about growing her business. You can spend months and years thinking and talking about what will create success in your business. Planning, learning, planning some more… Or, you can just START. That’s what courageous people do, and I know that deep down, you are incredibly courageous.

We are all here waiting for you. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. Connect with us today by clicking here and let’s talk. You’re worth it.

There are many gifts that come with our entrepreneurial spirit. And this week’s topic is not often one of them…

Many of us are wired to be driven to distraction.

However, a business needs consistent action to grow.

So what are we (distracted business owners) supposed to do as rebellious folk to succeed? How do we stay disciplined when it’s not necessarily in our nature?

Here’s exactly how. Watch this week’s 2-minute training video, where I’m joined by our lead Growth Track coach, Gail Saseen, as we discuss how to stay focused and how to get the important things done:

Sometimes we’ve simply got to DO what needs to be done if we want to succeed, right?

I am not a naturally disciplined person. I am a rebel. (Perhaps you are too.) So I had to learn Discipline.

I have overcome this by 1) blocking my time, 2) having a team that holds me accountable and 3) embracing the mindset of Personal Responsibility.

The tips we share in this week’s video are rather simple, and yet, they’ve made me (and our business owner clients) exceed our originally small intentions, and what I want you to hear, loud and clear, is that this is about adopting a mindset of success.

It’s about making The Commitment.

And I love what Gail shares in this video about creating a habit for sustained success. You should watch it.

Decide. Act.

It’s really that simple.

Now go get stuff done, OK? 😉

Much love,

P.S. Setting yourself up to succeed in your actions is what guarantees any success. At some point, every successful business owner decides to DO what it takes to make it happen, no matter what. There is no other way around it. And they do. Ready to make that decision for yourself? Go for it. xo


Sometimes, people ask me why our students get so many outstanding results, year after year. I try to tell them that it’s about ALL the components of what we offer them, but secretly, I believe it’s about our quarterly live meetings.

Often, it’s difficult to capture the essence of what it’s actually like at our meetings. I love what our multi-year Leverage Track student, Caitlin, has to say about her time here, but there’s more to it than her words.

See if you can catch it… The video is only 1:11 long (how perfect is that?), and you can watch it now:

Could you feel it?

There is a vibration and energy that cannot be described with words. This Client Attraction Business School community is so full of love, so committed to each other’s success and so incredibly generous and wise, that this is what I hear all of the time:

“I came for you, Fabienne, and the content you’ve created for us to succeed, and I stay for the community.”

And. I. Love. It.

I love it because it is true and it is far beyond anything I could have created on my own. It’s practically divinely created.

I am regularly blown away by the support and care our business owners have for each other. The way wins are deeply and enthusiastically celebrated. The way the support is abundantly given whenever it is needed, whatever it is needed for. The way resources and know-how are so freely shared, in a way that would make others worry about giving away so much. But not here. We give everything generously. And no one feels alone, ever, because they are here for each other.

You know we are here for you too. It’s not just for them. You deserve this kind of support too. THE HIGHEST LEVEL SUPPORT YOU CAN GET. Yes, you deserve it.

And it begins with one simple step. First, talk to our rockstar Strategy Coaches by requesting a free 30-minute call to map out your next 12 months. Yes, it’s free. There’s no pressure and these calls are incredibly valuable. Here’s how you get one for yourself:

Fill out your application to speak to one of our coaches by clicking here now.

Then, if it ever makes sense, based on the plan you come up with together, we’ll help you make that plan a reality.

You see, you don’t have to figure this business thing out alone anymore. It’s no fun on your own. Instead, imagine how much easier it will be and how much faster “it” will all happen when you have your very own tribe of rocking entrepreneurs rooting for you, giving you the help and resources you need, when you need them, and cheering you on every step of the way. And me too.

And yes, the training here is great. It has to be because they wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

The door to your bigger, more abundant future is wide open, but YOU have to be the one to cross the threshold.

Come on in and get a glimpse of your future by clicking here and strategizing with one of our Coaches. (Like I said, it’s free and you have absolutely nothing to lose.)

You’ve got us on your side,

P.S. It does sound like a really great cocktail party, doesn’t it?! That’s the buzz of the high vibration we create when we get together…

You know I’m always here to take a stand for you, right?

I love you deeply, but I’m not lenient…

…especially when it comes to you standing in your own way of your greater future.

Many business owners experience something called Money Paralysis. It’s when an opportunity for growth shows up in the form of an investment that needs to be made and you think:

“Can I actually afford this? I will never have enough money for this… Where would the money come from?”

Well, I’m here to tell you that the money you need to improve your situation already exists. Watch this week’s video to find out where it’s hiding:

I feel so passionately about this that I almost cancelled this session of the Mindset Retreat to allow time for attendees to work on their 50 Ways list.

(This exercise is where you list 50 Ways you could make money right now, and then take immediate action. Learn more about it here. It’s one of my most popular exercises and my students have been using this for years to multiply their revenues and get quick cash, including “affording” whatever they want to invest in.)

Here’s your challenge.

Open your mind and allow yourself to think about how the money already exists, in the form of an opportunity that you haven’t actioned yet. Look for all the opportunities. There are at least 50, if you will take the time to look.

Then, hustle.

Take action on your 50 Ways.

Like I said, you can afford anything.

Cheering you on,

P.S. Promise me you’ll do this, okay?

You can’t do it alone.

Jessica learned this lesson first-hand. She was running a successful 6-figure business, but some months were better than others. She was making money, but lacked consistency in her business, didn’t have systems in place and no one was holding her accountable to her goals.

Until she enrolled in The Client Attraction Business School, that is.

Watch this week’s video to hear what transformed Jessica’s business in just one month:

Even the best entrepreneurs who know how to market their business can “fall off the wagon” from time to time. We often know what we need to do, but we aren’t doing it.

Perhaps it’s a lack of structure, not knowing what to prioritize, what to focus on, or just pure overwhelm.

That’s where daily accountability comes in.

In this week’s video, Jessica raves about the private CABS Facebook group, saying she made leaps and bounds in her business based on the community she found here, before even attending a Live Meeting.

It takes a village to build a consistently successful business. And if you find yourself starting things but not finishing them because you lack a little structure or accountability, our village is happy to welcome you with open arms.

Would you like to know what that looks like for you?

Click here to chat with one of our caring Strategy Coaches.

We’d love to help you map out your next 12 months, set up some stretch goals, show you how to reach them, and then if it feels like a match, we’ll hold your hand and keep you accountable, so you can grow like Jessica did.

Here for you, daily,

P.S. I love what Jessica says in this video about investing in yourself…it really is the only way you can assure a 100% return on investment (or more) because YOU are responsible for your results. Let’s get you some daily accountability too, OK? Click here to fill out a short application and let’s book a no-pressure call to get you to your next level, like Jessica did.

Have you ever known exactly what you needed to do next to get to that bigger level in your business? But thought you couldn’t afford it?

Maybe for you it’s hiring some admin support, investing in training or mentorship, maybe even getting an office…

But there’s that excuse I’ve seen creeping up for business owners over the last 16 years, keeping you from taking action on that one thing that will take you to where you want to be.

Would you like to know how to get past the belief that you can’t afford “that thing”? Watch this week’s 4-minute video to learn what I (and our students) do. It’ll change the way you look at life and business:

At a certain point in business, after you’ve done the low-cost to no-cost stuff to get a little traction, the thing you need actually has a price-tag on it.

It costs money.

And so the excuse pops up:

“I would really like to ______________, but I can’t afford it.”

That’s not actually true.

As I shared in this week’s video, the laws of Quantum Physics assure us that when we ASK for what we want, we are given that thing, 100% of the time.

But instead of taking that opportunity to grow, most people use an excuse to not even try.

And when you say yes to the excuse, you say no to your dreams, for good.

Thing is, you can decide at any moment to throw away your excuses.

You can decide to shift how you think about that opportunity for growth that’s right under your nose.

Instead of saying, “I CAN’T afford it” and being done with that, ask yourself, “HOW can I afford it?”

Be curious. Be resourceful. Find the money.

Be willing to hustle to do just a little bit more marketing to get a few more clients so you can invest in that thing that will get you to that next level, whether it’s mentorship, an assistant, or that new office.

The resources are always there. All you have to do is trust that they exist, look for them and then say YES.

You must be resourceful. You must take actions on the ideas that are presented to you as potential solutions.

The money (or time, expertise, etc.) you need is ALWAYS there. Especially when you look for the solution instead of relying on an excuse.

This subtle distinction is how I continue to grow my own business year after year, and it’s a core belief I pass on to our students so they do too. It’s pretty miraculous, actually. And it’s just a small shift in Mindset that pays off in spades.

Let’s you and I be more like MacGyver,

P.S. You can stay where you are, but everything you want is on the other side of that excuse. Ditch it and then take action, OK?


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