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In this video I share a few simple yet extraordinarily profound tips on how to use networking to form strategic alliances and joint venture relationships to attract more clients.

If you do ANY networking in your business (who doesn’t) then you need to make sure you watch.

I also share a special opportunity to join me in Dallas as my guest at the annual eWomenNetwork Conference where I’ll be speaking in July.

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You know by now that I believe in taking a “no excuses approach” to doing what it takes to succeed in your business, and yet I also believe it’s equally important to take time to recharge the batteries, as the saying goes. In fact, every 3 months or so, Derek and I schedule a “stay-cation” close to home so there’s no time wasted on travel, but completely focused on each other and living well (as parents, we all need a break sometimes too.) Well, this week, we stayed VERY close to home by actually not leaving! We spent our days at the beach, lounged by the pool, had lunches and dinners out and I read all day, while Derek played tennis. It was heavenly, and after just 2 days, we felt like we’d been away for a week! It’s really important for you to take some downtime. I hope you’ll fit that into your schedule this year as well.

To top off a great week, I flew my Dad in from France for a weeklong visit. It’s wonderful to have him here, and also to show him our new home, our new offices, have him meet our expanded team and see how our children have grown since he last saw them a year ago. He’s seen so much progress and I have to say, it’s feels great to share all this with him. (I love my “Papa”!)

Many people get tempted to use the fancy phrases that they use on a regular basis, in their marketing materials. Problem is they end up speaking “above” their prospects’ heads.

I see this use of jargon all too often when visiting people’s websites and in networking groups. My impression is there’s a lack of confidence in there somewhere and people are trying to compensate by trying to sound overly professional or fancy. Well, the result is that not only are people’s eyes glazing over, they’re also probably losing lots of potential clients that way, and not to mention, lots of potential referrals.

Only people in your industry know what you mean when you use fancy words that are meant to exclude, rather than include. A potential client is not always part of YOUR industry and as such, they won’t really understand all the technical stuff. Besides, they don’t care WHAT you do, remember? They only care about what you can do for THEM.

So, skip the jargon, will you? It’s time to pretend that your audience and referral partners are 6-year olds, and not as an insult, but rather, as a way to have what you say be:

  1. memorable
  2. easy to understand
  3. repeatable

That’s why I don’t talk about fancy marketing plans or closing-the-sale scripts in my own marketing materials. All I basically talk about is, More Clients, In Record Time and Consistently.

Client example: A couple of years ago, a client came to me saying he was having a difficult time getting additional clients, mostly, getting attention from his prospects long enough to turn them into paying clients.

Instead of talking on the prospect’s level, this client was speaking in nothing but jargon and he realized it was becoming a big turnoff. Basically, business was literally slipping through his fingers because of it.

Once I explained to him what was going on, he switched his marketing message from providing complicated “fiduciary and 401K services” to “taking the financial piles of paper off the desks of HR people,” and guess what? Yup, he has more business than he can handle now. (I love this client. He totally GOT it, once I pointed it out. Whenever I see him, we now laugh about “fiduciary.”)

Your Assignment:

Make sure you phrase your marketing message and claim in everyday terms, preferably results. Practice on a 6-year old child, if you can. Tell the child your marketing message and ask them to tell you what you do.

Believe me; kids are smarter than most adults are on this stuff, so if they can’t repeat it, your prospects and referral sources probably won’t know what you do either. It all comes down to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, sweetheart!).

By the way, there are dozens of worksheets in the Client Attraction Home Study System™ that will help you create a marketing message that will appeal to the right types of clients for you. You’ll also learn how to decipher what makes your business remarkable enough for others to talk about, how to create Raving Fans so you get clients to call YOU, and lots of other crucial stuff to help you fill your practice really quickly. You can read more about it and get a copy at www.TheClientAttractionSystem.com. (Why struggle when you can just attract clients easily?)

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Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System®, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time…guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your in.come, visit www.attractclients.com.


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Did you know there is a way of BEING that literally makes or breaks your ability to attract clients in large numbers? The sad thing is, many self employed people don’t use it and, as a result, are literally letting prospective clients slip through their fingers, day in and day out, even if they’ve done a lot of marketing and networking, even if they have lots of prospects. It’s almost like they destroy their chances of winning, at the very end of the cycle.

To avoid letting prospects slip through your fingers, you need to have serious CONVICTION about what you offer. If you don’t, if there’s no certainty on your end, then a prospect is simply not going to be certain either that working with you is the answer to their problems. They’ll question whether you’re really good at what you do and then decide they’ll keep looking.

I’ll give you an example of what occurred to me recently, after going to the dentist.

For months, I’ve been meaning to get some light cosmetic dentistry done to improve my smile and during a recent routine dental checkup and cleaning, I asked my dentist (let’s call him Dr. Smith) if he performed cosmetic dentistry.

Now, before I tell you what happened, let me explain his typical behavior. He’s naturally very outgoing, charming, and does great work (as far as I can tell from the routine cleanings.) He tells jokes, is jovial and seems pretty confident all around. But something happened when I asked him if he did cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Smith’s behavior changed, almost on a dime. He looked away, mumbled something about being in business for 20 years and of course he did cosmetic dentistry, and that he did it well. And then that was it. Nothing else. The strange thing was his words were no longer enthusiastic and confident. They turned empty and uninspiring, and I wasn’t sure how to read the whole thing.

Whatever had happened, my gut feeling told me not to work with him. Right then and there, in just one sentence, he lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of potential business. I knew by the WAY he spoke that I wasn’t going to be using my own dentist for cosmetic dentistry. He simply had not convinced me, not even close.

Here’s what I’ve discovered from that experience and countless other experiences I’ve had, just watching entrepreneurs talk about their abilities:

  1. Prospects want to work with people who are CERTAIN about their abilities.
  1. Prospects want to work and learn from an AUTHORITY on a subject.
  1. Prospects are looking for someone CONFIDENT about the results they offer.
  1. Prospects are silently begging to be LED!

Your Assignment:

From this moment forward, you cannot afford to be wishy-washy about what you offer. You’ve got to have total conviction about what you do. Not only that, you’ve got to express that conviction in a way that makes the prospect feel confident about your abilities.

You see, your job is not to sell. Your job is to convince prospects to get out of their own way to achieving success (or whatever it is that they want and could use your help with). The way you do that is by building trust, showing authority on your topic, and expressing your capability about the results they’ll get with you. And it’s all in your way of BEING.

Now, a caveat.

This doesn’t mean that you become OVER zealous. That’s just a ridiculous turnoff and will send them running in the other direction. Just be yourself, but speak with conviction and certainty.

One more thing. Don’t (ever) tell a prospect you can do something that you can’t, just to close the sale. Some sales “gurus” will tell you to do this, and then figure it out later, but I don’t agree. It’s out of integrity and we’re looking for authentic selling here. It’s better to turn away that prospect and move on to the next one.

So, be yourself, be a leader, and start speaking with conviction from this moment forward. It doesn’t take much, and yet I guarantee you’ll start attracting more clients than you are now. It works!

OK, so you’re now going to speak with conviction, but the problem is, you need to fill your pipeline more quickly. If that’s the case, get yourself the Client Attraction Home Study System™. It includes everything you need to know to create a marketing message that will appeal to the best clients for you. You’ll learn how to decipher what makes your business remarkable, how to create Raving Fans so you get clients to call YOU, and lots of crucial techniques to help you fill your practice quickly, including how to put together a simple marketing plan that gets you clients and then put it on autopilot so you can have fun again. (Why struggle when you can just attract clients easily?) Get more details at: http://www.theclientattractionsystem.com/

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This week was a blast. We all had a great day at the yacht club where I hosted my VIP students for a “Bonus Day” we affectionately call, “Fabienne Unplugged”, a bonus given to those who took immediate action in registering for my recent Get More Clients workshop. (I loooove to reward people who take decisive action when given an opportunity to grow!) It was a gorgeous sunny day by the ocean and I gave them a LOT of value and love, at no charge, all day…So happy for all the breakthroughs they had, it was very moving. My good friend Stephanie Dietzer has attended my workshops for many years and has grown her business so much, especially since attending my Get More Clients workshop in April. In fact, Stephanie signed on 5 new clients IN ONE WEEK since implementing this new program. You can read her inspiring success story at www.JoinTheTop5.com

Today marks a first! I’m thrilled to announce Derek’s debut article for the ezine this week, all about using social media to attract new clients. As you may know, Derek is an expert on internet marketing and has been coaching my clients right alongside me on online lead generation, internet marketing, list building, successful product and program launches, marketing sequences and so many other things (members of My Winners Academy and especially our top tier Private Clients consider Derek their “secret weapon”.) Now he brings his expertise to you as well, and will be a guest expert contributor to the ezine on a more regular basis.

Oh, one more thing: I’m thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at this year’s eWomenNetwork Conference July 14-17 in Dallas, Texas when I present “How to Attract all the Clients You’ll Ever Want and Join the Top 5% of Women Business Owners.” EWomenNetwork is recognized as the #1 resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses worldwide. Founder and CEO, Sandra Yancey is one amazing and I’m really happy to be building a great relationship with her. Please consider this my personal invitation to see me speak at this year’s eWomenNetwork Conference. And as a featured speaker at the conference, I’m able to share a special registration discount code with you. I only have a few to give out so if you’re interested in coming to the event at a discounted rate (my treat), email my team at info@clientattraction.com to request yours today. See you in July. This is going to be an amazing event for all women entrepreneurs! I can hardly wait.

Social media and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are receiving lots of attention as tools for Client Attraction – and it’s easy to spend a lot of (wasted) time there. To attract ideal high paying clients from social media, it’s important to remember that that the same rules apply for social media as they do for traditional marketing: giving value, building relationships!

At the core, Client Attraction is about PULLING clients in with a compelling message and creating such high-content information that adds value to your audience that it motivates them to take further action into working with you. And the same applies with social media.

So, when using social media, you want to be clear on how you can tap into this new marketing strategy and still remain “Client Attractive.” Here are some strategies for doing so:

  1. Have a clear objective and develop a strategy. Due to the popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter – it’s easy to get sucked into the “bright shiny object syndrome” and immediately jump in 100% by using these tools as a way to market your business and attract clients. But, you can’t just dive right in because “everyone else is doing it.” You need to have an objective. Is it to build your list? Attract more clients? Position yourself in the marketplace with more prospects and potential joint venture partners? What call-to-action or response do you want to achieve with each interaction with social media? Get clear on your end result first – then develop the plan.
  2. Focus on the long-term relationship. Client Attraction is not at all about the “churn and burn” approach to building relationships – and it’s no different with social media. It takes time to cultivate relationships with prospects before they become clients. Prospects through social media still want to know you and like you and ultimately trust you before they decide to work with you or buy your product. Through the power of social media you can deepen that connection and build the bond with the person you’re relating with. You can accelerate that relationship or expand your reach with the amazing “connectivity” that social media provides – but you must remain focused on that relationship and connection you build over time in order to remain client attractive.

  3. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Because literally anyone can tap into connections through social media – you need to be extra client attractive and stand out from the crowd. To “cut through the clutter” and ensure your message and your connection remains on the top of the radar with your potential clients, it’s important to focus on giving before you expect to get anything in return. Deliver the same ‘high-value’ and ‘high-content’ information that you do in your articles, emails and on your website. Social media is no different. Show your connections you add even MORE value and your prospects will be attracted to you.

  4. Be authentic, real and transparent. In case you haven’t noticed a theme here, it’s this: Social media is all about connection. People want to connect with you in so many ways like they would in real-life. Be who you are on Facebook and Twitter as you would be face-to-face. Even though it’s online, people can still see through the “fake” of social media just like they could if they meet someone in person. The more you “show up” as the real you in social media – the more people will want to connect with you and be interested in building that relationship even further. Have integrity with everything you do with social media. Remember this: Never post anything through social media that you wouldn’t want blasted on a highway billboard or the front page of the New York Times for the entire world to see.

  5. Social media is all about the conversation – happening online. If you’re not showing up and contributing to the conversation that is taking place – you’ll never leverage the true power of social media and build a client attractive business. It’s not a one-sided conversation where you just continually promote yourself and not engage with anyone in your network. Social media and networking is no different than in-person networking. It’s a two-way conversation for you AND the other person – that’s what creates the value. When you contribute and collaborate with your audience, they will respect you and be more attracted to you.

  6. Be consistent and plan your time. Social media could suck you in and drain all your time very easily and quickly. Before you know it – you’ve spent half the day on Facebook and Twitter and you’ve not added one person to your list or engaged any new potential prospects, let alone gotten any “real” work done. Develop a daily and weekly plan where you identify how much time you will spend on the platforms and what result you want to achieve. It’s like any other slice in the Client Attraction Marketing Pie – you can’t just put in half the effort and expect the full result. Show up consistently and contribute consistently to realize the long-term benefit.

Remember this: You don’t attract clients FROM social media. You attract clients THROUGH social media. It’s from the connections you establish and the long-term value you provide those individuals that cultivate the relationship and as a result, they see you as Client Attractive. Focus on that and you’ll never be without clients, again.


The first step in developing social media as part of your Client Attraction marketing strategy is identify your overall objective and then work backwards with the detailed plan. What is your desired end result? For example, if it’s to build your list – then you want to develop a step-by-step strategy that allows you to engage your network with the intent to attract people back to your website where they can get your irresistible free offer and join your list.

The second step is to identify the tools and platforms that work best for you. Twitter might be extremely popular out there, but does your market actually exist in big numbers on Twitter? Perhaps they are more gathered in a social networking site like LinkedIn. Spend some time on these various platforms and determine which works best for you and your niche.

The last step is to show up and do the work. Social media as a client attraction strategy does take some personal time and effort. You can’t just setup a profile and update your status and then ask, “Where are the clients?” You need to step up and contribute to the conversation with valuable content on a consistent basis to attract the clients you want through social media.

If you’re anxious to attract clients online and build your list, you’ll want to follow the “Authentic List Building Program”, a program we created to walk you through the same methods we use daily to add over 1,000 highly targeted and qualified leads to our list each month for the last 12 months (yes, that many!) It’s all step by step and laid out for you in a logical way, with video webinars on exactly what you need to be doing and how, examples, scripts, screenshots, as well as video and downloadable recordings and transcripts of each coaching class. So easy! To see a presentation on the authentic list building principles and get your copy, go to http://www.ClientAttractionListBuilding.com

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Derek Fredrickson, The Authentic Internet Marketing Specialist, is CEO and head Online Marketing Coach for clients of Client Attraction. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD by mail and receive weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your income, visit www.clientattraction.com.

I’m tickled pink to be included among the fabulous lineup of speakers at this year’s eWomenNetwork Conference July 14-17 in Dallas, Texas when I present “How to Attract all the Clients You’ll Ever Want and Join the Top 5% of Women Business Owners.”

eWomenNetwork, for those of you who may not know, is recognized as the #1 resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses worldwide and it’s also the fast growing membership-based professional women’s networking organization in North America! Founder and CEO, Sandra Yancey is one amazing and impressive woman. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to meet her (finally) last year and build a great relationship with her.

So, consider this my personal invitation to come see me speak at this year’s eWomenNetwork Conference. I put together a short video to share a little sneak peek on what you’ll learn in my session. It’s posted on the conference speaker’s page and you can access it here: http://www.ewomennetworkconference.com/speakers

Oh and I almost forgot! As a featured small business speaker at the conference, I’m allowed to share a special registration discount code with my peeps (that’s you!). I only have a few to give out so email my team at info@clientattraction.com to request yours today.

I hope to see you in July. This is going to be an amazing event for all women entrepreneurs! I can hardly wait.


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