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I’m really thrilled to be kicking off the Super Mompreneur Conference at the New Yorker Hotel in NYC this Saturday, October 30th. I’ll be taking the stage first thing in the morning to welcome all attendees and speakers and to get everyone into the right mindset for an unbelievable day of learning and growing.

Having three yummy kids of my own, Mompreneurship is a topic really close to my heart. As women, as moms, and as entrepreneurs you and I have the power to create a legacy of service through our lives and our businesses—adding true value to the world in a lasting way, while creating huge breakthroughs in our personal income.

We’re here to serve the world in a BIG way. Each and every one of us mompreneurs has the capacity to become the full expression of our purpose here on earth, but to do so, we must take a no-excuses approach to growing within. How do we do that? That’s exactly what I’ll be sharing tomorrow morning. I’ll be covering:

  • How and why your success is so dependent on your internal state of mind
  • The many different ways YOU STOP YOURSELF everyday from making more in your business
  • The places and people who ‘gunked up’ your mindset in the first place
  • The 3 things you need to combine to create results in your income
  • The things I used to think and believe that held me back in a BIG way (hint: these same things are probably holding you back too)
  • How to change this all around, quickly, so you too can finally start experiencing a Quantum Leap in your business
  • How and why it’s time for you to SHARE YOUR BROWNIES with the world!

I promise to write more about the conference and all the amazing moms I’ll be meeting there. Why don’t you join us there? It’s not too late to register. Visit the Super Mompreneur Conference website to sign up now. Oh and great news– the Client Attraction community is invited to take a 50% off the registration price. Just enter the code FF50.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Pulling clients in is not only more fun than pushing hard to “get” clients, it’s MUCH easier. Who wouldn’t rather have clients call them instead of pounding the pavement? The concept is a no-brainer to grasp, but very few solo-entrepreneurs actually do anything about it. Most are wandering aimlessly, just waiting for clients to come to them, but with little strategy involved. That’s when creating PULL marketing systems comes into play. (more…)

The world (and your ideal clients) need to hear about YOU! Problem is, you may not know exactly how to get the word out there in a big way and exactly how you can build your major media platform. If you’ve never been quoted in the press and no one is approaching you, my guest and I will teach you how to change that, starting today. We’ll show you how to start getting ten or more journalist queries in your email box every single day, custom-tailored to your area of expertise. You’ll discover exactly how to respond to journalists in an email so that your quotes are ten times more likely to be used as opposed to those of other experts. You’ll also learn the simple, number-one strategy for getting quoted first or at the beginning of a newspaper or magazine article. And finally, you’ll understand how to write tips, briefs, and articles that journalists LOVE, but only if you’re on this important Client Attraction call! (Do whatever you can to be there.)

This call is ONLY for Inner Circle members. Not a member yet? Join now to access this call with Fabienne’s FREE 2-month Client Attraction Inner CircleMembership trial (plus a small shipping/handling fee).

When you join, you get access to monthly Q&A calls with Fabienne AND well over 3 years worth of special topic audio, transcripts, forum posts and bonus calls with Fabienne each and every month.

This Thursday, October 28th I’ll be the guest speaker for The Soundview Club, right here in my hometown of Stamford, CT.  I’m delighted to present “The Advanced Marketing and Mindset Secrets of 6-figure and 7-figure Entrepreneurs That Work in ANY Economy” to this fine group of local business owners and entrepreneurs. And great news! The Soundview Club has graciously opened this event up to the public as well!

This is a great opportunity for YOU to expand on what you’ve already learned from me and to go beyond what you’ve already implemented and take your business to the next level, so you can see increased results.

In this high-content live session, you’ll uncover the hidden reasons why you’re not currently making more in your business; you’ll also discover the exact process to transform your income and the way you do things, and finally you’ll be “stretched” personally by me, not only in your marketing but in your mindset too, so you too can experience even more entrepreneurial success.

I hope you’ll come join me for this intimate gathering. The Soundview Club will be providing a networking reception afterward as well so there will time for us to meet in person, chat, and network.

Seating is extremely limited and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. As you can imagine, this event will fill very quickly, so please act now. Please register through The Soundview Club directly by calling 203-359-9333. (Registration fee is a nominal $35.)

I can’t wait to see you in person.  Please make it a priority to join me!

Woohoooo! We did it! Derek, the kids and I are all settled into our fabulous new home. This is the one I’ve been dreaming about moving into for 5 years, admiring it every time I drove by it, and the one I set an intention to own years ago. The manifestation process we set forth all culminated last week! We hired movers to pack everything up, deliver it the next day, and unpack it all the following day. Then, a team of professionals was hired to put things where they needed to be, which was a great help. (Although, it’s not all done yet, we’re getting there.) Clients who’ve seen it have asked how we’re managing the upgrade, and our answer is that “soon, this too will become the ‘new normal‘.” For now, we’re reveling in the beauty and magnificence of our manifestation, and teaching our clients how to do the same in their marketing and in their personal lives.

While all this was going on, our Platinum Mastermind MM7 clients flew in from all over, and we met for 2.5 days to do great work, both business-wise and some moving personal shifts too. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that they floored me by generating a combined $2.6 million in new business since JUNE, between the 14 of them. One client brought in $421,874 in 4 months. Pretty impressive, yes? We went celebrating that night with a wine and cooking celebration, which was a blast! You can see pictures of our super-fun outing on my Facebook page (including several clients dancing swing BEFORE dinner.) As I say, you must “Live Life Like You Mean It!” (Hope you had a great week too…)

I had the most amazing time hosting a private cooking class with my Platinum Mastermind clients recently. Enjoy some behind-the-scenes footage of the most AMAZING time we had together. So much fun!

We socialized and danced, cooked some fantastic food together, had inspiring conversation and let’s not forget – the delicious wine. Oh, and we even had some clients dance the night away… Enjoy!

I’d love to host you at a Platinum Mastermind dinner in the future. Visit http://www.clientattractionwinnersacademy.com to find out more…

“The only difference between salad and garbage is timing!” At least that’s what I’ve been focusing on recently, especially for businesses that are time sensitive. Some chiropractors have this problem, so do lawyers, but my thought is when you’re in a service business, timing is EVERYTHING. If you wait around, let the proverbial ‘hot iron’ get cold, that hot lead turns into a cold lead, and you can just forget about turning it into a happy paying client. (more…)

Over the summer I was asked by the talented Kim Doyal (some of you may know her as The WordPress Chick) to take part in a new movie she was producing that would celebrate the accomplishments of some of the Internet’s most successful business women—along with motivating and inspiring others to take that crucial next action step toward achieving their own successful online business.

I flew out to LA for the shoot with Kim and had a lot of fun being part of this important project. [Thank you, Kim for all your hard work in putting this together! You are a true professional and a pleasure to work with!] You can read more about our meeting here on The Women in Business 2.0 Blog. It was a true honor to share the spotlight with Mari Smith, Ali Brown, Denise Wakeman, Dr. Debra Condren, Loral Langemeier and several other amazing women.

I’m a firm believer that when we witness what others have accomplished in life and business—including their challenges, setbacks, breakthroughs and successes—we send ourselves a powerful message that says “If THEY can do it, why can’t I?”  This movie is going to do that for you. You’ll be inspired by the personal stories shared and you’ll see just how each of the women featured took a No Excuses Approach to accomplishing their dreams for their businesses and their lives. It will leave you feeling inspired, incredibly excited about your own future and ready to take action with business coaching for women! I can’t wait for you to watch it.

Women in Business 2.0 The Movie is almost ready for release but until then Kim is offering a sneak peek preview on the movie site. So take a few minutes to check it out and then leave a comment below to let me know your feedback!

Oh, and one more thing before I forget! Kim is offering the opportunity to win a free copy of the movie.  All you need to do is answer a very simple question: “What do you think watching this movie can do for YOUR business?” Leave your answer for Kim on the movie blog or on the Women in Business 2.0 Facebook FanPage.

What a whirlwind-y, fabulously awesome week last week! We kicked it off with our Gold Mastermind retreat, where my Gold clients flew in from all over the world (as far away as Japan, Dubai, Germany and the UK) to get strategies and mastermind about getting more clients and making a lot more this year and beyond. We topped it off with a ridiculously fun Halloween party (and Costume Contest). I have to tell you, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that they would put so much effort and creativity in the costumes. It was mind blowing! Although they were ALL fabulous, the clear winner was http://www.camposcoaching.com/Angelina Campos from Hawaii, who came as a body-painted mermaid. Yes, she hired someone who spent two hours putting BODY PAINT on her (no clothes.) She’d set the intention that she was going to win, and boy, did she ever! Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize, Angelina!

(Clearly, this will become an annual tradition for our Gold retreats. I’ll post pictures of the entire Halloween party and Gold meeting on my FaceBook page. Enjoy!)

That same day, Gold Mastermind client Dawna Brown from Germany won the Implementation Contest by sharing with us everything she’d implemented since our last live meeting in June. The highlight? Dawna made more than $79,000 in just 4 months after implementing what she learned at the last Gold retreat. Way to go, Dawna!

And Friday was moving day for the Fredrickson family! While I spent the day strategizing with my new Sapphire Elite client Pauline Fleming here at our “workhouse”, the movers were busily transferring our belongings to our new FABULOUS house. I can’t tell you how much this means to me as I’ve had my eye on this house for 5 years and have been manifesting it ever since. A dream come true!

“A desire can overcome all objections and obstacles.” —Anonymous

You’ll always get objections. Let’s face it. You may have the world’s best service, the best product available in your category or industry, but no matter what you do, no matter how good you are, you’re always going to have to deal with objections. (more…)


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