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A question I get asked A LOT is… “You seem to coach a lot of coaches. I run a _______ business. Is The Client Attraction business school for me?”

The answer is “Yes!” We mentor just about every type of business owner under the sun. Even ones that don’t usually seek out coaching.

This week I’d love to introduce you to my friend Joe Biba. Joe has a construction company in Wisconsin
In fact, the day before I met Joe, he’d spent 12 hours on a roof.

Because Joe WAS the company…he bid the jobs, did the jobs and billed the jobs.

Until…he met us.  

Just wait ’til you hear what changed, in less than 5 months.

Today’s shot-in-the-arm inspirational video may just be what you need to watch today (you must watch until the end to hear the part that makes me tear up every time I watch this video): 


Wow. Right?!?

Not only was Joe able to retire his tool belt in less than 5 months by learning to leverage his business and clone himself, he was able to increase his revenue by 30% that first year (which is significant for a construction company).

He discovered a passion inside of himself, that he knew was there, but couldn’t activate without the support of our supportive trust-based community.

And it all happened once he decided to take the leap of faith and join us in CABS.

I hear it all the time. “The other students at CABS see more for me than I could ever see for myself.”

As Joe so perfectly shared, it is “life changing and transformational to have people who have my back.”

Joe is now happily in his 3rd year in the CABS Leverage Track. He says he wouldn’t ever dream of leaving. His income and freedom have escalated dramatically since joining us, and he says that this is the best thing he’s ever done for the growth of his business, and even for his personal life.

Being here with us has paid for itself in spades for Joe.

It will be one of the best investments you ever make too. And it’s why I hope you stay for years to come…

Because this tribe keeps you accountable and on track, because there’s no BS allowed here.

I’ve found that creating success in isolation is nearly impossible. (Perhaps you know all too well what I mean.)

All of us have a propensity to fall down a rabbit hole and get off track.

But when you come to our meetings and plug in to this community (most of our business owners plug in daily!) you have a mechanism in place to keep you moving toward your goals.

You have the support to keep YOU going where you want to go.

Come on, fill out your short application to speak to one of our coaches today. Let’s map out your next 12 months together, at no charge.

And if you, like Joe, decide to take the leap of faith and join us, you too will scale your business and get your life back.

Here’s to you getting off the roof and retiring your own tool belt, whatever that means for you.

To your success…

P.S. The proven process we have for you here will show you, step-by-step, how to get from where you are to where you want to go – whether you are just starting out and have a few clients or are maxed out like Joe was… Your only job is to say YES to your bigger future by clicking here and then leaning in…to the training, the awesome accountability and the loving support that we have waiting for you.

Let’s do this! xo 

As the world gets more and more full of people doing market-y things, I believe that the power of personal authenticity (and sometimes vulnerability) is more important than ever in business…  

But how much is too much? 

And how do you know whether you’ve got the right kind of business to share yourself in the way you see me sometimes sharing myself here, in videos or on stage? 

(OK, well…maybe not as much as I share, but you get my point…)  

In this week’s video, I’m going to share (no pun intended) with you how to be vulnerable from a powerful place, how to distinguish what to share with your clients and community and what not to share.  

It’s short…under 3 minutes. So go ahead and watch it now:  


Obviously there are businesses that lend themselves, more so than others, to having more of you – your experiences, your family, your feelings, your dreams and your setbacks – show up. 

But I believe that even if you have a more “professional” business that markets to other businesses, there is still a place for using authenticity and vulnerability, in an appropriate way, to create more meaningful relationships with your customers and potential clients.  

In the end, even if you’re B2B, you’re still marketing to a person, not a building or set of offices. And it’s been my experience that people crave personal connection, even in marketing, especially in marketing.  

If you’re too buttoned up, it’s going to be hard to develop the kind of long term relationships that are the foundation of any business. 

Plus, it’s so freeing to get to be YOU.  

So how much is too much? I think of the distinction between personal and private. Clearly we don’t want to be airing our dirty laundry!  

As I explained in this week’s short training video, it’s best to share stories that you would feel comfortable sharing with an acquaintance. The opposite, oversharing or being inappropriate, can lead to a vulnerability hangover… “Wow, I can’t believe I wrote that.” 😉 

Ultimately, some of the greatest connections I’ve had with you are when I’ve shared what was happening, from my heart, with truth. (I don’t seem to have the ability anymore to do anything other than that. My chest tightens and I simply have to tell the truth about what is going on.)  

So I want to inspire you today to share more of yourself with your audience! Allow them to know you and, if appropriate, your heart. Believe it or not, it actually translates to lots more business, because people ultimately buy from people they know, like and trust.  

How about sharing a bit more about you? Let me know with a “YES, Fabienne!” in the comments! 

From my heart to yours,  

P.S. This is also an invitation to drop any facades, masks or personas that you’ve been wearing in your business, because you think people who do what you do are supposed to look/act/behave a certain way. God, did I do that in the beginning! Ugh. It’s not until I showed people who I really was that my ideal clients started coming out of the woodwork and still do. Just. Do. You. It’s so much easier (and profitable). <3 

If you sometimes have trouble communicating to your potential clients what you do (heck, marketing as a whole), you are certainly not alone! 

Many business owners who first come to The Client Attraction Business School say they’d like more clarity around their messaging and their marketing…  

…whether they’re just starting out in our Growth Track, or even when they’ve already reached the multiple 7-figure mark in our Leverage Track. It happens at all levels! 

And yet, compelling marketing is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to bringing in new clients with ease.  

This week, hear how Kelley went from never before having marketed successfully to being an avid implementor of all things marketing:  

Everything that Kelley implements from what we taught her is what changes businesses for good. You can’t unlearn it. It’s yours to keep forever.  

Which is also why Kelley raves about the training and coaching she gets here.  

Business owners who join us in CABS tell us that the decision to enroll became the defining moment in their businesses because they now receive solutions to their biggest (previously unsolved) challenges… 

  1. The step-by-step how-to and strategy that gives them clear direction on what to do next 
  1. The accountability that helps them implement so much more than they would on their own 
  1. The trusted community that ends the isolation (and self doubt) solo business owners experience.  

These are the elements that create unprecedented results and relief.  

When there’s overwhelm or lack of clarity, it can be life-changing to have a knowledgeable coach help you get clear on what’s happening in your business, what isn’t working and the necessary steps to get the results you want.  

That’s what our caring Strategy Coaches are here to help you with, at no charge.

They are standing by to offer you a strategy session to help you make a plan for the next 12 months, at no charge, with no commitment or pressure to work with us.  

Would a strategy session be helpful for you? Would you like to map out what needs to happen next?  

Then let’s chat and have you strategize your next 12 months, at no charge.  

It begins with you filling out a short form to speak to one of our coaches.  

And then you’ll be walking through the doors of our next live meeting (coming soon in June!) and into the warmth of a loving community that says…  

“Welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you.”  

I hope to see you (and hug you) there,  

P.S. Kelley sounds pretty clear now, right?!?! If you’re ready to find your message and see some different results, click here to apply to talk to a coach, today.

I promise… This does not need to be hard.  

And it is one of the best ways to attract more of your ideal clients, get booked to speak and demonstrate value to your future clients… 

…so that they say:  

“I loved THAT! More. Please.”  

Watch this week’s video to get inspired to do something you’ve probably wanted to do for a long time, but perhaps decided it was too much work or too hard:  


So, what do you think?  

I have to share the truth with you (well, I always do that anyway)…  

I’ve had “write a new book” on my to-do list for a really, really long time. (You too, right??) And I am happy to say that my intention has become a reality and is coming to fruition very soon.  

My new book is coming out soon! 

I shared this with our Growth Track students at our February Growth Track meeting to create some accountability for myself (there’s nothing like making a commitment to the people you inspire that helps you make and keep a deadline)! 

And, to get them to write their own lead generation book… 

…by our next meeting in June! 

They happily took on the challenge and I can’t wait to see them all bring their new books to our quarterly meeting next month. 

I’m going to make this very easy for you. Here is the formula for attracting lots of clients: 

High content/high value + social proof + call to action = your full practice. 

And here is the formula for writing a short book with the sole purpose of lead generation: 

No need to write the next 1,000 page novel. Just pick enough points to get your point across, and flesh them out into “chapters.” You can record your chapters and have them transcribed and edited. You can hire a writer to do a first draft for you or someone to interview you and transcribe the text. You can break it up into one chapter at a time and check one off the list each day, or you can assemble blog posts you’ve already written. 

A book like this shouldn’t be long. In fact, our research showed that under 60 formatted pages is best. That’s about 10,000 words. Writing 500 to 1000 words per day is easy!  

(Hint: You can choose to make writing a book easy.)  

Will you join us? Will your book be one of the “babies” birthed from this challenge? It is an effort that will have returns for years to come, give you instant credibility and help you get more clients with ease.  

If you’re in, post a “Fabienne, I’m IN!!” in the comments. 

And please, share your book with me when it’s done. I can’t wait to read what you create.  

Now go be an author! 

P.S. You’ve so got this. One page at a time. xo

Fear is often the “thing” that keeps us business owners stuck…

…stuck in the conditions we know all too well, without further movement, versus taking the leap and creating the business (and lifestyle) we want. It’s the thing we all must overcome if we want to see different results.

And it was no different for April.

As you’ll hear in this week’s inspirational video, April had some fits and starts when it came to taking the initial leap into The Client Attraction Business School….

But boy, is she glad that she ultimately overcame her fear and joined us. Watch the video now to hear why:

(FYI, this video was recorded only 6 months after she enrolled. Wow, just wow.)

And I couldn’t be happier for April.

I know sometimes it takes a bit longer for some people to get themselves here. And it’s ok.

Sometimes, it really is about divine timing.

But what I also hear from these students time and time again is…

“I wish I’d just made the leap sooner. Imagine where I would be today!?!”

If April hadn’t finally made her way here, chances are she’d still have zero clients and zero revenue. She would still be serving people and not getting paid for it. She needed structure, the right training, accountability and a loving community of others doing it too.

(And can we just give a big WOOHOO to her receiving a new client at her highest rate as she was coming to this event…? I call this the Client Attraction Vortex and it is For. Real.)

None of us are meant to stay at status quo, struggling to move to the next level. We are all worthy of being paid well for what we do and to continue to grow. 

Is it your turn to overcome your fear and take the leap to join us? (What has your intuition been wanting to tell you that you haven’t listened to?) 

Is it your turn to be welcomed into a community of fellow fear-busters, game-changers and success-makers? 

Maybe, like April, you’ve been “dancing” with me for a while or checking us out from the sidelines.

Maybe you’ve felt inspired to talk to one of our awesome (kickbutt, loving) coaches, but then talked yourself out of it with the very usual I can do this on my own. 

I’m here to lovingly say to you, “If you could have, you would have already.”

Despite the fact that April was a newbie here at CABS, she was able to create these results very quickly.

And if she can do it, you can too. That’s because predictable business growth and income acceleration are a science. Once you put the pieces in place as we show you how, you get results that way outweigh the investment.  

Sometimes it simply takes being afraid and doing it anyway.

Let’s map out a plan to help you afford it and take action in spite of fear. Our coaches are ready to support you and love you up. Fill out an application here and let’s set up a time to chat, OK?

Here’s to your leap. It’s time,

P.S. When you step out of fear and into faith, everything changes. It is inevitable. It is Universal Law. Go for it!

If you are someone who feels a bit uneasy about marketing, you are certainly not alone.

I believe I can help you feel better about it in today’s video.

You see, I believe marketing gets a bad wrap, sometimes unfairly.

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is actually an awesome thing (a divine tool, as I call it).

And to do marketing right (and feel great about doing it) requires shifting from push to pull, from what you need to get to what you can give, from your heart.

Watch this week’s super-short training to learn more:

Marketing done the right way is THE thing that lets you help people using your unique skills, talents and gifts…and get paid to do so (so you can keep doing it).

Today’s 2 ½ minute content video is about falling in love with marketing because there are ways to absolutely market with authenticity, integrity and love

I promise that when you do this you will feel great in your skin. And more than that, you can embrace this powerful paradigm:

“My job is to help this person get what they want so they can change their life.”

It comes not from a place of sacrificing your own needs, but from a place of understanding the fundamental truth that when you share your gifts with more people and create more value and transformation on the planet, the money follows.

Marketing is what allows you to receive, too.

So here’s my question for you today… How can you infuse more love into your marketing? Whether through speaking, networking or your communications, what commitment can you make to creating marketing that feels great to you?

I invite you to share your ideas in the comments below because I really want to read what’s true for you.

Here’s to you finally falling in love with marketing,

P.S. Remember – the thing you do, the service you provide or the products you sell people…they are your brownies. If you keep the amazing, warm, chocolatey deliciousness to yourself, there are going to be a lot of hangry (‘cause when I smell brownies and don’t get offered one, I get hungry + angry) people out there. Offer what you serve with love, OK? 😉

What would it mean to you to shift from confusion, overwhelm and wheel-spinning to clarity and success?

This week, I’m introducing you to Katie, who definitely fell into the prior category before she enrolled here at The Client Attraction Business School. You’ll hear why she stays, year after year, when you watch today’s 3-minute clip. Watch it now:

“I didn’t understand how to market. I didn’t understand sales. Or how to make potential clients want to work with me.”

Sound familiar? What I often see with newer entrepreneurs (actually, even those who make multiple six figures, now that I think about it) is that the foundation was never established to build on.

Many focus on learning advanced marketing strategies, but never learned who their target market is and whether or not that market is interested in what they are selling.

This is why the first year at CABS is so vital.

It’s how to KNOW that you’ve got a viable business and how to start generating revenue from it. I, of course, love when our students stay on for years two, three and beyond, because it lets me know that what we have for you here at The Client Attraction Business School is working so much that people don’t ever want to unplug.

(The tuition in CABS usually pays for itself in the first few months.)

The value of having a community to plug into, where you can get your questions answered before you know you have that question (love that, Katie!) and quickly progress in your business because someone else has taken that first step before you did, and will happily share the “how”…

…is priceless.

Are you ready? Are you ready to no longer reinvent the wheel?

It is a choice to stay in wheel-spinning mode.

We are here to help you. Seriously.

Simply raise your hand by clicking here to ask for support from one of our coaches and fill out an application.

And my wish for both of us is that we get to know each other for years to come, OK?

You’re no longer the lone ranger,

P.S. On the other side of confusion and overwhelm lies clarity and lasting results. Making your way to the other side, however, is challenging at best, impossible at worst, when you are going it alone. This is true for all of us. Our coaches are here to help…give them the opportunity to help you see what’s possible on the other side. Don’t be shyfill out your application now. We can help.

If you’re anything like most business owners, you eagerly start a new project, get it to about 80% completion and then… 


not much else happens.  

This is likely because you’ve 1) lost interest, 2) moved on to something else or 3) don’t have time to finish it.  

OR, perhaps you’re seemingly always busy, but you’re never really sure where your time went or what you’ve actually accomplished at the end of the day?  

(Don’t worry, this is normal.)  

That being said, in this week’s training, I want to share with you how to create the two kinds of TIME that matter most to business owners. Want to know what they are?  

Watch this week’s 2-minute training. It’s one of the most important lessons I can share with you: 

Every single successful entrepreneur I know values these two ways of structuring their time over just about everything else in their calendar.  

Why? Because they have the greatest impact on revenue, profitability and impact.  

Thinking time is vital.  

Each week, spend at least an hour connecting to your vision, creating your strategy, setting your intentions and ASKING (source, the universe, your higher self…whatever works for you) what you desire to be presented to you through opportunity.  

Implementation time is vital, too.  

This is time that you carve out for yourself, in your week, to get things finished.  

I recommend two hour blocks for implementation time. In my experience, one hour isn’t enough. You just get into the flow of what you are creating and it’s time to hop on a call (thus the 80% finished phenomenon gets perpetuated).  

Do I have permission to give you some tough love? 

If you are not creating these time blocks for yourself, and sticking to them by having strong boundaries, you are creating struggle, ineffectiveness and inertia in your business. Which means that chances are very high that you won’t succeed.  

It takes a level of discipline and getting-things-done-ness to reach your goals. And this requires you to harness time and use it in the most impactful way. This is your main job as a business owner.  

So will you do this? How much time will you commit to creating time for yourself to THINK and to IMPLEMENT?  
Make your intention powerful by posting your commitment in the comments. And when you follow through with your action and commitment, the traction you will create in your business, the confidence you will discover as you accomplish more and more, and ultimately the results…  

…will blow you away.  

Here’s to that,  

P.S. These ideas are simple. Do not let their simplicity fool you. Our ego often wants to ignore the simple in the name of the complicated (to justify itself). Those who succeed outwit this desire of the ego by creating commitments to do the simple things that lead to results. Are you up for this challenge? Tell me so in the comments. xo 

Cris was already running a multiple six-figure organizing business when I met her. 

But she knew there had to be a better way to stop Working. So. Hard. 

In fact, she was considering going back to graduate school to get her MBA. 

She figured that was the only way to take her business to the next level. 

Problem is, that would have cost her about $100,000. Ouch. 

Instead, watch this week’s inspiring 6-minute video to see what she did and witness her rapid results. Wow, just wow: 

Cool, right? 

And I love that Cris talks about the dreaded “shelf of shame” we all have. (I have one too, so no judgment!) 😉 

The biggest problem is that this creates a self-propagating cycle of “I’m not good enough… I don’t follow through… I’m irresponsible.” 

No, what you are is…human. 

As a business owner, you are wired to start things, but not necessarily to finish them. 

That’s OK, since you’re exceptional at other things. 

This is why we created a Business School with a big focus on community-based accountability that you hear so much about in these videos. It’s because it’s so vital to your success, as Cris vows. 

Cris’ words about the community she’s found here, her daily accountability calls with her awesome peers and the home she’s discovered as a business owner are exactly what I love about our work here… 

…and why we are an online business school like no other. 

We live and breathe to set you up for success and to discontinue that cycle of “stuckness” so many others experience. 

I want you here with us. I want you to have what works. The Plan. The Community. The Accountability. 

No more books up on the “shelf of shame,” OK? 

It’s time for a massive shift in results, like Cris experienced and continues to experience. 

It’s time. 

Fill out an application to talk to a coach today, OK? Don’t be shy. It’s time. All it takes is one phone call to determine whether we could help you. 

And if it’s a question of affording it, don’t worry. We can help you map out a plan for that too. Just ask our Strategy Coach to help you with that. 

Let’s get you on the path to doubling your revenues year after year, too. 

To your success,

P.S. Just imagine what it’ll be like when you don’t have to do it alone anymore. Breathe that in. 


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