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Entrepreneur Magazine called not too long ago to get my take on how to be your own best walking advertisement without becoming offensive, off-putting or in people’s faces. There’s definitely a fine line between authentic self-promotion and being pushy. Today, I’ll share with you one of the tips I shared with the editor for making people aware of your problem-solving resources, without becoming ‘Client Repulsive’. The tip? GIVE GENEROUSLY.

It’s easier to promote when you are GIVING something of high-value to a prospect. It’s an approach of SERVICE rather than ‘selling something’ or trying to ‘get something’ from your prospect. GIVING is much more Client Attractive and takes the pressure off of the person (and yourself). Let’s face it; people love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. So, make it easy on them by giving them something.

When working with private clients who want to quickly build a database of prospects and fill their pipeline consistently, we almost always create something called an “Irresistible Offer”, something that has a high perception of value, offered at no charge. Something that will create the WOW factor and naturally PULL them in. For example, my website offers an audio CD at no charge on the home page. This is my version of the Irresistible Offer.

Instead of trying to explain my work at length to a prospect, which would turn someone off immediately, it’s much easier to say something like, “Go to my website to order the audio CD at no charge and you’ll also get a subscription to weekly marketing articles. My treat.”

When you do that, two things happen. 1) There’s a WOW factor that gets them excited. 2) They’re often impressed that you would give something of such value at no charge, which makes you look even better in their eyes. And, 3) you let the high-content of your ‘Irresistible Offer’ demonstrate the value of what you offer, so there doesn’t need to be any selling.

When you give good content at no charge, people automatically realize that this is just the tip of your iceberg and they’ll get that your paid stuff will be even more valuable. It doesn’t have to be a CD. It can be a special report, an audio download, a seminar or teleclass. Anything that has a high perceived value will work, as long as the content is very good. That way, marketing feels authentic to you AND to the person you’re talking to.

Best of all, if the information on your giveaways is of high-content and high-value, word will spread quickly. They’ll tell their colleagues, their friends, anyone who will listen, but only if you’ve given them something of value. And then it’s just a question of providing more high content on a regular basis through easy stay-in-touch marketing vehicles, until the trust and credibility has been established and the prospect raises their hand when they’re ready for your service or product. You’ll be shocked at how quickly your pipeline will fill when you have the right ‘Irresistible Offer’.

The key is, when you give generously, both in a giveaway and in content, you make it OK to offer other resources that will help that prospect. It’s like reading your favorite magazine. When you love every article, chances are the ads in the magazine will also appeal to you. Same thing here.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

So, start thinking about how you can give more generously:

* A special report?
* An audio download?
* A CD?
* A live seminar?
* A teleclass?

Once you put it together, make sure it’s high-content (without giving away the farm) and that you have a way of continuing to speak to them regularly with more high-value stay-in-touch marketing vehicles. Then, you avoid being Client Repulsive and instead, you become extremely Client Attractive.

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Let me share a big secret with you that all wealth-y solo-entrepreneurs know: If you want to have an ideal business, work less and make a whole lot more, I can assure you that you CANNOT do it by yourself. You must outsource!

You know how I know this? Because for years, I tried! For years, I tried to do everything in my business by myself, like the good “lone ranger” that I thought I was. You know what? It didn’t work. In fact, a few years ago, I remember getting on the phone with my coach and crying for the first 8 minutes of our coaching call. He listened patiently as I sobbed and then said just one thing to me:

“Fabienne, Frank Sinatra didn’t move his own pianos.” (more…)

Following up on leads is 90% of the game, right? At least that’s what we hear. You spend all this time networking, marketing yourself, making cold calls, looking for the right client, but what’s the point of it all if you don’t follow up on the leads you DO have? This was a major obstacle for one of my clients this week and a shift was created when I shared the Low Hanging Fruit List with her.

Let’s think about Low Hanging Fruit on a tree for a moment, as it relates to its counterpart higher up on the tree. The Low Hanging Fruit is heavier, probably riper and because of that, easier to pick. Think of your warm prospects, those that have already expressed an interest in working with you, as this type of fruit. Ready for the picking.

Yet, many of us focus a lot of our energy on the higher fruit, the harder-to-reach fruit or prospect. We spend a lot of time working on far-fetched Client Attraction projects, when we really could be spending the time contacting and closing the deal with people who’ve already said they’d like to work with us but haven’t been turned into clients yet. Logically, this doesn’t make as much sense, does it? (more…)


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