How to Handle Business During Times of Crisis

How to Handle Business During Times of Crisis

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 26, 2013

BlogImage4-26-tmAs entrepreneurs, we move quickly in business. We make decisions more quickly than most. We are spontaneous and we have the technology at our fingertips to assist us even further.

But there are times in life and business, when we need to take a step back, slow down and think it through more carefully than usual, especially during those rare times of national, even global crisis. For us as a company, that has happened twice in late 2012 with two tragedies that hit very close to home here in Connecticut, where is headquartered.

Six new guidelines to doing business with dignity, integrity and respect during times of tragedy. (Click here to tweet this.)

Both times—first during Hurricane Sandy (one of the most severe storms to ever hit the East Coast) then again during the Newtown school shootings, our nation experienced deep heartbreak as we watched our neighbors endure severe loss. And both times over that short span of two months, we as a small company with clients to serve, employees to support and year-end goals to meet, were in the middle of a major business launch.

Did we do everything right as a company in response to the tragedies? No. But we’re learning and applying what we’ve learned to our Best Practices so that as a company we can continue to get better at what we do, continue to improve our service to our customers and clients, and to always, always put people first.

Watch this week’s important video for my six new guidelines to doing business with dignity, integrity and respect during times of tragedy.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Take some time to evaluate how you do business during times of crisis—what worked and what didn’t in the past? Use my six guidelines to help you prepare your own checklist. My advice is to do this in advance…before you ever need it.  My team and I would like to extend our sympathies to the city of Boston and to all those who were affected by this recent tragedy. I hope these strategies will help you do business with more authenticity, integrity and love.

  • Ken Pierce

    Fabienne, My wife Vicki and I have watched many, many of your video presentations. They are all informative and inspiring. Your happy personality and your integrity are so refreshing to see and hear. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, this was one of your finest hours. Your direct, heartfelt and honest assessment of yourself and your business is refreshing at least and profound and inspiring at best. Thank you. God Bless You! Ken & Vicki Pierce

  • Love you more for this post.

  • Beautiful, honest and filled with caring and integrity! Thanks so much for being your authentic self Fabienne!

    • I’m so glad it hit home for you Debbie! Thank you for coming by to comment.

  • Spot on Fabienne … thank YOU!! No business can ever go wrong by putting what’s most important to the people it serves first …

  • Phyllis Harbinger, ASID

    Wonderful post Fabienne! As always, right on point with compassion and love.

  • OMG Fabienne….You hit the nail on the head with this entire presentation especially the “News Jacking” commentary……nothing turns me off more with a client or provider than this happening….thank you ever so much for being so wonderful for those of us trying to grow our business!

  • I love you Fabienne – sharing!

  • Oh Fabienne! Thank you for continuing to be the lighthouse in the storm… AMEN! Much love and light to you.

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