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How to find your ideal clients…

Fabienne Fredrickson
September 7, 2016

If you’ve ever felt challenged with figuring out who your ideal client is, please watch this week’s video

You’ll see me coach one of our Growth Track students, Donna, who (perhaps like you) has lots of talents and passions and enjoys working with different clients in different ways.

She’s also in a situation (perhaps also like you) where she’s been doing business one way and wants to shift things.

So as a multi-faceted, multi-interested business owner who has learned that identifying your ideal client is a very important marketing strategy…what do you do?

Well, watch this week’s 5-minute video to find out:

I know, I may have been a little snarky about the guy at my networking group who told me all those years ago I was “doing it all wrong…” (hee hee)

But it illustrates an important point. This is about finding the people YOU love to serve and that you have the greatest success with. And yes, it is important that they are also people who can pay you, who will give you referrals and see the value in your work.

It is about following your heart and boldly deciding who you want to be a hero to.

Sometimes we think we know who it is we are here to serve, but then we learn that it’s someone else. I’ve worked with 7-figure business owners who change their minds about this even at their level. This is why it’s vital, especially if you are new to business ownership and aren’t sure who your ideal clients are (and even if you’re rocking it at 6-figures plus), that you experiment working with different types of people in the beginning so you can experience who you “mesh with” most. 

Don’t take my word for who you should work with. Be open to all possibilities.

(Notice in the video that even though I didn’t agree with Mark, I still listened and took action on his recommendation so that I was coming to a conclusion on my own instead of making an assumption based on someone else’s limited reasoning.)

And then you’ll know who you love working with, who also pays you well for your work, and you’ll be crystal clear on your ideal client. No guessing required.

Now go find those 100 clients!

Much love,

P.S. The decisions we make in our business from actual experiences, feedback and results are so much better than the ones we decide in our heads. Be in the work. It’s where the answers live.

Time to sttttrrreeeetch!

Fabienne Fredrickson
August 31, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a bit more routine and structure in my days and to dive into the second half of the year. 😉

It’s actually a great time of year to refocus. You’re (hopefully) refreshed and ready to tackle the next few months like a champion, like I am. Do you believe you can achieve more in the next few months than you have all year?

This week’s 3-minute video will give you specific ideas and some inspiration to stretch your belief of what is possible for you in your business for the rest of 2016. You can watch it now:

If you want to grow your business, you must intentionally expand how big you think you can grow. Otherwise the typical culprits (procrastination, overwhelm) will keep you in your current results.

Expansion in your business always begins within your mindset. In fact, growth happens this way:

Mindset First

Strategy Second

Action Third

In today’s video, you’ll also hear how important it is to align yourself with people who have a more expansive mindset and belief system. You must have the right environment if you want to finish this year really strong.

Here for you,

P.S. Swimming in the ocean is way more fun than swimming in a fishbowl, don’t you think?

P.P.S. By the way, you are awesome and I believe in you. xo

Perfection Paralysis? Here’s what to do…

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 27, 2016

Do you know what actually turns great ideas into results?

It’s not the ideas themselves. No matter how brilliant, they aren’t going to do one thing for us or our business…

Until we implement them.

So why don’t we always implement what we know we need to do? What’s the culprit most often to blame for our inaction?

Watch this week’s 4-minute video to find out what’s getting in the way (and what to do about it):

Business owners have been telling me for years, “Sure, Fabienne, I’ll implement that idea when I’ve got everything PERFECT!”

Here are my thoughts about that…

I am 16 years into my own business and I still don’t have it perfect. I still change my mind. In fact one of the BIGGEST changes I’ve ever taken on in my business is coming this fall. It’s big and I’m doing it, even if not everything is completely worked out yet.

I know that you may want to have it all figured out before you go for it, whatever “it” is.

The problem is, the product of your quest for perfection is PARALYSIS.

Like our Shero in this week’s video, strap on your cape and do “it.” Do it messily. Do it imperfectly. Do it on shaky legs and with a knot in your tummy. And then learn from your mistakes and make it better.

You’re not going to have it be perfect. Ever. So get over it and just do the thing. Write the book. Make the call. Send the letter. Hire the support. Work with the mentor. Raise your rates.

This is how successful businesses are made.

I hope this week’s video inspires you to take action on something you’ve been procrastinating this week. Pick one thing. And do it. Today.


So much love,

P.S. If you’re a rockstar at photoshop (which I’m not) feel free to create a pic of you (or ME!) in that shero cape and email it to me. I think we all need a picture of ourselves in that get up. 😉

P.P.S. By the way, you’re awesome. Just want to make sure you know that you’re doing a great job. Keep going. I’m proud of you. xo

There’s no shame in doing this (I did it too)

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 29, 2016

(In this week’s training video, you’re actually going to see a lot of the “real me” my students appreciate, meaning, I’m not sugar-coating anything. You’ll see me get on my soap box, I’ll gently swear, you’ll see my spiritual side and even witness my eyes well up in tears, all while I take a stand for you to stay out of fear as you build your business.)  

OK, here goes. You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again:

Successful entrepreneurs do the things that others are simply not willing to do. And sometimes this means we do the thing that we might perceive means that we are “failing.”  

Watch this week’s 5-minute video to hear what I did when I first started my business, my own story of doing it and why you shouldn’t feel ANY shame around this topic: 

Fear is the killer of dreams. It is THE lowest vibration on the emotional spectrum, and it is beyond challenging to take the actions that we need to take to succeed when we are afraid about our ability to pay the bills, like I was.  

And so, if you are experiencing fear around your business, your first step is to do whatever it takes to raise yourself out of fear. It is vital to your success.

I’ve been there. And the reason that I am HERE today is because I assessed my resources, asked for help and made some cash-on-the-side.

I consider this week’s video required viewing for anyone who’s within the first couple years of their business or experiencing a little “dip” in revenues. I hope it inspires you to focus on the actions that move you toward your destination. And for 99% of us, that means focusing on where we can generate CASH.  

You can do it too! I believe in you, 
P.S. Do you make a wish on 11:11 too? I’m always so happy when I catch it on the clock or my phone. Go ahead and make a wish when you watch the video, as if it is that time on your clock too. (Maybe you can wish for some cash-on-the-side, just for the short term.) 😉

The strongest opponent you’ve ever faced.

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 15, 2016

(A loving warning… I’m going to be a little bold today.) 😉 

OK, here goes: 

You may think you want things to change. But the question I have for you today is… 

do you really? 

Do you have the audacity to be one of the few who actually becomes the person who achieves the goal or vision of your future self? 

Change sounds great… 

But in reality, change feels Un.Comfort.Able. And we are programmed to avoid it at all costs. 

In this week’s video, I get super real with you about the ego, fear and what it looks like when your old reality meets your new paradigm. It’s not often pretty, but it’s crucial you know this. Watch it now: 


When presented with an opportunity to experience change in our lives, our minds automatically go to the things we perceive we have to give up. We focus on the: 

Costs over rewards 

Losses versus gains 

Excuses versus possibilities 

And therefore, most people don’t experience change, even when they really, really want it. 

“The more important the goal or vision is for your soul’s evolution, the more resistance you will encounter as you pursue it.” 

And yes, damn. It sucks. I know, all too well. 

I would rather you know this now, so you can use this to your advantage going forward. 

Here’s the good news, though: 

You can outwit your ego, by understanding that the resistance you are facing as you move toward the things that you want is a sign that you are on the right path. 

Your ego is the most powerful opponent you will face in the pursuit of your business growth and personal evolution. Your ego would much rather you stick with the reality that you know (and don’t really want anymore) versus the future you want (but don’t know yet.) 

And the biggest tool that the ego deploys to achieve its goal is fear. And the fear SEEMS real and scary. 

This message to you today is a message from the other side of navigating my way again and again and again through the fear and false panic point I talk about in today’s training video. 

If you want to achieve your potential, surpass your goals and leave your mark on this world, you simply must learn to do what it takes to be afraid and do it anyway. 

There is gold on the other side for us bold hearts who are willing to bravely go through it, instead of looking for the “easy” and “painless” way. 

Rewards beyond our wildest imaginings await. 

I believe in you. More than you know, 

P.S. It’s my intention that this message inspires you to be bolder and braver. Remember it’s a “false” panic line. Once you get through it, you realize there wasn’t ever anything to be afraid of. <3

Will you write a book with me in 3 months? 

Fabienne Fredrickson
May 19, 2016

I promise… This does not need to be hard.  

And it is one of the best ways to attract more of your ideal clients, get booked to speak and demonstrate value to your future clients… 

…so that they say:  

“I loved THAT! More. Please.”  

Watch this week’s video to get inspired to do something you’ve probably wanted to do for a long time, but perhaps decided it was too much work or too hard:  


So, what do you think?  

I have to share the truth with you (well, I always do that anyway)…  

I’ve had “write a new book” on my to-do list for a really, really long time. (You too, right??) And I am happy to say that my intention has become a reality and is coming to fruition very soon.  

My new book is coming out soon! 

I shared this with our Growth Track students at our February Growth Track meeting to create some accountability for myself (there’s nothing like making a commitment to the people you inspire that helps you make and keep a deadline)! 

And, to get them to write their own lead generation book… 

…by our next meeting in June! 

They happily took on the challenge and I can’t wait to see them all bring their new books to our quarterly meeting next month. 

I’m going to make this very easy for you. Here is the formula for attracting lots of clients: 

High content/high value + social proof + call to action = your full practice. 

And here is the formula for writing a short book with the sole purpose of lead generation: 

No need to write the next 1,000 page novel. Just pick enough points to get your point across, and flesh them out into “chapters.” You can record your chapters and have them transcribed and edited. You can hire a writer to do a first draft for you or someone to interview you and transcribe the text. You can break it up into one chapter at a time and check one off the list each day, or you can assemble blog posts you’ve already written. 

A book like this shouldn’t be long. In fact, our research showed that under 60 formatted pages is best. That’s about 10,000 words. Writing 500 to 1000 words per day is easy!  

(Hint: You can choose to make writing a book easy.)  

Will you join us? Will your book be one of the “babies” birthed from this challenge? It is an effort that will have returns for years to come, give you instant credibility and help you get more clients with ease.  

If you’re in, post a “Fabienne, I’m IN!!” in the comments. 

And please, share your book with me when it’s done. I can’t wait to read what you create.  

Now go be an author! 

P.S. You’ve so got this. One page at a time. xo

Why a new direction doesn’t always mean rebranding

Fabienne Fredrickson
August 25, 2015

Rebranding - SmallPeople often ask me about rebranding. A rebrand or refresh is entirely possible and sometimes a natural progression of the work that you do, though you should always be cautious about such an important change. When I first began my career, my focus was holistic nutrition. While I loved my job and what I did, I found that I was constantly being asked for advice on how to improve others’ businesses. After careful thought and consideration, I moved from nutrition into consulting for small businesses. Though definitely a scary switch, it made sense for me – and I haven’t looked back.

Whether I was working in the field of nutrition or coaching small business owners, my focus was always (and will always be) to concentrate on what the client wants. One of the most important factors of your brand is how you work with each client to make sure that you are not only providing them the service you promise, but also something extra. I call this the “special sauce” method because it’s all about your secret ingredient for getting clients and keeping them.

For example, in The Client Attraction Business School, business owners not only learn how to grow and run their businesses, but they are also given accountability and the community of a tribe of like-minded people. Students often come to me for one reason, but end up getting much more than that.

Occasionally a student will want to rebrand a business based on that extra level of service – the “special sauce” part. Once, a holistic nutrition expert enjoyed encouraging her clients to find new adventures to live a more inspired life. She wanted her rebrand to focus solely on the travel and adventure aspect. However, I cautioned her to be sure this would be a good choice for her business.

Though some rebrands make sense, many do not. And just because one aspect of your business is working well, it doesn’t mean that you should solely concentrate on that part. Rebranding should be thought out, weighed and tested before making the official jump, because not only is it expensive, but it can possibly lose you clients if it is not done correctly.

Often times, your “special sauce” isn’t meant to be a brand itself; it’s meant to be incorporated into the work that you do. Let your passions shine through your work. By loving what you do and being your most authentic self, you’re setting yourself (and your clients) up for success.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Thinking about rebranding? Are you looking for a graphic face lift or a shift in the work you do? If you just want to update your look, this is an easier decision. But if you want to shift your offering, make sure you have a viable idea and a solid target market before you make the change.

This is just one of the many best practices we dive deep into with the students of The Client Attraction Business School, the premier training school for growth-minded entrepreneurs looking to quickly attract more clients and make more money. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit for more details. To speak to an enrollment coach, click here.

What is your personal brand?

Fabienne Fredrickson
May 29, 2015

You may not realize it, but people don’t just work with you because of your splashy (or not) business brand.

Many, actually most, will actually hire you or buy your products because of how you show up in the world, meaning, what you stand for and who you are as a person. That’s called your personal brand and it’s where the big bucks are.

Do you know what yours is yet? How are you strategically using it online? This new 4-minute content video I put on my blog will show you how to craft yours authentically:

Enjoy! If you liked this video, share it with your network by clicking the links to the left.

And in the comments below this video, I’d love to hear from you regarding your insights on this week’s topic. Please post your comment below, OK?

The one big step to take before you rebrand

Fabienne Fredrickson
February 24, 2015

shutterstock_168161747Rebranding your business is a very big step and sometimes it’s a little scary. You’ve made a name for yourself in one area and that has taken time, money and plenty of blood, sweat and tears. You’re invested in your core story and the services that fit with it.

Yet, new ideas come to you that you want to try. You are getting feedback from clients that they want help with this new area of business. What do you do? How do you know when it’s time to rebrand?

There is no question this is a difficult decision. Even if you listen to your inner guidance, you might feel uncertain about how to go about this. I’ve been in your shoes and will tell you how I handled this shift myself.

For years I focused only on Client Attraction. While I used a number of attraction techniques that improved my mindset to grow my business, I didn’t share that in my marketing materials or even at my events. Then, one of my friends challenged me and said I should tell my clients I use these methods and start incorporating them into my work.

I was very concerned, and to be really honest, terrified of how people on my list would react. Would they think I was unprofessional? Would they think I went off the deep end?

Rather than taking the plunge and just moving into this new area cold, I decided to test the waters first. I offered a teleclass to my list and said something such as, “I’m doing a teleclass for something I’ve never shared before. Please come if this makes sense to you. It’s called ‘How to Manifest All the Clients You Need’ and I’m not going to be talking about marketing.”

How surprised was I when this was the most attended teleclass I had ever held at that point? The success gave me a lot of validation and strong confirmation, because the people on my list signed up like crazy. Plus, I got great feedback from clients who told me this was the best class they had ever been too.

That’s when I knew rebranding to incorporate mindset was the right way to go. The experiment showed me that my list was not only open to the mindset and attraction material, but was actually hungry for it.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Taking the step to test the waters before rebranding is a smart business move for several reasons.

  • You will know if your list is interested in a new offering or direction.
  • You can “play” with the messaging until you get it right.
  • You’ll get feedback about the product or service so you can tweak that too.

There is no hurry to rebrand. Do your homework to be sure the time and money you invest in a new direction will go over well with your market so you can continue to grow your business.

This is just one of the many best practices we dive deep into with the students of The Client Attraction Business School, the premier training school for growth-minded entrepreneurs looking to quickly attract more clients and make more money. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit for more details. To speak to an enrollment coach, click here.

Does your marketing message attract your ideal clients?

Fabienne Fredrickson
February 5, 2015

Marketing MessageHere’s how it works: there are two ways to position your copy when creating your marketing message.

1. Try to inspire people invest in the solution you offer
2. Focus on the pain prospects feel about their situation

Over the years, I noticed people tend to be more motivated to take action if my marketing materials talk about pain. This is true for many people because it’s part of basic human nature to want to avoid or relieve pain.

With time, I have become more specific about who my ideal clients are. I discovered that tempering the pain message also made a difference in attracting certain people. Here’s what I’ve noticed: when you go after the “sinking ship” clients, it’s harder to close the deal with them. Instead, aim a bit higher, to work with people who are somewhat successful and have already invested in themselves or their businesses. This group is much easier close because they have money to spend and experience with paying for expert help.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying there is anything wrong with people who are in dire need. But they may not be your ideal clients since they don’t have the funds to purchase your service or product. You want to go for the person who understands the value of working with you and has the means to hire you. Remember, the better your business is doing, the more good you can do. You need to generate income in order to keep working and make a difference in the world.

How to Address Your Ideal Clients in Your Marketing Materials

One of the first steps in marketing is to identify who your ideal clients are and create a profile of them. Once you have that figured out, you actually mention some of those specific descriptors in your marketing message. For example, you might talk about “successful entrepreneurial women who need help with _____.” Fill in the blank with whatever service or product you offer.

Now, potential clients will be able to recognize themselves in your marketing message and say to themselves, “Hey, she’s talking to me! That’s what I’m going through right now. Your marketing materials are the first opportunity to captivate prospects and encourage them to take the next step to get your irresistible free offer or contact you for a “get acquainted” call.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Have you created your ideal client profile yet? Being able to identify the type of person who embodies the qualities of your perfect client will help you know where to find them and then speak to them directly. Take time this week to work on this aspect of your marketing pie so your marketing message attracts your ideal client.

This is just one of the many best practices we dive deep into with the students of The Client Attraction Business School, the premier training school for growth-minded entrepreneurs looking to quickly attract more clients and make more money. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit for more details. To speak to an enrollment coach, click here.

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