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How to advance those around you

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 25, 2015

I am bathing in LOVE here…

If you could only feel what it feels like to be in the company of the students of our Business School as I am all this week…

I have no words (but I do have an impromptu video of me being silly with them here on my Facebook page. Hee hee…) 😉

Our students loved one of the lessons I shared with them this week about increasing their business with authenticity, integrity and love.

I didn’t make it up… the concept comes straight out of my one of my favorite books of all time.

(Chapter 14, to be exact.)

I shot a new 5-minute content video this week to not only share this book with you, one of my favorite, most powerful books, but also this important concept.

You can apply it to your business and your life.

And, it will make you irresistible. 😉

Once you watch the video, I’d looooooove to hear from you in the comments about what you love about the book (if you’ve read it).

I’d also love to get to know you better by reading how you make a difference in other peoples’ lives, as it relates to the video topic.

I’m sending you a big squeeze-y virtual hug!


p.s. Oh, before I forget! Thank you sooooo much for forwarding my invitation to my 2015 Mindset Tour™ to your entrepreneurial friends! The RSVPs for these free tickets to come see me in person are coming in like crazy. Thank you, thank you! I feel your love and I’m so grateful to you for helping me spread the word. Do you know someone else who could use better results in their business and who would love to get out of their own way? They (and you) can get a free ticket here.

  • Hi Fabienne!

    Thanks so much for posing such thoughtful and thought-provoking questions! To answer them, I help my clients increase their sense of purpose in the world.

    I’ve realized that what I do most in my role as a coach is to help my clients excavate their purpose. I say excavate because, for must of us, by the time we’ve spent a decade or two as adults, layers of doubts and fears — and even the “best intentions” of others – have covered up our true purpose, the reason we came to this planet.

    I write a weekly ezine/blog that gives strategies for discovering and living their purpose, and I also include lots of case studies and success stories from my clients. (Of course, I learned HOW to do that from you!)

    Finally, I just have to say that I’m delighted that you mentioned The Science of Getting Rich! It’s also one of my favorite mindset books and I recorded an audiobook of it that I’m happy to make available to your readers (no opt-in required!).

    You can download the whole book or just Chapter 14. 🙂

    You’ll find it here:

    Thanks again for this great post and for all you do to help advancing entrepreneurs!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Stacey. Means more to me than you know… xo

  • Anne-Marie Duchene

    Chère Fabienne:

    Of course this video comes at exactly the perfect moment. Here I am working on improving my new office feel & look for my incredibly ideal and totally yummy clients! I am deciding on whether I should get the more elaborate, expensive, qualitated desk or should I get a good version of it but still a “lesser” version of it. Well, I guess that I got my answer! 😉 I”m going to “increase” & go for the best option of course!

    In this way, the quality of my space where I spend a large part of my time, supports me and my clients fully. It also supports and “increases” the intention and vibrational frequency of my work environment and my work itself where I guide and teach my clients in how to attain optimal alignment in their bodies, minds and spirits.

    My mission is to assist people in recognizing that health is a multi-layered phenomenon and that getting all of our”selves” in alignment is doable, realistic and most of all, necessary to attain true fulfillment. The body, mind, and spirit do not live separately. They are integrating and integrated at all times. We, at CABS, have the perfect example in you, Fabienne, who has “increased” her generosity on many levels and continues to integrate herself consistently year after year.

    It delights me to think about how else I can successfully “increase” my clients’ time with me. My personal mantra is to always leave a person or situation better than how I found it. By “increasing” my environment, I am doing just that.

    Merci mille fois!

    P.S. Stacey: thanks for the link to The Science of Getting Rich!

  • Rosetta Magdalen

    This ties in with a wonderful piece of advice that you gave at last year’s Mindset Retreat: Always have the best quality that you can afford. We can always find a way to uplift ourselves a little bit, and polish ourselves to shine a little more brightly. As I do this, I begin to feel upleveled, my mood shifts and I believe my presence and point of attraction changes to feel the most abundant and magnetic that I can be in that moment. (Thank you for the wonderful Growth Track meeting. Every meeting — even though I’m on livestream — is so incredible!)

  • Veronique Desaulniers

    I love the audio version of this book. Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield do a wonderful job of presenting the information in the book.
    I increase their confidence in their body’s ability to heal by addressing their mindset and walking them through The 7 Essentials System. I grow along with them! <3

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