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Quickly Establish Credibility with Your Compelling Story

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 23, 2012

Everyone likes a good story. This is especially true in business when you tell the passion-filled story of your success. That’s because listeners are captivated, aching to imagine their own success story too.

What is a Compelling Story?

Many entrepreneurs can actually point to a specific, defining moment or a series of determining events that brought them to where they are today. This is the foundation supporting your achievements which can provide you with instant credibility among your prospects.

For me, my compelling story is the tale of how I went from struggling financially because I didn’t have enough clients to a full practice, bursting at the seams in just eight months. The remarkable turnaround happened as I began learning everything I could about marketing, networking and managing my business. The end result was creating my own Client Attraction System™ which helped me to completely vanquish the intense worry that kept me up at 3am.

How Does the Story Work?

Both clients and seminar attendees have repeatedly told me how hearing the story was one of the first reasons they decided to work with me. Why? The story had great appeal because they could see I had been in their shoes and not only survived, but found a way to thrive.

This not only gave me instant credibility, but also elicited a strong emotional connection. People related to my story personally, telling me how they also were up worrying at 3am. And they started to feel hopeful that I could help them make this same transition to success.

In other words, using your story sets up the “know-like-and-trust” factor which I often talk about. People make purchasing decision based on the solution you offer AND the relationship you build with them.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Figure out what your compelling story is. First write it out with plenty of details.  Read it over and see where you need juicier words and more emotion to grab listeners. Then edit the story down so you have a quick version and a longer version depending on the marketing application. Then start telling your compelling story to see how it works.

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