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Thank you, thank you, thank you

Fabienne Fredrickson
February 17, 2010

You are awesome! Thank you. I love doing these high-content calls for you!

If you were there tonight, on the second of our free-calls, you know how much info I shared about the different MARKETING practices of 6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs and how they AUTHENTICALLY close the sale, virtually every time.

Really powerful content. Thank you for being there live.

If for whatever reason you weren’t there, you’ll get the AUDIO recording tomorrow morning. I promise. Just look for it in your Inbox.

Hey, just to be fair though, I need to let you know that I announced tonight that you only have about *48 hours* left to get the MMBW 2010 event for HALF-OFF the tuition. (After Friday, we go full price.)


…half-off the tuition for my famous “Marketing and Mindset Breakthroughs Workshop”, and yes, sad to say, it’s the very LAST TIME I’m ever doing it – I’m moving on to other things, you know?

All the details are here, including a content-rich video up at the top:

Oh, and I also offered a few key and really valuable bonuses for those who register for the workshop TONIGHT before midnight eastern (worth
over $600). I know, it’s a quick turnaround, but when you recognize a good thing, you know it, right?

– Tonight, you get to attend this event at the Early Bird tuition, which is HALF-OFF the regular tuition, but only until this Friday Feb 19 at
midnight eastern (that’s close to 48 hours from now).

– I also said you could take me up on generous installment-options, so you don’t have to pay-in-full right away (5-installments) to make it
easier. Notice this goes later than the workshop itself, which no one ever does, But I trust you!

– And if you act before tonight at midnight eastern, I’m going to gift you TWO of my products (the Quick Start Guide to Manifesting 3 New
Clients in 30 Days *AND* my Secrets of Master Networkers manual (they’re worth 100 bucks together, but yours at no-charge for registering

– AND, finally, this is the biggie, and only for the first 11 people to register TONIGHT, I’ll give you a 15-minute Laser Coaching Call, with me, at no-charge, after the workshop, where you can have me all to yourself to get my high level thinking, big-dollar-ideas and all that good stuff, but only if you’re among the first 11 people to register tonight. After that, they’re gone!

All the details are here:

OK, so, clearly, if this feels right for you, TONIGHT is the night to register for the workshop.

Phew! Today was another good day… 🙂


P.S. Just remember, you’ve got only 48 hours or so to get the half-off tuition, AND just til tonight to get all the others bonuses. Don’t waffle and over-think it. That’s not what Winners do. Winners take imperfect action NOW, even if it’s beyond their current comfort zone:

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