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    The Client Attraction Business School

    “Within eight weeks of enrolling in The Client Attraction Business School, I signed $64,000 in contracts.”

Student Success Stories

“The first year of The Client Attraction Business School has skyrocketed my business. We have generated at least $50,000 in revenue from our Client Attraction activities alone. I’ve been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Mashable and The Next Web, causing email list growth and increased following on social media channels. We’re now able to be selective when choosing clients, and I know that we’ll be generating millions of dollars very soon.”

Patrick Conley

“I enrolled in the Leverage Track in April and by July, I held my second annual retreat where we doubled our numbers. At the event, we launched our most robust program. Already, that program has generated $50,000 and I haven’t even launched it to the public. This year, we are on track to at least triple our revenue and our profit is on track to increase by five times since last year. When you’re in a program like this, you have a beautiful energy that holds you up to do the work that you’re here to do.”

Jenny Fenig

DavidVerespySmal“Sometimes we get caught in the day-to-day business and lose sight of the bigger picture. The meetings allow me the time to step out of that and focus on what I should be doing in my business to allow it to grow. My business has grown tremendously since joining the Leverage Track.

David Verespy

I received a step-by-step methodology to program my marketing efforts. I’ve since been employing mindset strategies, speak daily with an accountability buddy and I post regularly in our private forum. This program is a fine-tuned machine that allows students to interact on a daily basis. There is tremendous value here.”

Phyllis Harbinger

“Before The Client Attraction Business School, I was struggling with being maxed out in my business. I was at capacity and realized I needed leverage. I needed systems, team and support to take my company to the next level. I was going 90 miles per hour with no end in sight, but now I have a full team in place. Just by freeing up my time I am up 40 percent from last year! The support of the group has been amazing. I have been stretched to new levels.”

Kristin Pelletier

Since enrolling, my business has grown in leaps and bounds. I now have immense clarity, have repositioned my entire business to regularly attract my ideal clients, have consistent, reliable marketing systems in place and have cleared a lot of the “gunk” that kept me stuck and stopped me from playing bigger! ”

Sarada Chaudhuri

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