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How to Create Content that Attracts Clients

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 20, 2012

I’m asked all the time how I manage to create all this new content each and every week for my weekly ezine.   I have a process I’ve been using for years that allows me to come up with lots of new content so that I don’t have to recycle it very often.

I start by thinking about “who” it is that I most want to attract. When you’re being haphazard with your content, it’s too easy to attract all sorts of prospects. But, if you’re in a place in your business where you’re very clear on who your ideal client is and who it is exactly that you want to attract, you start to pay more attention. It becomes a matter of identifying what it is that your ideal client needs most, right now.

When I’m on the phone with a client and he or she expresses a concern or tells me about a particular issue they are having, I jot it down on a post-it note, stick it to my wall and then continue on with my teaching. Before long, I start collecting these great topics for future articles that will solve my prospects’ problems and attract more ideal clients to my business.

I also identify issues that I’m going through because very often our ideal clients are a lot like us. Think about the challenges you personally go through and how your experiences can benefit others like you. Make a list. When you have 12 or 13 then you’ve got an entire three months’ worth of editorial content. Put it together in an editorial schedule and you’ve got a specific list of topics you can plug right into your calendar.

Your Video Assignment

Take the following 4 easy steps to create editorial content that will attract your ideal clients every time:

  1. Think about what type of clients you want to attract, right now. If you’re not attracting the type of clients you want, consider changing your content.
  2. Make a list of the topics that would appeal to them. What are they having a hard time with right now?
  3. How can you position yourself as the problem solver? You want to provide solutions. Believe it or not, people don’t buy processes, they buy solutions!
  4. Map it out on your calendar.

There you have it—your process for creating content that solves your ideal client’s problems, while attracting those same people to your business. Now, get writing…and good luck!

How to get more clients by staying in touch

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 6, 2012

I find that a lot of entrepreneurs will put their client attraction system in place, get plenty of new prospects and new leads—but then just don’t do much with them. But here’s the thing– 90% of closing the sale can be about staying in touch and taking that person from interested prospect to paying client.

People ask me, “How often do you stay in touch with somebody?” I had a woman ask me once, “How do I stay in touch without feeling like a gnat, like I’m always bothering them.” My reply? “Stay in touch by adding value and by always being on their radar screen.”

What are some of the things that you have done in the past that have taken prospects from interested to paying client? I have a long list that I’ve shared with my Gold and Platinum clients and I’d like to share a few of these idea with you, too. By the way, these are very simple. A lot of the client attraction systems that are available to you are very simple; it’s just that you haven’t made time to do them or you haven’t created systems around them.

So, here are 3 ways to stay in touch. Write these down and start implementing them! Just think, if you made a list of all of the people who have expressed interest in working with you and are not yet paying clients, there would be quite a few people. I want you to use some of these strategies to move them forward. Ready?

1. Send them unexpected notes. It could be, “I saw you on Facebook. Congratulations on your award,” or “I saw this article and was thinking about you.” Stand out from everyone else by sending your note by regular mail because people are too used to getting things by email these days.
2. Send them a little gift. Send a small, personal gift with a note. It shows that you know about them, that you care about them and it’s not something that everybody is getting. Perhaps it’s a book that really resonates with them and you sign something in the beginning. If it’s truly heartfelt, you’ll find yourself on their radar screen because they’ll really be paying attention to you.
3. Invite them to a talk that you’re giving. They may already know you but they may not have seen you in action. This will help move the process along.

The more you stay in touch on a regular basis, the more it will seem to the prospect that it’s a sign that they should be working with you. In fact it is. If you’re thinking about them and you’re caring for them, then these are absolutely valuable things to be doing in your business. If you systematize a verifiable, repeatable process for staying in touch with your prospects and turning them into paying clients, the better for you.

Your Video Assignment
Make a list of all those people who have expressed interest in working with you but haven’t turned into paying clients yet. Now take action. Find what ways work best for you to stay in touch with each of them on a regular, consistent basis.

And your extra credit assignment is to create a system around staying in touch. It doesn’t matter what level in business you are. You could be just starting out. This is going to be hugely valuable for you. The key is to systematize it so that it doesn’t all depend on you. Good luck!

This is just one of the many best practices we dive deep into with the students of The Client Attraction Business School, the premier training school for growth-minded entrepreneurs looking to quickly attract more clients and make more money. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit for more details. To speak to an enrollment advisor, send us an email at

Stretch Beyond a One-Year Vision

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 30, 2011

Here we are, almost at the start of a brand-new year! I had such a great year in 2011 and I hope you did too. I’m also really excited for the new year and to share with you the one thing I have been doing every year in my business since I started. I believe it’s because of this one thing that my income has always exceeded my previous year’s income. It’s very simple to do an and should only take you an hour two and with the weekend coming up, you’ll have plenty of time to do this assignment.

This is about projecting what you would like to have happen in the next year but we’re going stretch further than just making New Year’s resolutions or stating income goals. The best way to stretch so much bigger than you normally would it to create a 3-year vision for your life. Why a 3-year vision? Because a year plan makes us really self-conscious with worry that we won’t have enough time to make things happen.

Imagine that it’s December 31, 2014—three years from now.  You’re sitting down and you’re looking over the past three years. Begin a journal entry that says, “I am so happy and grateful now that over the past three years I have accomplished…” I want you to really map out what you would like to see your life be like exactly three years from today. Three years allows you to be a little less inhibited and more realistic (but still with a bit of a stretch…) Instead of thinking, “Oh, can I really get this done, “ when you have a period of three years, you actually let your mind open up to what might be possible if you have the time, the focus and the concentration to get these things done.

Your Video Assignment

Take out your journal or a piece of paper. You can journal in categories but include what you want to have happen over the next three years in your business, finances, personal life, relationships, family, spirituality, fun, health, fitness. Remember, this isn’t about goals because goals are more like “should have’s”. Write in the present tense what it’s like to live this vision. What does it look like, taste like, feel like? How do you feel inside? What are your surroundings? Where do you live? Who do you spend your time with? What do you do in your business? What do you no longer do in your business? How much money are you making?

All that good stuff—be sure to write it in the present tense. For example, “It’s so amazing to see what has happened in the last three years since I saw Fabienne’s video about creating my 3-year vision. I am now living in A,” or “My business is now like this,” or “I now have x clients,” all of that good stuff! Fill it in with imagery, lots of details and when you read it, it should start getting you a bit excited.  (If it doesn’t get your heart beating a little faster or make you a little nervous then you might not be stretching big enough.)

Don’t worry about the how! Just start writing. The key is to be in that feeling place and include as many details as possible. Then you’re going to take action on it in the coming year. The interesting thing is that when I do this exercise, I usually reach my vision within 1 ½ to 2 years—sometimes even faster! Pretty cool, right?

Lastly, share your vision! Share what you’ve written with your spouse, partner, team, and family. This is how you’re going to reach different levels of your business, different levels of your income and deep personal satisfaction in your personal life.

This is going to be the best year yet—for you, for me, for everybody—especially if you do this assignment. Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you all the very best in 2012.

Expressing Your Gratitude

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 23, 2011

It’s the end of 2011 and the holiday season is here! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not during this time of year, there is something universal we all share. No matter what religion or belief system you have, a feeling of gratitude is something we all know.

The more that you are grateful for something or someone, the more you will attract of that thing or that someone, the people, into your life. Like the Law of Circulation, the more you put out there, the more you get.

During this holiday season, it’s important to be grateful for what you have. Start by making a list of a hundred things, people and events that you experienced this year that you are grateful for. The key is I want you to think about every client that you had this year, every experience that you had, everything that you’re extremely proud about having accomplished, and write it down.

Be in that place of gratitude and be in that place of thankfulness – because most people look at the 2% that’s not going well as opposed to the 98% that went really well during the year.

When you make out that list, I really want you to be in that feeling of, “Oh my gosh, I would like to attract more and more of this.” You might think that this is not very much about client attraction and is more abut the Law of Attraction, but it actually is very “Client Attraction-y”. That’s a new term, by the way, because when you are clear about some of the things that you really enjoyed and are grateful for, you can then put those in your goals. The key is to get really clear on what it is that you really enjoyed getting.

By the way, I’m grateful for you. You will be on my list this year when I do this assignment this weekend.

Your Video Assignment

Write down a list of at least 100 things, people, events, experiences that you are grateful for having attracted and then to go back along that list and circle the things that you would like to attract more of.

Be Known for One Thing

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 16, 2011

If you’re having trouble getting clients, it could be because your business has a split personality. When I was first starting out, I met a lot of business owners who, when asked what they do,  would reply, “I’m a holistic nutritionist…and I do reiki…and I teach yoga…” and the list would go on. I’ve also met so many coaches who would describe themselves as a sales coach but would also add in that they do relationship coaching and career coaching, etc.

They were offering too many things. You see, the more things you focus on in your business, the harder it is to grow. Why? Because if you are not able to be 100% clear about your offerings, then your prospects will be confused (and they won’t buy.) Split personalities in business simply don’t work. Instead, I want you to be known for ONE thing and ONE thing only.

Now, you certainly can use the Umbrella Concept in your business. This is where you can have different, related offerings but they all fit nicely under one big umbrella. Let’s take my business as an example. I teach small business owners how to get more clients but I also teach systems, leverage, pricing programs and packages, organizational infrastructure, mindset, universal principles, and spiritual marketing, etc. This is different than having a split personality because everything fits neatly under the umbrella of Client Attraction. All of these things help you grow your business, make more money, while working less. See the difference?

Think about your business. Do you offer lots of different things? If so, is it messy and confusing or does everything fit under one umbrella? When your services can be captured under one umbrella, people get it.

Your Video Assignment

Answer this question: What are you known for?  I want you to get really clear on the answer to that. Keep in mind the cream rises to the top. You want to be known for one thing in order to stand out in your marketplace and really become an industry leader—that’s what I want for you.

How to Scale Your Business to Grow Your Income

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 2, 2011

You can make more money in your business by adding more value to so many more people. It’s common sense and it’s simple. However it’s not always easy. The key is to look at your existing business model. Are you working one on one right now? Are you trading hours for dollars? Is your income limited by how many clients you can work with? If so, you’re in a classic Leverage Lucy (or Larry) business model—where you can’t make more money in your business because you are trapped in that particular paradigm.

The key to affecting more people’s lives and making more money is to change your business model! You’ll want to look at how you can scale what you’re already doing so that you can work with so many more people.

Your Video Assignment

For your assignment this week, I’d like you to consider the following two questions:  

1. How can you offer what you currently offer your clients in a much more scalable business model? Really think about how you can change what you’re currently doing so that clients still get great results and you’re able to work with many more of them.

2. Ask yourself, “If I had 100 brand new clients show up tomorrow, how would I change how I do business to accommodate all of them?” So maybe you’re working with 20 or 30 clients now but imagine that you had to take on 100 more—what would you need to do? And if you’re already working with hundreds of clients, imagine what you would need to do to accommodate thousands.

Really sit down and noodle this out. Look around in your industry—even in other industries—and   see how others are scaling their businesses and use that as your model. Stretch how you think about how you deliver your products and services in order to make more money and service way more clients.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 25, 2011

It’s Fabienne and Derek sending you warm wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving. We’re looking forward to spending treasured time with family over this holiday and we wanted to let you know how grateful we are for each and every one of you as well.

It’s been such a wonderful year and we have so much to be thankful for—each other, our family, friends, team, our yummy clients, customers and ezine subscribers.

We believe in you and your ability to play a much bigger game in your business and we want you to know that we love you all and we’re here for you!

So take some time this holiday to write down who and what you’re grateful for—not just in your business but in your life too. Remember, being in a state of gratitude attracts that much more abundance into your life!

Have a fun weekend and I will “see” you next week, OK? Until then, enjoy your holiday, happy Client Attraction and big hugs to you!

Mindset IS Everything When It Comes to Success

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 19, 2011

Mindset—your psychology  of success—is not just thinking positively. It’s about going inside and seeing what’s getting in the way because that’s what drives EVERYTHING.

If you’re experiencing failure or struggle,  it’s based on your mindset.

If you’re experiencing big breakthroughs,  it’s based on your mindset.

Your mindset drives your actions. And your actions dictate your results.

So if all this stuff is under the surface, what do you do to fix it?

You’ve got to look at the internal struggle happening right now underneath your surface. You may not even know its there or how to pinpoint it.

But it’s important to realize that if there’s a struggle on the inside, there will always be a struggle on the outside.

If you want to succeed,  you must look inside—at the fears, the behaviors, your self-image…if you don’t, then you stay stuck. You’ll continue to wonder why it’s not happening for you. It’s like driving with one foot on the gas, while pulling up on the brake. It’s like going nowhere fast.

Are you ready to look inside and finally end the internal struggle that’s holding you back?

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How to Handle Your Prospects’ Objections

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 18, 2011


All prospects have some form of resistance when buying a program, product or service. If they didn’t have reservations, they would have signed up already so it becomes your job to handle those objections and move that prospect from just being curious to being a believer and ultimately a buyer.

There are two ways to do this–either handle it verbally or on paper. Either way it’s a form of selling. But remember, selling is a good thing. Selling is something you do for someone.You’re taking a stand for your prospect because deep in your heart you know that if they work with you or buy your service or product, they will get better results. It’s your job to move the prospect out of his or her own way by handling their objections so they can get the results they say they are looking for.

Here are the 7 most frequent objections a prospect will have.

  1. You don’t understand my problem. Everyone wants to feel understood and significant. How can you show your prospect that you know exactly what it feels like to be them?
  2. How do I know you’re qualified? No one wants to be a guinea pig. They want to know you’ve been doing this for awhile and that you have what it takes to get them the results they need. So, how can you best convey your credentials?
  3. I don’t believe you…There’s a lot of hype out there. It’s only natural for a prospect to feel skeptical so how can you best address this objection? How can you make them trust their decision to work with you?
  4. I don’t think I need this right now…I always tell prospects with this objection–why would you wait when you want results NOW? How can you show them that now is the perfect time?
  5. Will this work for me? They may feel that their business is “different” and what works for others won’t work for them. Show them how you are uniquely qualified to help them too.
  6. What happens if I don’t like it? There is a definite risk threshold that some prospects aren’t willing to cross. How can you offer a risk reversal where you take on the risk and they can feel more comfortable working with you?
  7. I can’t afford it. When a prospect feels they can’t afford what you offer it either means they’re not your ideal client or that you haven’t yet communicated the value and Return on Investment that they will get from working with you.

Your Video Assignment

Use the points above to identify your prospects’ specific objections. Then create a rationale as to why each objection simply isn’t valid. Weave this through your marketing materials to attract more clients and make more money!

There is an Unlimited Supply of Abundance

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 17, 2011

There’s a big fat lie about people who make a lot of money and that’s that they’re greedy, inauthentic, that they take money from others…Not only is that not true,  it’s impossible.

Why? Because there is an unlimited supply of abundance in the universe. There is no limit to what can be created.

In fact, by making more you don’t take anything away from anybody. It’s not about that. It’s about adding a lot more value to a lot more people so you can multiply your income dramatically.

Sounds simple, right? But if the formula is so simple, then what’s the problem? Why isn’t every entrepreneur a millionaire?

What’s holding you back is fear of change.  That fear keeps you playing small and to avoid the discomfort, you use excuses—everyday (whether you realize it or not…)

Then feelings of inadequacy come up…I’m not worth it. I don’t deserve it. Do I really need it?

These lead to self sabotaging behaviors—procrastination, negative self talk, fears of what people will think and say…not enough determination, perseverance or faith.

So why does all this matter anyway? Because your mindset—your inner game—drives 90% of your success.

It’s time to transform your inner game to play a BIGGER game.

I invite you to be part of my BRAND NEW Inner Game Coaching Program, which includes my never before released DVD and CD home study program from my sold-out Mindset Retreat as well as 7 Direct Access Coaching Calls with me over a 14-week period.

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Your mindset dictates your results.

Shifting your Mindset past subtle self-sabotage and procrastination and into confidence and consistent action is THE proven process for overcoming resistance. The moment you shift your mindset, you gain the momentum that increases your business (and income) to the next big level you’ve been asking for.

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