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Client Attraction Quote of the Week: To always have clients, you must become their Problem Solver

Fabienne Fredrickson
March 2, 2010

“To have clients banging down your door, you must decide to and become your ideal client’s PROBLEM SOLVER, the one and only person they turn to when they have that problem and need to get it fixed. This alone eliminates resistance at ‘sale time’ and ensures that prospects become paying clients, without fail.”

Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Accept responsibility for everything, even when things aren’t so good

Fabienne Fredrickson
February 23, 2010

“Just as it is you, and only you, who can take you from where you are to where you want to go in your life, it is you and only you that’s gotten you to where you currently are. You are responsible for your current situation (whether you like hearing this or not) because of the beliefs you have about yourself and the world, because of the habits you have and most importantly because of the actions you take — or didn’t take. This is good news, because it also means that you can change your life and everything in your life on a dime.”

Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Success is a choice, not an accident

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 26, 2010

“What is success, anyway? Just that question alone will get you 100 different answers in a room of 100 different people. It’s impossible to answer universally, because different people have different motivations, they attempt and seek different things in life. No two people have the exact same aspirations. Some are seeking money, fame, wealth. Others are seeking personal development, doing great things in the world, fulfillment of their spiritual purpose; others yet are looking to achieve an ideal weight, a certain income, the right relationship or to overcome something difficult. The one answer that really resonates with me is that success is the feeling of achievement as it relates to something you’ve strived for. Reaching a goal you’ve attempted and as a result, gaining personal or professional advancement (or both) with a focus on increase. When you are successful at something, it essentially means that you’ve reached a goal you set for yourself. What BIG goal have YOU set for yourself?”

Client Attraction Quote of the Week: How your mindset determines how Client Attractive you are

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 20, 2010

“Your ‘inner game’ or mindset is either drawing you closer to OR keeping you away from what you say you want, each and every day. The key to seeing which is to see how CONGRUENT you are with your goals: are your THOUGHTS consistent with your FEELINGS and BELIEFS, and are these in alignment with your ACTIONS? The answer to your success lies here and nowhere else.”

Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Time to WOW your clients

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 12, 2010

“Wow-ing your clients is a great way to attract MORE ideal clients. It’s essentially a client referral system. It means taking the client experience to such a level that it makes them literally RAVE about you and your services to their friends and colleagues. To do this, schedule some quiet time to think about how you could make your business so unusual and so what-the-client-always-wanted that clients and prospects can’t help but talk about you, recommend you, and want to work with you.”

To find out more about how you too can WOW your clients, check out www.ClientAttractionWorkshop.com

Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Avoid Having All Your Marketing Eggs In One Basket

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 6, 2010

“Many entrepreneurs I’ve met get comfortable doing only one or two marketing things and then focus on them to the exclusion of others. Essentially, they put all their marketing eggs in ONE basket and hope for the best. Yet, we know that most successful entrepreneurs use DOZENS of Client Attraction techniques simultaneously to PULL clients in (I do). Instead of focusing on only one or two ways to get clients, it’s time to diversify your Marketing Portfolio and make sure you’ve got clients coming in from LOTS of different sources. I call this creating your Marketing Pie.”

I cover the Ultimate Marketing Pie in depth and give you my own cheat-sheet blueprint of what you need to do to diversify your marketing at the www.ClientAttractionWorkshop.com.

Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Don’t reinvent the Client Attraction wheel

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 22, 2009

“Let’s say you have several clients you absolutely LOVE (they get great results from working with you, they pay you on time and never negotiated, you like them, they send referrals, etc.). Avoid focusing too much on what hasn’t helped you attract many clients in the past, but rather, what HAS worked. That’s what you want to focus on. Just do more of the same!”

Client Attraction Quote of the Week: To Naturally Attract Clients, Walk Your Talk

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 16, 2009

“Not many marketing professionals out there will talk to you about ‘walking your talk’. But if your own image doesn’t portray what you teach, you’re not going to attract a lot of clients fast. To have your image fit what you do, you must live your message fully. This is just as important as your marketing message.”

To find out how you can learn all the steps to “walk your talk” in your business (and get a sneak of my new office) – visit www.clientattraction.com/officetour

Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Miracles do happen in Client Attraction

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 9, 2009

Your capability of achieving really big things is WAY beyond your capacity to imagine them. That being said, you need to do a series of things to set yourself up for something BIG in your life:

1. Prepare – set yourself up, do what it takes to prepare for a miracle
2. Make your wishes known – be super clear about what you want and know that things are being rearranged for you behind the scenes, without you even knowing it
3. Believe – realize that Spirit, the Universe, God (whatever you call it) will always dream a bigger dream for you than you can dream for yourself
4. Surrender – release control. When an opportunity that is so out of the ordinary falls in your lap, surrender the control and say YES
5. Follow the next right thing – Just take action on the next opportunity that feels right when it shows up. Put the fear aside and just do it, with courage.

    Client Attraction Quote of the Week: Stop discounting your services (You’re repelling clients)

    Fabienne Fredrickson
    December 1, 2009

    “Discounting your services is not good news for you and your reputation. A sliding scale is even worse. It shows prospects you don’t value your services and it creates a reputation that says you’re not a true professional and not worth what you DO charge. Instead of discounting, create different offerings at different price points to have something there for different types of clients and different budget levels. It works like magic.”

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