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Do you need marketing help like Kiki did?

Fabienne Fredrickson
October 3, 2016

I’m happy to introduce you to Kiki today. She’s been a CABS student for close to a year now, and she spoke on the panel at my last Half-Day Solution in New York City.

Sometimes you may serve a niche or industry that feels harder to reach. (Perhaps it’s a group who is certainly NOT hanging out on Facebook!)

That being said, you know intuitively that they aren’t going to hire you if they don’t know you…which begs the obvious question:

How do I get them to know me if they’re difficult to reach?

In this 3-minute video, Kiki explains what she did to transform her results: 

This is what I hear from our new Client Attraction Business School students, time and time again: “I was ready.”

Kiki was craving the kind of support with her marketing and implementation that she happily found here. She dove into the plan and started experiencing results quickly. She wrote the book (her “calling card on fire!” Love that!) and was finally getting booked to speak.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, it is as simple as following the plan (or “following the CABS recipe,” as our students call it). Problem is, many people struggle with clarity and following through on any plan. This is why our beloved accountability system and regular meetings are so vital to your success. It makes you implement things so much faster than you would ever do on your own, which then creates results faster.

We’ve got the plan for you. It’s been proven across virtually all industries, niches and business models. We have the community to lovingly (and boldly) hold you accountable.

The only missing piece is you. 😉

If you are ready too, like they all said they were, and now is the time for your income breakthrough and not having to “do it all alone,” then fill out the application here to speak to one of our caring Strategy Coaches so they can help you map out your next twelve months. Then, if it feels right, you can ask them about what it’s like at CABS and why it works so well.  

There’s not a better time than now.

Much love,

P.S. Hey, I just want to make sure you know how awesome you are. You really do have what it takes. I mean it. You’ve made it this far, so you can totally go the distance. It’s not hard, when you dig deep, remember what matters most and apply yourself, with faith. I promise. xo

That time I spent 100k (before telling Derek)

Fabienne Fredrickson
September 14, 2016

If you’re married or in a long-term partnership, I’m guessing you are going to be very interested in this week’s video. (And even if you aren’t, there are important lessons in it for you about making big decisions…)

One of things I know to be difficult is when you feel like you don’t have the support of your spouse or partner (or anyone that matters to you in your life) to make the big decisions that you know will move your business forward.

In this clip, Derek and I reenact the time I made a huuuuuuuge investment in myself before telling him. This is us very authentically sharing how he responded.

In this week’s video, you get a sneak peek into a moment that changed everything for us… Just a heads up, there is a touch of profanity, so if there are kids around, distract them for 5 minutes, OK? 😉

Watch the video now:

Here’s the deal.

An uncertainty you feel inside will get reflected back to you on the outside.

Whether it’s from your spouse or in your results, the level of CERTAINTY that you embody within yourself will be directly reflected back to you externally.

It’s the “kinda sortas” that will get you every time. If you make a decision and you “kinda sorta” think you’ll get results, then I can already tell you what the outcome of that decision will be…

…probably not the outcome you want.

It is the CONVICTION and COMMITMENT to follow through on your decision with purpose that yields the results.

My conviction is why Derek supported the big decision I’d made in the video (well, also that he’s an amazing husband), and my conviction is also why that decision yielded the 10x return that it did.

Making fast decisions quickly is often touted as a criteria for being successful in business and in life. But whether it’s gaining the support of a resistant spouse or creating a return on an investment you are making in yourself…it’s actually embracing your decision fully and with conviction that makes the difference.

Go be decisive. It will change everything.


P.S. Oh, and DO THE WORK. Whether it’s a $500 investment that you’re making to grow your business or a $100,000 investment, the money isn’t the magic pill. The confidence that you get as you follow through with your commitment is the actual magic.

Watch Tiffany’s inspirational story

Fabienne Fredrickson
August 29, 2016

Tiffany suffered an unspeakable loss in 2010, with the sudden death of her husband. The story she tells today will inspire you.

You see, when Tiffany’s husband died, she was left with a business that didn’t quite suit her (you’ll see how much so in today’s video!) and she was seeking answers on a spiritual and practical level that fortuitously led her here to The Client Attraction Business School.

She’s gone on to create a compelling mission and a powerful business that makes a difference in children’s lives. Watch this 6-minute video now, and allow yourself to be moved by her results:

It is often the losses and setbacks in our lives that ignite us and lead us on a quest to personal growth and empowerment. I have such admiration for the process our human spirit takes to find its way out of the darkness to fulfillment, especially in business.

Business ownership gives us such an amazing opportunity to grow into and embrace our mission, to self-actualize. But often, we can’t do it alone.

By surrounding herself with like-minded people and following the formula to achieve success, Tiffany has doubled the monthly income she was making in her highest paid job in her former life and is empowering parents to shift from frustration to fulfillment in the most important job they’ll ever have.

I loved what she shares in the video, that seeing other people boldly achieving their desires showed her it was possible for her too, and it motivated her to do it. This is the power of CABS.

Yes, you get the next steps here. Yes, we show you to how get out of confusion and self-doubt and into taking bold, bigger action towards your goals. And then, we are the community that cheers you on and sees the greatness that already lies within you. And we would love to have you join us to achieve your own goals, professional and otherwise.

If you are ready to break free from the current results you are experiencing in your business and in your life, fill out an application to speak to a Coach today. This call is free and for many, a defining moment in their careers.

Because I believe that your best is yet to come, too.

Much love,

P.S. Don’t you love how excited Derek gets about marketing?! It was a great ad… And the Dalai Lama was wrong 😉

Don’t get an MBA…do this instead.

Fabienne Fredrickson
August 22, 2016

This week, I’d like you to meet Adrienne. You’re going to like her.

Adrienne specializes in Behavior Modification and has spent the majority of her life in school. In fact, she has three degrees.

But even after getting (and paying for) those three degrees, she still didn’t know how to run a business…

So she thought about getting an MBA.

But after examining what universities provide and what we offer, she boldly chose us instead.

Watch today’s quick 2-minute video to see what she has to say about why she joined CABS instead; it’s pretty compelling:

You see, Adrienne compared what universities were offering and what we provide and saw the clear distinctions of what she wouldn’t get with an MBA, versus how we would help her succeed.

And she’s so glad she made the right decision. As you can hear her say in today’s video, what The Client Attraction Business School provides business owners “is what universities should be doing for their students.”

You see, the fastest path to sustainable and profitable business growth is to follow a path that’s already proven to work and then take massive action.

Personally, I know that I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I don’t want to go down costly rabbit holes that don’t work.

Instead, I want to be shown how to get the quickest, most reliable results, in the shortest amount of time, with the least effort. I want to model what already works. And if you can hold me accountable to actually DO what I said I was going to do to grow my business, and then you champion me when I do it, well, then, I’m yours for life. 🙂

Are you like me?

Do you wish you had direction, the added benefit of the experiences and best practices of an entire community of business owners and mentors, daily accountability and fun people to be with on this (sometimes crazy) entrepreneurial journey?

This is a place where you learn by doing. A home where you are supported by others who have a shared goal of success without compromise. It’s where we will guide you to boldly break through your limitations so you experience a level of personal growth that positively impacts your business.

It’s about achieving your potential.

How long have you been at this on your own? Is it working the way you thought it would?

You don’t have to do this alone. It’s time to get some support. You deserve it. And we’re here for you.

Here’s what I recommend:

Fill out a short application to speak to one of our Strategy Coaches for free. They’ll help you map out your next 12 months, at no charge, and provide resources for you to get there.

I’m with Adrienne. I believe that working with us is a far better investment than plodding through a traditional MBA program. And it’s so much more affordable.

Let’s talk. Fill out an application for a free Strategy Call here, OK? Do it today. Let’s not delay your success any longer.  

I believe in you, fiercely,

P.S. As Adrienne so perfectly stated… “Do it, instead of talking about it!” At CABS, you get “the practical steps to get there.” This is why she chose us over an MBA, because she’d rather be growing her business, rather than talking about growing her business. You can spend months and years thinking and talking about what will create success in your business. Planning, learning, planning some more… Or, you can just START. That’s what courageous people do, and I know that deep down, you are incredibly courageous.

We are all here waiting for you. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. Connect with us today by clicking here and let’s talk. You’re worth it.

What it’s actually like at our meetings

Fabienne Fredrickson
August 16, 2016

Sometimes, people ask me why our students get so many outstanding results, year after year. I try to tell them that it’s about ALL the components of what we offer them, but secretly, I believe it’s about our quarterly live meetings.

Often, it’s difficult to capture the essence of what it’s actually like at our meetings. I love what our multi-year Leverage Track student, Caitlin, has to say about her time here, but there’s more to it than her words.

See if you can catch it… The video is only 1:11 long (how perfect is that?), and you can watch it now:

Could you feel it?

There is a vibration and energy that cannot be described with words. This Client Attraction Business School community is so full of love, so committed to each other’s success and so incredibly generous and wise, that this is what I hear all of the time:

“I came for you, Fabienne, and the content you’ve created for us to succeed, and I stay for the community.”

And. I. Love. It.

I love it because it is true and it is far beyond anything I could have created on my own. It’s practically divinely created.

I am regularly blown away by the support and care our business owners have for each other. The way wins are deeply and enthusiastically celebrated. The way the support is abundantly given whenever it is needed, whatever it is needed for. The way resources and know-how are so freely shared, in a way that would make others worry about giving away so much. But not here. We give everything generously. And no one feels alone, ever, because they are here for each other.

You know we are here for you too. It’s not just for them. You deserve this kind of support too. THE HIGHEST LEVEL SUPPORT YOU CAN GET. Yes, you deserve it.

And it begins with one simple step. First, talk to our rockstar Strategy Coaches by requesting a free 30-minute call to map out your next 12 months. Yes, it’s free. There’s no pressure and these calls are incredibly valuable. Here’s how you get one for yourself:

Fill out your application to speak to one of our coaches by clicking here now.

Then, if it ever makes sense, based on the plan you come up with together, we’ll help you make that plan a reality.

You see, you don’t have to figure this business thing out alone anymore. It’s no fun on your own. Instead, imagine how much easier it will be and how much faster “it” will all happen when you have your very own tribe of rocking entrepreneurs rooting for you, giving you the help and resources you need, when you need them, and cheering you on every step of the way. And me too.

And yes, the training here is great. It has to be because they wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

The door to your bigger, more abundant future is wide open, but YOU have to be the one to cross the threshold.

Come on in and get a glimpse of your future by clicking here and strategizing with one of our Coaches. (Like I said, it’s free and you have absolutely nothing to lose.)

You’ve got us on your side,

P.S. It does sound like a really great cocktail party, doesn’t it?! That’s the buzz of the high vibration we create when we get together…

Jessica had it all, except for this.

Fabienne Fredrickson
August 7, 2016

You can’t do it alone.

Jessica learned this lesson first-hand. She was running a successful 6-figure business, but some months were better than others. She was making money, but lacked consistency in her business, didn’t have systems in place and no one was holding her accountable to her goals.

Until she enrolled in The Client Attraction Business School, that is.

Watch this week’s video to hear what transformed Jessica’s business in just one month:

Even the best entrepreneurs who know how to market their business can “fall off the wagon” from time to time. We often know what we need to do, but we aren’t doing it.

Perhaps it’s a lack of structure, not knowing what to prioritize, what to focus on, or just pure overwhelm.

That’s where daily accountability comes in.

In this week’s video, Jessica raves about the private CABS Facebook group, saying she made leaps and bounds in her business based on the community she found here, before even attending a Live Meeting.

It takes a village to build a consistently successful business. And if you find yourself starting things but not finishing them because you lack a little structure or accountability, our village is happy to welcome you with open arms.

Would you like to know what that looks like for you?

Click here to chat with one of our caring Strategy Coaches.

We’d love to help you map out your next 12 months, set up some stretch goals, show you how to reach them, and then if it feels like a match, we’ll hold your hand and keep you accountable, so you can grow like Jessica did.

Here for you, daily,

P.S. I love what Jessica says in this video about investing in yourself…it really is the only way you can assure a 100% return on investment (or more) because YOU are responsible for your results. Let’s get you some daily accountability too, OK? Click here to fill out a short application and let’s book a no-pressure call to get you to your next level, like Jessica did.

Can you laugh AND grow your biz? Watch.

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 29, 2016

There is a video I’ve been sitting on for a while, and I wasn’t sure I was EVER going to share it with you…because honestly, it’s not our typical buttoned-up business testimonial type-of-thing. I would have put it on the bloopers reel.

At first, I worried that it wasn’t professional enough to show you. That people wouldn’t take it seriously. And then I reminded myself that I don’t make decisions based on what people think of me (and neither should you). So, here goes

It’ll give you a little taste of the love and laughter we experience in The Client Attraction Business School tribe (separate from all the awesome business stuff we do).

I dare you to watch it now and not laugh (and if you love it, you belong with us):

If you read between Tom and Tulis’ improvisational lines, this moment in time is a very real representation of some of what happens in our meetings, apart from all the ninja business-building exercises, reverse-engineering of business goals, high-level masterminding, accountability structures and all that fun “professional” stuff we do. Read between the lines and you’ll see the deep bonds we form here…

And Tom and Tulis are right. We all need a community.

You CANNOT do it alone, and who would want to anyway, when you can be in the company of others you will end up calling your best friends after just one week?

There’s no question that we are a unique tribe of supportive business owners. If you think we’re your tribe and want to massively grow, AND have fun and make friends at the same time, fill out your application to speak to one of our Strategy Coaches today by clicking here (it’s free).

That way you don’t have to miss out on this type of fun any more. Plus, you learn how to have an amazing business, make more money while gaining your life back and have a community like no other at your back.

I mean, really… What could be better than that? 😉

You can apply to map out your next 12 months at no charge with one of our (also awesome) Strategy Coaches here.

Come have fun with us,

P.S. “Not only do you get business advice, you get centerpieces”??? Yes Tom and Tulis, you have taken the testimonial video to a whole new level. For. Sure.

Are you still working for someone else? (It’s ok. I did too.)

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 25, 2016

Today, I want you to meet Lissa.

If you’re like Lissa and you’re working to build your business while you are still employed by someone else, I’d love you to watch today’s video to be inspired…

It can be challenging to make the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, especially when you are receiving a significant income from your job. Listen to what Lissa has to say about her process to get from here to there:

The thing I really want you to hear is that growing a business is a PROCESS.

Without support, overnight 
success is typically years in the making and requires taking the consistent actions that allow you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Left to their devices, new business owners often chase the latest and greatest “get-results-quick” tactics being pitched in the marketplace, without a real plan that’s proven to work, and they don’t go about taking the tried-and-true steps that will move them toward their goal.

They think they’re saving a buck by trying to figure it out on their own.

However noble that is, there is a massive problem with that.

When a business owner attempts to do this “marketing thing” on their own (without working with a proven formula, the mindset required and community-based accountability we offer), the result is often resignation. (And sometimes depression.) 

Resigning to keeping the job with the steady, guaranteed paycheck and creating a belief that making enough money in your business isn’t going to happen for you…

Surrendering to the belief that you’ll never make more money in your own business than you’re making now at your job with the steady, “guaranteed” paycheck…

…means you don’t get to have the life you really want, the impact you want to make, or the freedom you deeply desire.

This is why we do what we do at The Client Attraction Business School. There IS a systematic, proven approach to building the cash flow and momentum that create a bridge from your full-time job to full-time self-employment.

It’s not a magic pill with instant magical results, no. As Lissa shared in the video, it’s about having a support system of peers and coaches who have “been there, done that,” curriculum that shows you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it, coaching that supports you to break through your own internal resistance and a PLAN.

A real. Solid. Plan.

All you have to do is follow the recipe.

This is what gives you the confidence to eventually leave that job, knowing that you and your family are going to be well supported and that you are financially secure.

If you’re ready to stop going it alone, to stopping guessing what your next step should be and constantly reinventing the wheel to figure out this business ownership thing, even if you’re still in your corporate job, I invite you to explore what it would look like for you to have the step-by-step guidance and support we provide here at CABS… (click on this link to fill out an application to talk).

Our coaches, our community, me and the entire team. Behind you.

We are here for YOU,

P.S. This is what happened to me.. I started my first business BEFORE leaving my corporate job. And I busted my tush to get clients and make money on evenings and weekends until I felt comfortable enough leaving my full-time salary. It definitely wasn’t easy and I had lots of 3 a.m. sweats, especially because I did all this before there was anything like what we teach at The Client Attraction Business School. I had to make it up as I went, trying lots of (expensive) things that didn’t work, until I created the formula that DOES. But you don’t have to. It doesn’t have to be as difficult for you as it was for me in the beginning. And look at where we are now. 😉  Let’s talk and see if we can help, OK?

Just click here to fill out a short application and we’ll set up a time to chat, no pressure. It’s free, and if we can’t help, which sometimes happens, we’ll be happy to point you in a different direction.

I’m still laughing….. (hysterical video testimonial)

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 18, 2016

First off… A language disclaimer for today’s video. Yes, there is an F-bomb, but it is SO FUNNY, I can’t stop laughing every time I watch it. So don’t play this on speaker with your kids around, ok?

Secondly. I looooove this couple. They are absolutely hilarious, wonderful New Yorkers through and through, and they’re doing amazing things in their business, that they (now) work in together.

Chris was a clown (for real). Amanda runs an advertising agency for Broadway shows. He came to the Mindset Retreat (my transformational 3-day experience happening in November that helps you get out of your own way) feeling that there wasn’t much left for him in his career as a clown.

And she came to Mindset, pager in tow, taking the first three days off she’d ever taken away from her 24/7 business since their wedding.

Completely inspired and transformed, they joined the Leverage Track of The Client Attraction Business School and well, you’ll have to see this week’s video to see what happened, including multiplying their revenues (a final number they asked me to edit out for industry privacy reasons, but take my word for it, it was a lot more than they had ever made before).

Watch the video now. It’s about 7 minutes, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll giggle (and feel inspired) the whole way through:

I don’t know about you, but I do not WANT to take pride in working 24/7 like Amanda did before CABS, not being able to leave my business. Ever.

I take pride in the fact that you can absolutely retool your business (any business) to be able to grow significantly, while the owners take more downtime to do what they love, like my family and I are doing now. We showed Amanda and Chris just how to do that in Leverage.

Sometimes it is as simple as hearing that one simple shift can change everything, as Amanda shares in this week’s (hysterical) video.

You can absolutely loosen your grip on the way “it has to be” so that you can create it the way you want it to be. All you need is direction, the right community, support, guidance and accountability to do so.

This is what we do at The Client Attraction Business School. And I believe we do it better than any other online or offline training program for business owners.

Perhaps you too can make more and have more downtime like our students do…

Let’s find out by having you talk with a Coach.

Click here to fill out an application to map out your next year with one of our expert Coaches (it’s free).

Much Love,

P.S. I’m still giggling at this video. Don’t you want to go to dinner at Amanda and Chris’ house? Seriously. It would be so fun. I would laugh all night long!

From overwhelmed to more time with her kids

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 11, 2016

Sometimes success isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…especially when you’re already making 6 figures.

When Andrea joined us in The Client Attraction Business School she was killing it in her fitness business, but she was making sacrifices at home. (As a wife and a mama too, I get it!)

Must we really sacrifice the people we cherish in the name of growing our business?

If overworked and overwhelmed feels like a daily reality for you, even if you’re crushing it in your business, just watch this super short video message from Andrea about how things quickly changed for the better when she plugged into CABS:

We have created an awesome framework over the last 16 years that gives business owners a solid plan for growth, without having to make personal sacrifices.

For our Leverage Track students (those at 6 figures and 7 figures when they first join us, but who are also overworked and overwhelmed), we show them exactly how to create systems, get more support, shift their business model so they work less and set important boundaries so they gain their sanity back and have more time with their families…all while making a lot more.

And for our Growth Track students (those not quite yet at $100,000), we show them the proven process to systematically attract ideal high-paying clients, so there are no long dry spells that would affect their work/life balance, or periods of being overworked and overwhelmed…all while making a lot more.

All you have to do is follow the recipe, step by step. That’s it.

It’s a formula we’ve been proving over many years with thousands of our students. It works when you don’t overthink it and just do it.

So what about you?

If you’re ready to stop sacrificing time with those who matter most in your life and you want to avoid reinventing the wheel on your own…

…it’s time you explore joining us here at The Client Attraction Business School.

The first step is to fill out a short application. (You’ll get good insights from your answers.)

A friendly member of my awesome Team will then reach out to set up a Strategy Call for you with one of our coaches (it’s totally free), who will listen to your situation and help you craft a plan to create success without compromise or sacrifice.

And the best news is that, if you decide to work with us, the tuition pays for itself in the form of new clients.

No overwhelm required. 😉

Isn’t that what you started your gig for? To have more ease and joy in your life??

Yes, then. Let’s connect,

P.S. This doesn’t have to be hard. Changes happen really quickly when our students plug into our content, get support from our community and just follow the plan, like Andrea did. It starts when you fill out your application today. (Click here and do it now, OK?)


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