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You were born with two envelopes

Fabienne Fredrickson
February 3, 2016

Your life is good now, and still, you want more.

It is the human condition to want more.

There is nothing wrong with it. This is normal!

But most people stop here, in the wanting stage, without great expectation of anything different. They believe and perceive that they are stuck where they are.

I fundamentally, positively, unapologetically disagree.

And I’m not alone. In fact, I have very good company. 😉

In this week’s video, I “invite” one of the world’s great masters to share a profound and life changing truth with you. (This is the beginning of what changed my life.) Here’s where you can watch it now:

Now, this “two envelopes” concept discussed in this week’s 8-minute video is something that some people will vehemently argue.

And sadly, those who argue about it are most always those who are holding “envelope #2” from the video!

Here’s why: people who aren’t where they want to be haven’t yet been introduced to the mindset teachings that create Quantum Income Leaps (or any other leaps for that matter).

Because of this, they aren’t quite ready to bend their minds around the idea that we are in partnership (or even responsible) for creating our life, our income, anything, despite the circumstances we were born with.

Let me say more about exactly what I mean.

Sometimes, when we don’t have the things we want, it’s easy to blame those circumstances outside of ourselves for our results. Like it or not, this is a passive stance to life (reactionary, or as some would say, even acting as a victim of existing circumstances).

And this is why some people aren’t ready to hear this. They are committed to this stance.

(I know, it hurts to hear, as much as it hurts to write it. Please don’t shoot the messenger…and stay tuned for good news.)

The opportunity is to understand that we are in partnership with our outcomes, as they are driven by our beliefs. This is THE most important teaching of our times. Because it means that when we change our beliefs…we change our results.

Everyone has this power.

Everyone has the choice of which envelope they want to open.

I’ve asked my awesome Team to make a printable of Hill’s Expression of Gratitude for you to hang up if you wish to look at it often.

(Click the image below to open it in a new window so you can save it safely on your computer.)nhh_480

Will you put this into practice?

What is it that you want?

Will you write it down?

Also write down exactly what you are willing to give to manifest that which you want.

This is the beginning of your Mindset Shift.

Of course, I’d love to read what you write – share it with me in the comments section, OK?

Now go get manifesting, will you?!?! 😉

Let’s activate your greatness,

p.s. I am in deep preparation for next week’s Live Video Event (free) Training where I am going to go deeply into the topic of how to change your beliefs. I hope you are getting a glimpse into why this is such a vital topic. (Who wants to live an “Envelope Two” kind of life, anyway?? Not me and probably not you either.) More than 2,000 awesome folks have already registered, which makes me feel like we’re doing something great in the world! Get your free ticket to the training here, OK? It’s going to be AWESOME! 🙂


Is there really a magic pill? (heads up about free stuff)

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 23, 2016

For the first half of my career in coaching entrepreneurs to become more successful, I told people that silver bullets and magic pills don’t exist.

I told all my clients that your entrepreneurial success depends only on consistency, sheer effort, blood-sweat-and-tears and willful determination.

That elusive Magic Pill?!? Nope. Doesn’t exist and never will.

Stop asking for a magic pill!, I would tell people.

But then I experienced a transformation in my own business. Something I never expected.

The following quote by Napoleon Hill finally made sense to me, because it happened to me:


Something amazing happened (I’ll tell you about it in a video I’ll be sharing with you in a few days) and I realized that there was indeed a way to put everything I’d been teaching and doing myself on overdrive.

That was the beginning of the journey that helped me turn my yearly income into my monthly income…

…with authenticity and integrity, of course.

And so, because it worked so dramatically well for me, my clients began asking me about it.

And so, I began teaching this Magic Pill to them…and at some exclusive events.

Do you know what “it” is???

I will tell you about it shortly. And as far as I can tell it is the closest thing to a magic pill that there is.

But I don’t want to keep this to my inner circle anymore.

It’s time to share the wealth, literally!

So, this loving note is just a heads up that over the next few weeks, you and I are going to be doing a deep dive into the leading-edge tools you need to turn the most you’ve ever made in a year into your monthly income.

You’ll be receiving LOTS of great content from me in the coming weeks, and it’s all culminating in a very special LIVE VIDEO EVENT on Friday, February 12th at 11:00 a.m. Eastern (New York) Time.

Oh, and this training is totally free. No charge, nada, zip.

My gift to you.

(More details coming soon, but for now mark your calendar for this date now, OK?)

And in the meantime…

Dig deep and dream big. You’re going to be receiving amazing tools you can use to shatter that glass ceiling you’ve been staring at.

Have a wonderful weekend,

p.s. Keep an eye on the blog this Tuesday… I’ll be sending you a special invitation to join me. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving from Client Attraction

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 27, 2014

Hi there!

Sending you big hugs and wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Derek and I are hosting lots of friends and family (22 people around our table today!) and I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for you. It’s been a wonderful year of momentum and firsts at The Client Attraction Business School™, and we are even clearer than ever before that our favorite place to be is hanging out and championing entrepreneurs who change the world every day. That’s you, thank you for being part of our lives.

We believe in you and your ability to play a much bigger game in your business. Just wanted to remind you that we love you and we’re here for you, always. ☺

When you can take a brief moment to yourself today or this weekend, please watch my special “Thanksgiving” themed video above. I have a special Client Attraction Challenge for you over this holiday. It will give you even more confidence as you finish off this year and head into the New Year (i.e. it’ll help you attract more clients and grow your business even further).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fabienne (and Derek, and the entire Client Attraction Team)

p.s. As you probably know by now, The Client Attraction System® is going away soon. Just a friendly reminder to get it before we take it down, OK? After that, it will only be available to CABS students and nowhere else… You can read all the pretty cool results from some of our thousands of students here. Enjoy and gobble gobble!

I was humiliated at my friend’s bridal shower…

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 17, 2014


(ahem, this is a rather long note, but stay with me ‘til the end because I got a little emotional writing this and mostly because it will likely change the course of your business, OK?)

I’d like to tell you a story I’ve never actually told any of my students. In fact, it’s something I never told my friends and family, or even Derek until recently.

But it’s one of the most embarrassing things that happened to me in the early stage of my business when I just didn’t know how to get enough clients, and it’s another one of those defining moments that changed the course of my life.

It was back when I was just dating Derek, before we were married, and I’d been invited to his friend Toni Ann’s bridal shower in Burlington, Vermont. We were all going out to lunch at an Asian restaurant on Church Street to celebrate her upcoming wedding to Derek’s best friend. The food was delicious, the conversation was lively and we all had a really great time.

Then came the check.

Like we all did, I reached into my handbag, grabbed my wallet, and plunked down my credit card among all the other credit cards to pay my share. Moments later, the waiter came back and asked whose card (mine) was and told me it had been declined for insufficient funds.

My face turned red and my mind raced. It was the only card I thought had any money on it. It was painfully obvious to my friends and even to those who didn’t know me that I didn’t have the $50 to pay for my own meal. I was humiliated, especially because I didn’t want to ruin her big day. Quietly, my friend Toni Ann, the bride, graciously took me aside and lent me $50 in cash so I could pay for my dinner at her own bridal shower.

A year later, I had a full practice of ideal, high paying clients.

Huh? A full practice in a year? What happened? Is it really possible to get lots of clients that quickly and go from broke to full practice in less than 12 months? Yes. Here’s how I did it…

Number one: I made a commitment to turn things around. Then: I created a Client Attraction system for getting clients that was foolproof and I started using it daily, in earnest and with no excuses. I made it my business to focus all my efforts on my business by fastidiously working through my own Client Attraction System. And I filled my practice to full capacity and made enough money to pay off my debts.

Fast forward to today, 15 years later. This same system, improved and added to over many years of best practices, has become known worldwide as The Client Attraction System® and has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to get more clients, at all levels of business. It rocks, because it creates predictable results. You use it, you get clients. That’s it.

What’s this Client Attraction System® anyway?

It’s the exact step-by-step process by which I personally went from “embarrassing” to “full practice” in less than a year. It took me blood, sweat and tears to put this reliable system together (for myself at first) and to include only the stuff that works and nothing that doesn’t, so anyone could predictably get as many clients as they wanted, whenever they wanted.

It’s authentic, not slick; it’s real world stuff, not theory. It has examples to model, scripts to use, checklists and the actual letters I wrote to get clients. It was my journey and now, it’s since become the journey that tens of thousands of people have used to get clients, make more money and keep coming back to work with me year after year after year.

This Client Attraction System® will show you exactly how to create the low-cost to no-cost marketing materials you need to always have a consistent stream of ideal, high-paying clients and a waiting list of prospects. It will show you exactly how to systematically and authentically close the sale virtually every time. You will never worry about how to get ideal clients again because when you do what’s included in these pages, you’ll earn more each month than you have trying to earn on your own. And finally, you’ll get to experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have financial security. Like I did.

My loving advice? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use this system. It pays for itself within days as soon as you do what’s in there. And you can start today, in minutes.

What’s the alternative?

Do I have permission to give you a little tough love? 🙂

If you want to go from “wherever you are now” to “more clients” or even “full practice,” here’s what you do:

1) Commit to yourself right now; 2) Invest the one-time $397 tuition (or $497 if, like me, you like having a hard copy to put on your desk, and yes, you can even do installments for either option, no problem); And, 3) make it a priority now and for the next 6 months to follow each step. Do this now.

Why now? Because all good things must come to an end, and that includes this Client Attraction System®. I’ve evolved so much over the years, and so have my content and my offerings. And I’ve made a commitment to put my entire focus on The Client Attraction Business School™ going forward. That means that The Client Attraction System® is coming down for good so it’s not a distraction to the other stuff I’m doing in the world.

Consider this our Final Blowout…

The next few weeks are your last chance to get your hands on The Client Attraction System® like you can get it now. After that, it’s gone forever until you join us in the Business School, with all the other support structures you need, which of course is awesome. 😉

Here’s how I’ll help you make the right decision, though. I’ve included something I’ve never included before with the CAS:

One of the valuable bonuses that you get by investing in CAS today before it goes away is a complimentary call with one of my caring coaches.

I get that sometimes it’s easier to implement things when you have help, when you can speak to someone who can be strategic with you about mapping out your next few steps and see what’s getting in the way. As soon as you invest in CAS, you will have the opportunity to schedule a coaching call with one of our caring Enrollment Coaches to map out your goals and what’s currently getting in the way of you reaching these goals.

Our coaches are experts on next steps and goal setting, and they can help you find the kind of support you might be looking for to accelerate your own business growth. And over time, when you’ve gotten results from CAS, you can talk to them about joining the Business School, if it feels right.

A relationship with a caring coach makes you feel like you’re not alone, like you’re being held accountable. Like you can do it.

For now, I’ve learned that drastic situations call for drastic measures and that if you want a change, you’ve simply got to take personal responsibility for your outcomes and do the thing you haven’t previously done.

Your situation might not be like mine was back then. In fact, you may be making good money in your business, have lots of clients and things are good, but you’d like to have systems in place for getting those clients consistently so you’re not working so hard at the marketing part. Good! That’s awesome. Either way, you need a Client Attraction System if you’re gonna be in business. Everyone does. It’s insanity not to have one and it’s not sustainable to have to reinvent the wheel each time you need new clients.

Here’s the deal… you don’t have to feel alone in this process. I can help you the way I’ve helped thousands of people to get clients. Read their inspiring results here.

Listen, The Client Attraction System® works every time, but just know that it’s also going away in a few weeks…

Let me say this again. The Client Attraction System® is no longer going to be available. Like, ever. I’m taking it down because it conflicts with other things we’re doing.

So, this is the time to look in the mirror and say out loud:

“Today’s the day I’m taking my business seriously. Today’s the day I’m no longer going to treat my business like a hobby. Today is the day I commit to MYSELF, to my success, to be an example for my children, to make my partner proud, to make myself available to all those people who need what I have to offer but don’t know I exist yet. Today is the day I commit to myself and my potential.”

Today’s the day I invest in my own future by fully committing to The Client Attraction System®.

Draw on my strength through the pages of this program. Let’s fill your practice together. You can do this! I will show you how.

I believe in you. Then let’s soar together. Ok?

I love you,

p.s. Just know that it’s all guaranteed. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can read all about the guarantee here. Just go for it, ok?

Time to give something back…

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 27, 2011

This time each year, I am reminded of my many blessings and wonderful memories of past holidays. I am grateful for everything in the life I have created for myself with Derek, our family and our business. And I want to give back – give back to the community, give back to entrepreneurs.

During my Mindset Retreat this past September, many attendees worked hard to identify their Big Why – the ultimate purpose of their work.  It was heart-warming to see clients work through their inner gunk, take their vision and turn it into an action plan. I was moved as they revealed their stories, dreams and their Big Why.

Then something happened that I just didn’t expect: One of our private clients, Diane Conklin, was telling her story – and some folks wanted to donate money to her cause. What happened next moved everyone in the room… Everybody wanted to contribute. It was amazing to see so many people rushing to the stage to donate on the spot to support her. Over $1,300 was raised in a matter of very special moments.

It was so inspiring – right then and there I decided Client Attraction would also donate – we matched every penny.

We wanted to update you and let you know where we donated over $2,600 for a worthy cause. It’s helping other women around the world realize their dreams and create their own businesses in order to make lives full of their own blessings. We realized we could support women entrepreneurs around the world– many of them – through these two programs:

Leveraging the Internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. We have donated to several female enterprises all over the world.

Women for Women International has given hope to more than 299,000 women survivors of war and conflict and helped them move toward economic self-sufficiency with our year-long program of direct aid, rights education, job skills training, and small business development. We donated a significant financial contribution to this amazing organization to help so many women around the world.

I hope during this time of year you’ll consider making a donation to your favorite charity or organization – it makes such a BIG difference.

Derek and the team surprised me this week with a celebratory lunch, flowers, cards and a gift in honor of our Inc. 500 | 5000 ranking!

Fabienne Fredrickson
September 3, 2011

As you may know, I got a wonderful surprise last week when I found out that Inc. Magazine has recognized as one of its fastest growing private companies in America for 2011, with a 543% growth in 3 years. I can’t even begin to explain how humbled I felt by this honor. There’s more I want to share of course, so I recorded this special thank you video for you. Please take a moment to watch it so I can thank you personally for being a part of this honor and so that I can share with you my 5 strategies for growth in today’s economy (sorry about the tears at the end, I hadn’t planned on that…) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the congratulatory messages, cards, flowers and gifts that I’ve received. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and your words mean so much to me.

As my oh-so-sweet and relaxing month off (to rest and re-charge) comes to a close, I’ve had some true quality time to really reflect back on the journey of how I got where I am today. It felt soooo good and it made me realize that we all probably don’t take enough time out to stop and truly savor and appreciate the journey. If you’re like me, you’re always looking forward to what’s coming next-and that’s great-but once in awhile remind yourself of all that you’ve accomplished and take a few moments to look back with love, appreciation, understanding and celebration.

Enjoying a lot of family time together, here at a children’s museum focused on educating kids about recycling and the environment (they loved it!)

Fabienne Fredrickson
August 27, 2011

My month of vacation is winding down, and it’s been fabulous – I highly recommend you take a month off next summer, if possible. I’ve been able to spend a lot of quality time with Derek and the kids exploring fun things, visiting kids’ museums as a family, going to amusements parks and water parks and spending long leisurely days together at the pool and the beach, swimming at high tide and looking for little crabs at low tide (little Oliver loves this.) All in all, it’s been a really fun summer together. At the same time, I’ve also been able to spend quality time writing another book (this one actually has to come first!) and it’s really flowed. The response, from talking to close personal friends, is that this mainstream book is something all women should be reading, no matter what stage of their life they’re in. I’ll let you know more as it progresses, but all signs are pointing towards this being something very popular. Can’t wait to share it with you!

It’s Back-to-School time, even here at Client Attraction! The response to my new video featuring my kids and monopoly money and the Back-to-School Extravaganza sale has been absolutely over the top! I’m offering some of my best selling products at close to 60% off to help you get a head start for September-but fair warning-the sale ends TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT! Listen, I’m always, always learning new skills because we all need the necessary tools and resources to grow our businesses, get more clients and make more money. These high-value Client Attraction resources will help you just like they’ve helped thousands of my students. And NOW is your chance to get them all at a no-brainer of a deal (and by NOW, I mean by midnight tonight! After that, we go retail again!)

A sweet moment with my little Oliver as I was heading off to Texas yesterday for two speaking engagements

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 16, 2011

I just arrived in Dallas yesterday (I think this is actually my first time in Texas!) to speak at the annual eWomen Network Conference tomorrow morning. I’m speaking about “How to attract all the clients you’ll ever want (and join the top 5% of income earning women business owners). It’s going to be great networking and lots of fun. Then, on Sunday I’ve been invited to eWomen Network’s founder Sandra Yancey’s home for a low key, casual barbeque to celebrate the event. Should be fun!

Then on Monday, in Dallas, I OFFICIALLY kick off my popular Mindset Cross Country Tour across four US cities teaching my latest mindset secrets to help you create the life, income, and business of your dreams. It’s a full afternoon and evening of ME teaching YOU the secrets to increasing your income, dramatically, by using proven internal mindset principles. Have you registered yet? Make sure you take action today if you’re planning to join me because seats to spend a half-day with me for only $45 are almost gone. Register for my Mindset Tour here.

Oh, and let me tell you what I’m doing when I get back home next week. I’ll be hosting the FIRST call of my three-part high content, high value no-charge training series–all on the topic of Mindset. I hope you’ll join me for this power-packed free-training-calls because what we’re covering together transforms both your business and your life. Make it a point to be there. Watch the video for my Telephone Call Series, get all the details and register here.

Celebrating the 4th of July holiday on the water with good friends (and a traditional New England lobster clam bake)

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 9, 2011

The 4th of July is possibly my favorite holiday of the year and this past weekend was no disappointment! We invited close friends to join us for what became one of my favorites of all time. We kicked off the weekend with our traditional Friday Night Pizza and Wine at The Beach with our neighbors, followed the next day by lounging by the pool watching the kids dive in and out of the water ALL DAY. That evening, we enjoyed rum cocktails on the dock, overlooking the sailboats and a glorious sunset, listening to calypso music, before digging into a clambake of steamer clams, massive lobsters and all the regular trimmings, while giggling and watching the fireworks over the water. It was one of my favorite nights of all time and what made it even better was dancing under the stars (I’d kicked off my red high heels and we danced the night away.) FUN! I believe, deep in my heart, that it’s supremely important to enjoy life to the fullest. I hope you had a great time too…

Oh, and two quick reminders for you before you go off to enjoy THIS weekend…

I have the pleasure of speaking at the annual eWomenNetwork Conference taking place NEXT WEEK from July 14-17 in Dallas, Texas. I want you to come learn and network like crazy at this amazing event. Watch the video I did, telling you all about it here. Oh, and I almost forgot! I have a few ticket discount codes left to share with you so if you’re interested in coming to the event at a much lower rate, email my team at and we’ll be happy to give them to you. Remember, you’ve gotta get out there and meet people to get clients!

Then…right after that I’m hitting the road on tour across four different US cities teaching my latest mindset secrets to help you create the life and business of your dreams. It’s a full afternoon and evening of ME teaching YOU the secrets to increasing your income, dramatically, by using proven internal mindset principles. And I’m doing this all for the no-brainer price of $45! Have you registered yet? Make sure you take action today if you’re planning to join me because seats to spend a half day with me for only $45 are almost gone. Register for my Mindset Tour here, then book your flight, gather all your friends who have their own businesses and road trip to see me. I want to see you in person and teach you my best Mindset Strategies.

With my new Sapphire client extraordinaire, Tara Marino, recapping our amazing in-person time together

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 4, 2011

It’s been a really heart-warming week, starting with a FULL DAY in-person meeting with my new Diamond level client Heather Dominick. Last year, I had the pleasure of working with her twice at the Sapphire level where we took Heather just shy of the million-dollar mark…and she’s back for more, having just upgraded to the highest level of access and mentorship, the Diamond program. Our day of mentoring was outstanding and she received so much sophisticated marketing strategy and big vision from both Derek and me. Watch her continued success, it’s beautiful to witness her stepping into her next evolution (you can view an inspiring video of us discussing what she received during her full day meeting on my Facebook page.)

Next came the Bonus Day for some of my Winners Academy clients, a day we affectionately call “Fabienne Unplugged”. It was held at the Yacht Club, on a beautiful sunny day and we created many, many breakthroughs together…truly amazing.

And finally, yesterday, I had the pleasure of hosting my new Sapphire level client Tara Marino of Elegant Femme. Tara and her husband Dave flew in from France for our half-day strategy meeting and we mapped out a plan to easily triple her income— in the next six months, well exceeding her existing goals (and she’s already got a really good business and income, so it’s going to be fun.) Keep an eye on Tara…She’s going places quickly, and although she creates similar strategies with her own clients, she recognizes that we cannot always do it for ourselves, just as we can’t give ourselves a really good haircut. We ALL must get very high-level mentoring if we want to grow quickly and gracefully. We’ll post a video of us recapping our day on the Winners Academy siteshortly.

Oh, and just wanted to remind you…

I’m going on TOUR this July across four different US cities teaching my latest mindset secrets to help you create the life and business of your dreams. It’s a full afternoon and evening of ME teaching YOU the secrets to increasing your income, dramatically, by using proven internal mindset principles. And I’m doing this all for the no-brainer price of $45!

Have you registered yet? Make sure you take action today if you’re planning to join me because seats at this low price are going really fast (we’re already over 50% full so don’t say I didn’t warn you!) Register, book your flight, gather all your friends who have their own businesses and road trip to see me. I want to see you in person and teach you my best Mindset Strategies this July.

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