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How to Build Your List with SEO

Derek Fredrickson
August 16, 2013

How to Build Your List with SEOI get these questions all the time from clients and people I work with.Derek, what exactly is Search Engine Optimization, why do I need it and how does it work. More importantly, what specifically do I need to do about SEO?” And I don’t blame them because SEO is often confusing and overwhelming to people when it comes to online marketing and building their list.

In this week’s video I share my three most important SEO strategies—all in very simple and easy to understand language so you can incorporate the right SEO strategy for your business that will help you authentically build your list and get more clients.

Content is the new SEO. Relevant site content increases the odds of a higher search engine ranking. (Click here to tweet this.)

Click here to watch so I can explain just what SEO is, how it works, and share my three strategies with you. Once you start to follow my simple steps, you’ll be on your way to improving the rankings of your site in the search engines and as a result, building your list and attracting more clients!

Your Client Attraction Assignment

For each of the three strategies I shared, take a look and see what is missing or what you can improve. Knowing that content is the new SEO, perhaps a good starting point is to review past blog posts you’ve written and evaluate how they are relevant for the keywords and search terms you’d like to be ranked for. Where can you improve? Keep these points handy when creating future content to see how your search rankings improve as you continue to get better at prioritizing SEO when creating new content.

How to Build Your List with Joint Ventures

Derek Fredrickson
July 26, 2013

When it comes to building your email subscriber list with ideal prospects and customers, you may believe that you you’ve got to do it all on your own. You may leave it all to your own abilities and efforts and end up fighting an uphill battle by doing all of the work yourself.

Let me guess… do you often feel that way when it comes to list building? Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone… at least not anymore. There’s so much help and support out there when it comes to building your list. And in this week’s video strategy we’re going to talk about using joint ventures to build your email subscriber list.

Find joint venture partners who already have a target audience that will resonate with your message. (Click here to tweet this.)

In my personal opinion, joint ventures are an excellent way to efficiently and effectively build your list with ideal prospects and leads – in a very short amount of time. Joint ventures are strategic relationships with other people or partnerships that you create – to mutually support each other’s list building efforts.

Watch this week’s video for my top three key strategies to keep in mind when establishing and building joint venture relationships. Doing this alone is not the only option. From our years of experience at Client Attraction with dozens and dozens of joint venture partnerships, it’s been one of the biggest reasons we’ve been able to grow our email subscriber list to close to 75,000 people. And, now you can do the same with these 3 key strategies in mind.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Who can you partner with when establishing joint venture relationships? Often times they are people you already have a relationship with and you have a mutual interest in helping and promoting them (and they do of you.)

Sit down and write out that list of 5 top potential JV partners and do the reach-out starting today. Make the connections.  You’ll be happy you did when you start to see the results it has with your list building efforts!

How to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Build Your List and Attract More Clients

Derek Fredrickson
June 27, 2013

How to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Build Your List and Attract More ClientsAs you know, one of the best ways to attract more clients and make more money is to have a large email list of highly qualified prospects who need your services. In this video we’re going to talk about using paid advertising (or more specifically, pay per click advertising) to build your email subscriber list.

Pay-per click-advertising is when a potential lead or client clicks on your ad on websites like Google or Facebook and you pay for that exposure based on the number of clicks on your ad. Ultimately the click will drive the visitor from your ad to your website so you can build your list or sell your product.

PPC advertising when done with authenticity is one of the best ways to attract many more ideal clients. (Click here to tweet this.)

You might be saying, “Oh no – paid advertising? Is that really Client Attractive, Derek? I mean the idea of ‘paying real money’ for that type of exposure to get my message out there and attract more clients seems kind of yucky.”

Well, I’m here to tell you the opposite. Watch this week’s video so I can show you how and why pay per click advertising, when done properly and with authenticity, is one of THE best techniques to attract many (and I mean many, many) more ideal and highly qualified leads and clients to you – consistently. I’ll also share with you my three biggest reasons to consider it for your own business.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Ask yourself, “Is it time to consider a pay-per-click advertising campaign as part of my Client Attraction marketing and list building strategy?” If you’ve had some success in building your list using more traditional methods and looking to ramp up even more of your leads into your funnel, consider including PPC as a way to take it to the next level.

If you have the revenue stream set up and in place to monetize the expense of a simple ad campaign, it can very quickly and efficiently build your list with more ideal and highly qualified leads and clients.

How to Build Your List with Your Website

Derek Fredrickson
February 8, 2013

Today I want to talk to you about building your list with your website.  If there’s one question I get asked all the time by our clients and members of the Client Attraction community it’s this:  “Derek, what is the best way to build my list?”  Often, people expect some form of a magic bullet answer or a simple shortcut that will help them attract tons of ideal clients and prospects to their list overnight.

Well, as you can imagine, it doesn’t always work like that.  In fact, it doesn’t work like that at all. If it did, everyone out there would have thousands and thousands of subscribers on their list, which we all know is not the reality.  So, what does it take to build your list with ideal prospects, loyal fans and tons of subscribers that love your high value free content and your paid offerings? (Click here to tweet this.)

First, it’s important to understand a fundamental principle when it comes to building a list of email subscribers.  This principle is lead generation versus lead capture.  Lead generation is all about where you find ideal clients, either online or offline and how you attract them to you in ways that will want them saying, “This I exactly what I’m looking for.” They happily opt in to your list. There are probably hundreds of ways to do this and we’ll dive into many of those lead generation strategies in future videos.

Let’s look now at lead capture, which is the process by which someone actually joins your email list once they land on your website. In the online world, this is where practically all of your prospects will land when they find you—your website.

Chances are you’ve been focused exclusively on lead generation or what’s known as driving traffic to your site, but not necessarily focused on the critical elements and strategies of your website that will actually capture those leads onto your list once they land there.  So here is the formula that contains the three most important elements of a client attractive website that will effectively and easily build your list of email subscribers.

The formula is the following: video, opt-in, offer.  That’s it.  Those are the three most important website elements to have in place to build your list and I’m going to explain how each one of them works for you right now.

1.  Video –  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, considering everything we have at our fingertips with technology and online video, there’s really no reason to not be using video on your website.  Video is essential for developing a connection with your visitors.  Being able to have someone watch you and look into your eyes allows them to get a real sense of who you are. It builds likability and a trust factor that is very compelling when you’re asking them to enter something personal like their email address.

Look, for example, at  You’ll see just this in the video from Fabienne. She introduces the free CD and what it’s all about and how to get it.  It’s very compelling and it leads them to joining our list.

2. Opt-in –  The opt-in is a must have on you website.  Again, at you’ll see how we’re asking our visitors to enter their first name and their email address. It’s very visible.  It’s very clear to them how to do it and it’s not being lost elsewhere on the site.  It’s right there in the upper right for them to see and we spell out exactly how to do it with very simple-to-follow instructions.  Keep it simple for your visitors and your list will grow.

3. Your offer – This is what is often overlooked the most. Many websites I see don’t have a compelling offer but instead offer to “join my newsletter.”  Listen, I’m here to tell it to you straight, people don’t want to just join another newsletter.  It’s just more email in an already crowded inbox.  What do you they want?  They want something that is irresistible, something that’s compelling and something that’s free with great content that’ll have them jump at the chance of getting it and happily provide their contact information to receive it.

Just look at and see our free CD.  It’s high value.  It’s high content. And for someone who’s looking to attract clients, it’s in perfect alignment with what they need so they opt in happily to get it.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Now, here is your assignment.  I’m going to ask you to do an assessment of your current website.  Do you have all three of these elements in place?  If so, fantastic, you’re probably getting some great results and you’re building your list with highly qualified leads.

But, if you’re missing one or two or even all three of these elements you want to go ahead and change that.  You’re missing a huge opportunity.  Add that video to your homepage.  Create and irresistible and compelling offer and make sure your opt-in boxes are easily displayed with simple and easy to follow instructions.

Here’s the thing.  Building your list is critical if you want a steady flow of clients and customers, but we need to make sure your website is designed in a way to support that.

Now, imagine this scenario. If I were to send you 1,000 highly targeted and ideal clients to your website today, how many will actually join your list?  If you’re being honest with yourself, the number will probably surprise you.  Your success in business and attracting clients is dependent on a website that builds your list and these three strategies I just shared will help you do that.

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