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If you're in the ramp-up phase of your business, making $75k or less, and you're looking for more clients and to make more money, your primary focus needs to be on bringing in more clients fast and making more money.

If you've already got a pretty successful business, are making between $75k and $150k,but you're at capacity and working much too hard, then you need to create systems, get some help in your team, automate your marketing and leverage your business.

If you already run a very successful business, make at least $150k, and you know that you're ready to create a much bigger business, it's time to remove you from day-to-day operations, scale your business models, expand your visibility in the marketplace and be a true CEO.

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How affirmations set the tone for your success

April 16, 2014
How affirmations set the tone for your success

If you are working to attract clients and create a positive mindset, affirmations will help get you there. What a difference they can make! In case you aren’t familiar with this mindset technique, an affirmation is a positive statement about a goal you want to achieve, written in the present tense as if it is […]

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Why it makes sense to charge more for some of your services

April 14, 2014
Why it’s not selfish to charge more for some of your services

Sometimes my students struggle with how to price their services. There might be a particular service or segment of your knowledge that you feel has more value. You might have an idea that you should charge more for this piece, but feel unsure whether that is fair. Here’s how I look at it. Reframe How […]

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Two big steps before you train others to teach your proprietary system

April 9, 2014
2 Big steps before you train coaches in your proprietary system

As you work to grow your business, there are many options available to attract clients along the way. One thing that may tempt you is the idea of licensing your proprietary system and/or training coaches or trainers to teach it to others. This can be a lucrative revenue stream but first I recommend you follow […]

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Rule #1 about marketing: set a goal and create a plan to achieve it

April 7, 2014
Rule #1 about marketing: set a goal and create a plan to achieve it

If you are wondering how to increase your business and client attraction, the most important first step is to set a specific goal. So many people in business, especially those just starting out, don’t have a goal. They just want to get some clients. That does not really work very well. I have very specific […]

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Client Attraction: The business school for advancing entrepreneurs

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Monetize Your Message Live Event

Monetize Your Message

Join us for 3 days in May and we will personally show you exactly how to have a meaningful 6 or 7 figure business, embracing (and monetizing) your “inner woo”. Discover the spiritual marketing principles and authentic business growth strategies you’ll use to share your message with the world and make really good money. Just $595 for 3 days.

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The Client Attraction Inner Game of Abundance Mindset Retreat

Mindset Retreat, More Income and Ease for a life of True Freedom

I’ve discovered that you CANNOT expect money or a certain lifestyle and actually get it if, INSIDE, your subconscious thoughts and feelings dictate something different. And at every turn, these deeply ingrained beliefs and unhealed “emotional wounds” around prosperity and ‘deserving’ hold us back, keeping us from playing bigger and sabotage our success. If you’ve been wanting to create your own FREEDOM-BASED LIFESTYLE, be more authentic and experience true freedom (financial and otherwise) like I have, then you’ve found your solution. Our next retreat will be September 29-October 1, 2014. Just $995 for 3 days. 

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The Client Attraction System

The Client Attraction System
Need clients? This is the Ultimate Client Attraction instruction manual. It will show you EXACTLY what to start doing–and stop doing–in your marketing to attract ALL the clients you want, no matter how long you have been in business. I have outlined every Client Attraction technique in detail, and it is all there so you can start using it right away to get similar results. It is all step-by-step, not a big mishmash of things. So, you do step one, and when you are done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. So easy. Nowhere else will you find it as simple to put all the necessary elements in place, in clear language, and very specific assignments. Just $397 for our digital edition.

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