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How I got a roomful of 150 students to pinky swear

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 14, 2016

I’m with my Leverage Track students today, teaching this particular group of 50+ six and seven figure business owners how to turn everything in their business into a SYSTEM, so they can gain their life back and dramatically multiply their revenues.

And you know what? I’ve yet to tell them HOW to do it.

The “how to,” I’ve realized, always needs to come AFTER a few mindset shifts, otherwise, things don’t get implemented as quickly.

That said, today’s training video is the first of three on the mindset shifts required for you to take bigger action. It’s something I taught at our Growth Track meeting recently, and I think you would really benefit from it too.  

Because the truth is that I can teach you all the most effective marketing skills in the world, or show you the best way to create systems for doing anything, or the easiest way to create passive income, but if you don’t shift your mindset to embrace this new way of doing this, nothing will happen. Which leads to more of the same.  

So, in this week’s short, 2-minute video, here’s the first of those three mindset shifts that I believe will really be helpful for you. Watch it now:

You see, trust is one of the most valuable assets a business owner can have, and trust comes from being consistent.

Consistency is better than rare moments of greatness.

And at some point, you get to decide to be in it for the long-haul for those you serve…

Which is, btw…

How you play to win.

You in?

P.S. Going it alone is way too hard. We all need some help from our peers who get us. If you don’t have a room full of people to pinky swear with like our students did in today’s training video, find an accountability partner to pinky swear with.

P.P.S. This is the last email I’ll be sending you from the United States for quite some time. Our year-long adventure of living in Paris starts this Saturday. I am pinching myself and at the same time, a bit overwhelmed when I think of what needs to happen between now and our plane taking off on Saturday, to be honest. Send me some good juju! xoxo

  • Welcome to Europe juju : ))) All the best and love for you and your family, it will be a great adventure, Annett from Hamburg, Germany

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