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The strongest opponent you’ve ever faced.

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 15, 2016

(A loving warning… I’m going to be a little bold today.) 😉 

OK, here goes: 

You may think you want things to change. But the question I have for you today is… 

do you really? 

Do you have the audacity to be one of the few who actually becomes the person who achieves the goal or vision of your future self? 

Change sounds great… 

But in reality, change feels Un.Comfort.Able. And we are programmed to avoid it at all costs. 

In this week’s video, I get super real with you about the ego, fear and what it looks like when your old reality meets your new paradigm. It’s not often pretty, but it’s crucial you know this. Watch it now: 


When presented with an opportunity to experience change in our lives, our minds automatically go to the things we perceive we have to give up. We focus on the: 

Costs over rewards 

Losses versus gains 

Excuses versus possibilities 

And therefore, most people don’t experience change, even when they really, really want it. 

“The more important the goal or vision is for your soul’s evolution, the more resistance you will encounter as you pursue it.” 

And yes, damn. It sucks. I know, all too well. 

I would rather you know this now, so you can use this to your advantage going forward. 

Here’s the good news, though: 

You can outwit your ego, by understanding that the resistance you are facing as you move toward the things that you want is a sign that you are on the right path. 

Your ego is the most powerful opponent you will face in the pursuit of your business growth and personal evolution. Your ego would much rather you stick with the reality that you know (and don’t really want anymore) versus the future you want (but don’t know yet.) 

And the biggest tool that the ego deploys to achieve its goal is fear. And the fear SEEMS real and scary. 

This message to you today is a message from the other side of navigating my way again and again and again through the fear and false panic point I talk about in today’s training video. 

If you want to achieve your potential, surpass your goals and leave your mark on this world, you simply must learn to do what it takes to be afraid and do it anyway. 

There is gold on the other side for us bold hearts who are willing to bravely go through it, instead of looking for the “easy” and “painless” way. 

Rewards beyond our wildest imaginings await. 

I believe in you. More than you know, 

P.S. It’s my intention that this message inspires you to be bolder and braver. Remember it’s a “false” panic line. Once you get through it, you realize there wasn’t ever anything to be afraid of. <3

  • Powerful insights. I teach my ministry students that too often in their teaching they only “inform” people about spirituality but our goal should be to help people “transform” their lives. All of your teaching is intended to help us transform. You go far beyond “informing” us with infrmation. Information vs, transformation,

  • Nicole

    Awesome, Fabienne. Thank you, I needed that today. I’m going to watch that over and over.

  • Nicole

    Powerful video!

  • Karre Ann Wakefield

    One key you made that really hit home was ego and faith don’t play well together. So true! Thank you for that reminder. Also that the ego wants to keep me playing small. Finally, after being in CABS for 11 months now I am more and more convinced that what I want and what I have now require change which will take what you’e spoke of before in previous material, Focus, Discipline and a Mindset Shift. The next question is am I committed to living big or content with playing small? Thank you my friend.

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