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Meet Laurence… “I can’t find this anywhere else in the world”

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 27, 2016

With my little family and I moving to Paris in under 3 weeks, (wheeeee, it’s really happening)…  

…I thought you would enjoy getting inspired by one of our many international clients, who just happens to be French.  

Click on the short 2-minute video below to hear why Laurence hopped on a plane several times a year for more than 2 years to come learn from me and be in our tribe (HINT: she doubled her income TWICE and got her life back):


You may ask yourself why someone would travel all the way to the United States to participate in The Client Attraction Business School from overseas. (Isn’t there something similar there?)  

According to Laurence, there isn’t anything else like CABS in the world.  

You see, when you have the strategy and direction you need, the tools to get out of your own way and a tribe of people who will fiercely believe in you and lovingly hold you accountable to your goals, you scale quickly and get your life back.  

You go from being stuck, having no life, feeling stressed out and not knowing what to do next to having the amazing feeling that comes when it all….works. (You dramatically increase your income and finally experience freedom again.)  

I want you to really hear that it’s not that Laurence worked harder and put in more hours to double her business…twice. With the tools she got here, and her commitment to implement, she was able to serve way more clients, in less time. 

The process our business owners go through is now proven and it works time and time again.  

It’s why they come from all over the world and stay year after year.  


I kept hearing from business owners from Europe and the UK that they wished they could have me run a Leverage Track across the pond. For a long time, that wasn’t possible… 

…until now! 

In addition to the two Leverage Tracks I run in the U.S., I’m starting a Leverage Track of CABS in Paris this Fall to welcome business owners on that side of the world.  

Wherever you are, there is something incredible here for you.  

No matter where you are in the world, I assure you, this Strategy Call is incredibly valuable, and there’s no charge. I promise…just the Strategy Call alone will be worth it.

A bientot,

P.S. Why be lonely and lost when you can be among your peers with an aligned community at your back, with a step by step process so that you can know what to do next? The thing I want you to hear today is that you don’t get what you want…you get what you commit to. We are here to support you to hold that commitment – to yourself, your clients, your family. Join us.

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    Me too i just can’t find this anywhere in the world am so honored to have you guys

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