Will you write a book with me in 3 months? | Client Attraction Business School

Will you write a book with me in 3 months? 

Fabienne Fredrickson
May 19, 2016

I promise… This does not need to be hard.  

And it is one of the best ways to attract more of your ideal clients, get booked to speak and demonstrate value to your future clients… 

…so that they say:  

“I loved THAT! More. Please.”  

Watch this week’s video to get inspired to do something you’ve probably wanted to do for a long time, but perhaps decided it was too much work or too hard:  


So, what do you think?  

I have to share the truth with you (well, I always do that anyway)…  

I’ve had “write a new book” on my to-do list for a really, really long time. (You too, right??) And I am happy to say that my intention has become a reality and is coming to fruition very soon.  

My new book is coming out soon! 

I shared this with our Growth Track students at our February Growth Track meeting to create some accountability for myself (there’s nothing like making a commitment to the people you inspire that helps you make and keep a deadline)! 

And, to get them to write their own lead generation book… 

…by our next meeting in June! 

They happily took on the challenge and I can’t wait to see them all bring their new books to our quarterly meeting next month. 

I’m going to make this very easy for you. Here is the formula for attracting lots of clients: 

High content/high value + social proof + call to action = your full practice. 

And here is the formula for writing a short book with the sole purpose of lead generation: 

No need to write the next 1,000 page novel. Just pick enough points to get your point across, and flesh them out into “chapters.” You can record your chapters and have them transcribed and edited. You can hire a writer to do a first draft for you or someone to interview you and transcribe the text. You can break it up into one chapter at a time and check one off the list each day, or you can assemble blog posts you’ve already written. 

A book like this shouldn’t be long. In fact, our research showed that under 60 formatted pages is best. That’s about 10,000 words. Writing 500 to 1000 words per day is easy!  

(Hint: You can choose to make writing a book easy.)  

Will you join us? Will your book be one of the “babies” birthed from this challenge? It is an effort that will have returns for years to come, give you instant credibility and help you get more clients with ease.  

If you’re in, post a “Fabienne, I’m IN!!” in the comments. 

And please, share your book with me when it’s done. I can’t wait to read what you create.  

Now go be an author! 

P.S. You’ve so got this. One page at a time. xo

  • I took the challenge (kicking and screaming) in February… Now I’m a best selling author!!

    Love Up Your List: How to grow your tribe (and increase sales) with email marketing

    Go to LoveUpYourList.com to get it on Amazon

  • Jen Hickle

    I’m in!!!

  • I’m a little late to the challenge but I am all in! My book is started and I can not wait to share it with the world!

  • I’m in!! My new book will be arriving soon!
    Reaching Decision Altitude: An Executive’s Guide to Making the Jump from Corporate with Courage and Vision.
    Sign-up to receive pre-order notification at https://lnkd.in/eDFazmS

  • Anne Taylor, PhD

    I’ve been working on a book for way too long, and making it way too hard. I’ll try the lead generating short version. 11-Minute Yoga Meds: How to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, & Stress-Related Depression in 11 minutes a day. I’m in.

  • Deanna Eiting

    I’m in!!!!! Actually proofing my book this week. It’s Written and almost ready for printing press!!! Yahoo!

  • Hello Fabienne, bonjour à toutes !

    My challenge is not to write a book in 3 months !

    My challenge is: speak English well enough to not miss a single word on articles and videos on this site 😉
    It’s a challenge for me, because I don’t always hear good words. Some sentences remain a mystery 😉

    Thank you for the inspiration and motivation.


  • Rebecca Bardess

    Oh, you know I’m in. 🙂 <3

    • Glad to hear it, Rebecca! 🙂

    • @presensing

      Can’t wait to see what you create this time, Rebecca! <3

  • Evelina Kirilova

    Fabienne, I am in !!!

  • Shawn Michael

    I’m in!!!

    • Great, Shawn! Thank you for sharing!

    • @presensing

      Go Shawn – send me your opt-in when it’s done!

  • Karen

    I’m in!!!

  • Labfive

    I’m In!!! I will have my book ready for the July Leverage meeting. All day long writing, writing, writing!
    Cyndi of Laboratory5

  • Edward Kaylen

    Count me in!

  • Julia Thie

    I’m In! Just the challenge I needed!

  • Martha Brown

    Fabienne, I’m In!

  • Bonnie Copeland

    Fabienne – I love how inspiring and inspired you are. I’m in. Let’s do this!

  • Gail Dixon

    Fabienne –I’m in! See you in June with my book — Masterful Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Words – Volume 1 – Compelling Copy

  • Valton Triche

    I’m In ! i’ve been struggling with this for too long lets it it done…..

  • Valerie Holden

    Fabienne, I’m IN!

  • Pauline Duncan-Thras

    Fabienne, I’m in! Second book with a focus!May 20, 2016

  • I’m in – perfect timing!

  • Evelina Kirilova

    Hello, Fabienne !

    I am, Evelina Kirilova . I live an Bulgaria !

    For me it is double challenge – First I am learning English,

    and Second I am Writing Book .- Discover the Hidden Secrets of the Confident Child

    I am determined and willing to learn , but I would love to fast-track my learn and success.

    I want to be useful to parents and especially mothers to raise confident children,

    following my experience of mother reared confident daughter,

    who is 25 years old and have a successful international business.
    Best Regards !

    Evelina Kirilova

    • Thank you for sharing your purpose, Evelina! I look forward to reading your book!

  • Evelina Kirilova

    Thank you, Fabienne ! You are great 🙂

  • Carol J. Amato

    I have published 26 books so far. I’m on my third in my business series, which is “Maximize Your Visibility: Exhibiting at Book Fairs on a Shoestring Budget.” This is the one for the challenge. The first two, which are already out, are “How to Start and Run a Writers’ Critique Group” and “Maximize Your Competitive Edge: 17 Secrets to Make Your Small Business Look Like a Fortune 500 Company.”

    • I will add these to my reading list, Carol! Thank you for sharing!

      • Carol J. Amato

        Thanks, Fabienne!

  • hairsalontrainingpros

    It officially out – wanted to do this for some time Fabienne. How to Master Solo Startups was launched 3 months ago, it is available on Amazon. Designed for people starting their own businesses – written in simpe easy to read language. Thank you for the inspiration to get onto the next one.

  • Guylaine Voices

    Fabienne, I’m In!

  • Karrie Blew

    Fabianne, I’m In!

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