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Katie’s path to transformation

Fabienne Fredrickson
May 10, 2016

What would it mean to you to shift from confusion, overwhelm and wheel-spinning to clarity and success?

This week, I’m introducing you to Katie, who definitely fell into the prior category before she enrolled here at The Client Attraction Business School. You’ll hear why she stays, year after year, when you watch today’s 3-minute clip. Watch it now:

“I didn’t understand how to market. I didn’t understand sales. Or how to make potential clients want to work with me.”

Sound familiar? What I often see with newer entrepreneurs (actually, even those who make multiple six figures, now that I think about it) is that the foundation was never established to build on.

Many focus on learning advanced marketing strategies, but never learned who their target market is and whether or not that market is interested in what they are selling.

This is why the first year at CABS is so vital.

It’s how to KNOW that you’ve got a viable business and how to start generating revenue from it. I, of course, love when our students stay on for years two, three and beyond, because it lets me know that what we have for you here at The Client Attraction Business School is working so much that people don’t ever want to unplug.

(The tuition in CABS usually pays for itself in the first few months.)

The value of having a community to plug into, where you can get your questions answered before you know you have that question (love that, Katie!) and quickly progress in your business because someone else has taken that first step before you did, and will happily share the “how”…

…is priceless.

Are you ready? Are you ready to no longer reinvent the wheel?

It is a choice to stay in wheel-spinning mode.

We are here to help you. Seriously.

Simply raise your hand by clicking here to ask for support from one of our coaches and fill out an application.

And my wish for both of us is that we get to know each other for years to come, OK?

You’re no longer the lone ranger,

P.S. On the other side of confusion and overwhelm lies clarity and lasting results. Making your way to the other side, however, is challenging at best, impossible at worst, when you are going it alone. This is true for all of us. Our coaches are here to help…give them the opportunity to help you see what’s possible on the other side. Don’t be shyfill out your application now. We can help.

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