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A 3-year-old can do this (can you?)

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 28, 2016

OK, soooo, I have great news today.

You don’t actually have to understand the science behind Quantum Physics to use it to dramatically grow your business in your business, like I do (and thousands of my clients have done).

It’s actually so simple that anyone can do it (even a 3-year-old)!

The even better news is that there is increasing scientific evidence that supports what I’m sharing with you today, even if this may not yet match your understanding of how reality works.

Here goes:

Everything you experience exists because of energy and probabilities of existence. You are literally living in a fluid reality, where results are impacted by your observation and focus.

You may be thinking, “Really? Sooooo, what does this have to do with my business?”

Watch this week’s 4-minute training to learn this crazy awesome process and why it works:

You see, all you need to do is CHOOSE, choose what you wish to experience and observe in your business. If you put your attention on this with consistency, it will be so.

You will manifest even faster when you have Clarity, Focus and Certainty around exactly what you want.

The challenge that I see many entrepreneurs have is that they aren’t clear about what they want, are afraid to claim it for themselves, are focused (if not obsessed) on what they don’t have yet or are inconsistent with their belief that they can have the thing they want.

So, let me ask you the following questions to support you in creating Clarity, Focus and Consistency:

What are you really putting your attention on in your business? What are you expecting? What are you creating with your consistent focus? What do you want to manifest?

And (just as importantly) what kind of support would help you keep your desire front and center in your actions and attention?

Share your answers with me in the comments, and don’t forget to post them where you can read them several times a day.

It is really that simple (see…no physics required).

Happy manifesting!

P.S. The best advice I can give you is to NOT try to understand this intellectually, but rather to simply try it as an exercise in faith. Do the exercise in the video and keep your answers front and center in your awareness (post them on your fridge or bathroom mirror).

P.P.S. Please do let me know what you experience as a result of this exercise. It’s had a huge impact on the results in my own business and in the businesses of the thousands of people we serve. (You can share your good news in the comments.)

  • Heather Waring

    I want to manifest huge numbers of happy clients who have experienced all the benefit of walking both mentally and physically and who feel so much better for it, and whose lives have been turned around and changed as a result of walking with me and my team and taking part in our programmes and challenges. They share the experience and as a result many more clients flow my way, it is a never ending stream of women with whom I am able to do what I love and together we can make a huge difference in the world.

  • Active Travel Pro

    I see a consistent number (one new call a day would be amazing!) of people, whether new clients or current, call to tell me about their amazing ideas for a new adventure and ask me to make it happen for them. And so it will be, Fabienne. Thanks for the reminder to CONTINUE and be CONSISTENT with the practice of manifesting. I actually have some cool stories from the last several years since connecting with you and this idea.

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