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Marketing as a divine tool?

Fabienne Fredrickson
March 9, 2016

I cannot pretend to be or do anything that I am not.

And there is a vital component to my experience of success that I want to share with you, even though it feels a little edgy to do so.

If this conversation makes you uncomfortable, it’s ok. This is simply the truth of what has allowed me (and our students) to shift from struggling in business to experiencing absolute abundance.

The woman whose story I share in this week’s video clip is not alone. You may also cringe at the idea of having to market your business. It is my hope that you will have a new perspective after you watch this week’s content-rich video.

Watch it now:

Can you begin to see how marketing can be an expression of your divine connection to your purpose?

Manifestation, metaphysics, quantum physics and what I like to call Vortex-y Goodness are directly correlated to your ability to get more clients, make more money, multiply your business and monetize your message.

This is about way more than marketing for money’s sake (and there is nothing wrong with marketing for money’s sake, when done with integrity). This is about tapping into the divine to support you to bring your powerful work to those you are intended to serve.

More money simply happens to be an outcome of this alignment.

I know this to be true. In every cell of my being.

And I hope this week’s 7-minute video gives you a sense of hope and relief.

The reason I want to inspire you to take a spiritual approach to marketing is because it means you are never alone. In any moment the Universe, God, Source, the Angels and “All That Is” are available to you, should you ask for their guidance, even (yes) for marketing.

Know that I do this before every event, coaching call and yes, even before I sat down to write this blog post for you today.

In business, I believe that we are being called to a new level of understanding, where abundance and spirituality co-exist in the name of transforming the planet through our work as business owners. And I believe that we must be brave and speak our truth.

Will you share with me in the comments section how this week’s topic lands for you? Edgy? Right on point?

This is one of the most powerful conversations of our time, one that I’ve been leading for years, and I would love to hear how it resonates for you.

With love (and abundance),

p.s. Doesn’t it feel amazing to know that the Universe has your back and that you are never actually alone? This conversation inspires me to share one of my favorite Albert Einstein quotes: “There are two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. And the other is as if everything is a miracle.” I highly recommend the latter. <3


  • Victoria Whitfield

    This is EXACTLY why I joined your Tribe, Fabienne. I don’t want to study or work with someone who can’t acknowledge Spirit in my life and business. THANK YOU for standing up for us and boldly raising the vibration of marketing through the roof. I love you and I respect you!! I wouldn’t be who I am without this exact conversation, and for the record I love who I’ve become because of our work together — and so do my clients! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Colleen Parson Sedgwick

    So good!

  • Julia Laemmerhirt

    You did not come out of the closet, you burned it down! Looove it! I agree with Victoria Whitfield – I only want a spiritual coach und divinely guided marketing. This is the secret sauce of this community 🙂

  • Sandra Jones

    On point Fabienne. Thank you so much for this reminder.

  • Ani Dimitrova

    I loooove this! This combination of spirituality and business is what really attracted me to you and your work, Fabienne 🙂

  • Valeri Hall Little

    After I watched this video, I closed my eyes and sat in quiet listening to the rain outside. What came to me was my guide. Mother of Nature, Spirit + Light. She is my new best friend! Thank you for introducing us, Fabienne.

  • Wendy Burch

    This was really freeing. I realized that every time I asked for Spirit help it felt like it was because I was failing, not able to do it on my own. Even I forget we are not meant to do it on our own, it’s too big! That help and GUIDANCE is there to support us in our mission. Thanks Fabienne; today really shows that when you are your Self you give others permission to be so too. Lotsa Love, More Love!

  • ChicMom

    I love this and love asking for divine guidance. Thank you for this!

  • Thanks for being brave enough to “go there.” It’s giving me permission to do the same in my business which is about creating health and endless vitality from the inside out. I believe it’s time that spirituality comes out of the closet. Who’s with us?

  • JB Franke

    It is a thought of positive approach.

  • Milvia Lagarda

    wonderful, I usually say a small prayer but know I will be more detailed when I ask for help and guidance!!! Thanks for sharing

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