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Meet Shelley (and get big time inspired) :)

Fabienne Fredrickson
February 29, 2016

People often tell me how truly inspiring it is to witness the success stories of others who are just a few steps ahead on the path to success. (I do too. It makes me think I too can achieve THAT.)

In fact, our innovative community of business owners has a saying:

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

It’s the deep gratitude in knowing that when one of us reaches a big goal, it makes it possible for all of us to do the same.

In that spirit, I’d love for you to hear from one of our self-proclaimed “masters” of our Client Attraction Business School

Truth be told, she’s earned the right, because Shelley has been a student here for four years and counting!

And while some may think it’s because her results were less than stellar and she needed more help (ha! wait ’til you see the video below!) what you’ll hear is something completely different…

Take the next 6 minutes to get inspired and dream bigger by watching it now:

(Please watch it ’til the end as the last minute or so is incredibly profound, a valuable teaching moment in itself.)

The ripple effect of success that Shelley talks about is one of the most powerful accomplishments I see our students make. There’s simply nothing better than being able to provide a pathway to happiness and freedom for the people we love.

It can be quite humbling and awe inspiring. Imagine being able to create this for your family.

And what I also love about what Shelley shares (other than the really awesome and very true things she has to say about Derek) is her recognition of the power of bypassing her own ego.

Our ego will always defend its entrenched position, which is the status quo.

As an advancing entrepreneur, you must learn to thank that ego voice for its concern but then make decisions that lead you toward the big vision you have for yourself and your business, NOT away from it.

It is a requisite to your success.

Shelley doesn’t stay connected to The Client Attraction Business School because she’s struggling. Oh no, quite the opposite! She stays because she’s thriving. She’s learned that having this level of support and community is vital to her taking her business to the highest level possible.

This is what we do, and people like Shelley are why we do it.

I invite you to join us. This is a business school like no other. And there’s just no reason for you to work on your business alone anymore. Not when there are people like me and Shelley to cheer you on, give you resources, challenge you to play bigger (lovingly) and believe deeply in you.

We are here, ready to support you with proven training and systems, caring coaches and an aspirational community.

It’s time. It’s your time

Fill out your application to speak to one of our Strategy Coaches here, today.

I look forward to seeing you four years from now and cheering you on, too!

You’ve got this,

p.s. If you’ve been dancing around your decision to explore joining this community, I hope you’ll listen to Shelley’s advice (not mine about the cocktail, I was just kidding!) and take the leap by applying for a chat with one of our Coaches today.

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