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My TED talk is ready (a dream come true)

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 16, 2015

It’s with deep gratitude that I share with you my newly-released TEDx Talk today (click on the image to watch it):

I feel like I should pinch myself.

I’ve been watching TED talks for years, at my desk, showing them to clients and watching them with my family after dinner to educate them with ideas worth spreading.

To me, these talks are a window to the world of knowledge and possibility. They bring me great inspiration and the motivation to think bigger about what I’m here to do…

…and what you are here to do too.

And because of that, it is surreal for me to share this clip with you today.

The topic is Activating Your Potential for Greatness and in this 18-minute talk, I share with you the valuable lessons I’ve gained in own my life and as a result of working with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs…

…who boldly commit, with their heart and soul, to play a bigger game in service to others.

The contents of this talk (and my 8 simple but powerful activators to greatness that anyone can employ) are what I believe most in the world.

You can watch the TEDx talk and post a comment for me to read here.

I believe that you too have the potential to do great things, even if you don’t yet feel equipped or believe you have what it takes to crush all your existing limitations.

I promise. You do have what it takes.

Can’t wait to read your thoughts about the talk in the comments.

Love you,

p.s. Hey, I believe that this is indeed an idea worth spreading. Who do you know that could use a boost of confidence today? What group of people or network do you belong to that needs to hear this message? It would be my greatest honor if you shared this link with them.

Thank you. You are awesome and I am so grateful for you. xoxo

  • Well done, Fabienne! I’m adopting the mantra!! 🙂 xo Ellen

  • Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen

    Awesome talk Fabienne! Thank you for sharing your truth and modelling your greatness for us through this talk.

  • Ewa Andrykiewicz Zmyslona

    Brawo Fabienne !!! Excellent speech!!!

  • Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

    Fabulous analogy! Really exciting Fabienne. Congratulations.

  • Niamh Roche

    WOW! Love it! Congratulations..

  • Theresa Anne

    Fabienne, you’re a great speaker! SO inspiring 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • What a great speech. I even send it to my daughters. Congratulation!

  • Kasia Fossa

    Congrats!!! Thank you so much Fabienne!!! I have been listening to you for over a year!! You are a true INSPIRATION!!! You’ve helped me become a better me!!! All the best to you and your family!!!

  • Dolores G Hirschmann

    You rocked it! Great job.

  • PatrickConley

    Congrats Fabienne! Great TED Talk 🙂

  • Lancia Soans

    Brilliant Fabienne! I have tears in my eyes, it is like listening the first time, but this time I feel every single word, because now since being around you and the community, I am beginning to see clearly. Thank you!

  • The thing I needed to hear the most was “Protect yourself”. I tend to allow myself to get used on a lot of little things until I’m used up. I will start protecting myself.

  • Melanie Torti

    Brilliantly delivered! Such an important message, thank you for sharing it!

  • Karen Cochrane

    as always Fabienne, you help the world ” Embrace our Magnificence” sharing your incredible brownies! Love you; feeling Blessed and Grateful for knowing you! Rock on!

  • Vicki Fisher

    Fabienne – I sat in awe and listened and was so inspired by you. I can not wait to share this message.I will share it on my business page, personal facebook page, twitter and so forth. I believe we are all valuable and that is my exact message to others, to serve and support others. I am a domestic abuse survivor and started a Virtual Assistant service (or rather it was manifested) in my life last year. My passion is music, writing and speaking – in essence – ‘the gift of words’. I believe life is moving just as it is supposed to and your message was the order of the day! Thank you. God bless you…Vicki

  • Congrats on the TED talk! I also have a goal of speaking at TED. By the way, I took the leap. I’ve been talking for several weeks with Jennifer Flynn after experiencing one of the toughest weeks professionally, and tonight before I watched this Ted talk….I became a Growth Track CABS student. I have already implemented some of the ideas you gave in the TED talk, I write and review my goals silently and outloud so my own brain recognizes my goals. However, as I logged into Disqus to comment, I notice my previous responses. I have not been committed. I’m looking forward to CABS because I’m ready to live this TED talk, and finally fulfill my duty in this world! I have no option but to be successful.

  • Elaine Rémy

    Congratulations Fabienne! You did it! And it was brilliant! You continually inspire me…Very grateful for your input into my life… So glad I joined the CABS Growth Track in Paris this year. Can’t wait to be served by you again in London next year! 🙂 Until then, I’m going to keep serving my own tribe with the help and support of the CABS team and all those wonderful Cabbies out there!!! Blessed to be a blessing, you are. Thank you…

  • Olwen Anderson

    Congratulations Fabienne! What a great talk and what a great experience for you!

  • Chris Walker

    Thank you Fabienne, that was awesome! I’m so proud and inspired by all that you have been able to do!

  • Awesome TED Talk, Fabienne! Congratulations, and thank you for all you do!!

  • ChicMom

    thank you for this amazing Ted-Talk!! You sparked something in me!!

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