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Do you get stopped by excuses?

Fabienne Fredrickson
July 23, 2015

I was chatting with my kids the other day, about a lesson I’ve learned that can apply to every aspect of life…

…especially your business.

Here’s what we talked about over spoonfuls of cereal:

The difference between successful people and those who are not yet successful is the willingness to do what others aren’t willing to do.

(Pretty powerful stuff, actually.)

I recorded this new 4-minute video for you to tell you (vulnerably) about a time I really regret not hopping on a certain plane to meet a certain group of people.

It’s about how the excuses we (unknowingly) use as entrepreneurs hold us back from really growing a business.

After watching the video, would you please get vulnerable too and tell me:

What is the primary excuse you have used in the past that, now that you’re aware of it, typically has stopped you from saying yes to big opportunities?

I’d like to hear what it is in the comments here, OK?

Let’s start taking a no-excuses approach together. It’s the only thing that will separate you from the rest.

Thank you so much for reading this today.

Sending you love, Fabienne

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  • Stacey Martino

    Holy Moly! Fabienne, this video is PERFECTION! So well said!!!! YES! SO true!!! In the past, my go to excuse was always “Not Now!” And when I stopped saying that, I created a multiple six figure business doing what I love, hosted several amazing live events a year for our clients and started serving tens of thousands of people….because I joined the Client Attraction Business School!!! And it all started at a Mindset Retreat for me!!!! thank you!!!! Can’t wait for this year’s Mindset Retreat in October! This will be the FOURTH Mindset Retreat for Paul and I! We wouldn’t miss it! Can’t wait!! LOVE YOU!

  • My excuses are time, money and (don’t laugh) fear of flying (OMG how ridiculous does that look written down!!!). Look forward to seeing you in Paris on Tuesday (I am travelling by train…lol).

    • You can get past these excuses, Kathrin! 🙂

    • Elizabeth Spevack

      Kathrin – I would write the same about flying! There are some amazing workshops and programs and if they’re far away, I’ve often talked myself out of them, along with some other excuses too. I can relate!

  • don’t have enough money or cost is out of our budget. Can’t leave because have too much work to get done to support clients right now

  • John Stancik

    My excuse is that “It’s not part of my current plan.” Anything is possible when you improvise, adapt, overcome.

  • Valeri Hall Little

    My excuse is “I don’t have enough money.” That has kept me stalled in my business for far too long. Now I’m ready to move beyond that excuse and finally invest in myself and my business! Scary … but exciting.

  • Kelly

    ok ( gulp) Mine is always “i dont know how” … Perhaps putting it out there will be the reminder I need that I have everything I need inside me… You have given me alllll the marketing tools. That’s why it’s back to the mindset retreat again this year for me… to finally rip off the final layer XO

  • What a great topic. I think my biggest excuse is time. But in a few weeks that will change as I transition out of a part-time job to full-time self-employment. Thanks for a great post! Facing our fears/nightmares is such an important part of our journeys as entrepreneurs. My biggest nightmare since I put in my notice was that I was going to have to eat moldy bread because I was so broke. I tell more of this story on the website Go there to anonymously tell your funny, sad, heartbreaking story of entrepreneurship!

  • Phil Eldred

    Most often it’s “I don’t have enough money” because I believe it is true which would make it a reality rather than an excuse. It’s sort of a catch 22 because the training that I believe I cannot afford could give me the ability to create the money that I need to take the training and much more!

  • Carol Hatton-Holmes

    My excuse is the same as Valeri “I don’t have enough money”. I agree with Valari that this has kept me from being able to move forward.

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