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Once impossible, now easy…

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 11, 2015

I have been riding on such a high this week…

First off, anytime I’m on a stage, sharing my wisdom and my love, I’m so, so happy.

And over the past 3 days, I’ve lovingly shown a ballroom full of entrepreneurs who deeply want to change the world (by shining their light brighter) how to do just that.

Lives were changed as they were inspired to achieve what they previously believed was impossible.

Which prompted me to share this with you too, in this week’s new content video…

Perhaps you’ve thought of shooting for something big in your business or your life, but you didn’t know if you could actually do it.

Perhaps it seemed too big, too daunting, too much of a stretch…

Maybe you didn’t even try because you were afraid you could fail, or maybe even succeed!

And here’s what I have learned over the years:

Achieving big, and I mean REALLY BIG, things in your business and life, and actually believing they can happen, is all a matter of…


Yup, in fact, you can watch my 5 minute video here where I describe what I personally do (including my funny face exercise) that has me attempting what most would never attempt.

And achieving it.

It’s so easy that it’s like learning how to ride a bike or how to tie your shoes (you’ll get the reference when you watch the video).

And once you understand this one simple concept, you’ll see that all that was once impossible for you can now be easy.

I’m curious, what is it that you’ve accomplished in your life or business that once seemed impossible? Please tell me in the comments here, OK?

Can’t wait to “read” you and respond. xo

p.s. Speaking of attempting the impossible, not sure if you know, but I’m going on Tour to several U.S. cities this summer! Yes, I’m going on the road for my Millionaire Entrepreneurs Mindset Secrets road show, and for the first time ever, it’s free. Interested? Curious about where I’m going and what I’m going to talk about on Tour? I’ll be sharing more information, like how to sign up, soon… keep an eye out! 🙂

  • Pam Norton

    I remember the first time I had to drive a stick shift. I was in high school at a party with my boyfriend and we got into a huge fight. I said I wanted to leave so he tossed his car keys at me and told me to go ahead. It took my over 1.5 hours to back the car up the driveway because it was on a hill. I was crying my eyes out angry at him and scared about hitting the car parked in front of us. But I finally did it and then herky-jerked my way home. I’ve driven a stick shift ever since – for 40 years, and I don’t even think about it anymore. In fact when I rent a car I automatically put my foot on the non-existent clutch and reach for the gear shift. I had the same feeling the first time I wrote a blog post – it took hours to hit the final enter key to publish it – and my first few client calls. Once impossible – now easy and fun!

  • When I first bought an iPhone, eons ago, I wondered how in the heck I’d ever learn all it could do. I’m still learning, but I’m also loving the act of discovery, and in turn, am teaching others. So empowering!

  • What seemed impossible before, being a mom. Not to say it’s easy now… but it’s doable. Every day. 🙂 What seems impossible now? Finishing my album and getting paid to perform around the country and the world. I believe that it’s possible for me. Boy is it a lot of work, though! Thank you for this share, Fabienne.

  • Colleen Parson Sedgwick

    Starting my coaching business. The overwhelm held me back for so many years and now it’s flourishing. I love you, Fabs! You’ll never know the profound effect you’ve had on my life. Thank you!

  • Leslie Zucker

    A few years ago, I tried to learn to play the ukulele. It seemed impossible to keep a rhythm going with my strumming hand and find the notes with my other hand at the same time. And, then to sing at the same time, seemed even more impossible. Now I can roughly do all three – albeit as a beginner.

  • Theresa Derderian

    18 months ago it seemed impossible that I would find a coaching program that fit me. By saying “yes” to a series of opportunities I encountered Fabienne and her Client Attraction Business School. Last week I had the privilege of spending an intimate 3 days with her and 50 other amazing people from around the world. Thank you Fabienne for creating an environment that attracts people doing incredible work, willing to be vulnerable, and inspired to serve. This community is vital to my continued growth and evolution, and I will forever be grateful to Kelly Schaefer for introducing me, and Stacey Martino for helping me “over the hump.”

  • I curated and co-organized A TEDxWomen event in 7 weeks. The awesome news is that volunteers said yes, the tickets sold out 72hrs and more people have been inspired to bring their TEDx event to their communities to share women ideas. It’s miraculous what happens when you step out of your comfort zone and in faith.

  • Congratulations on your podcast!!! So happy to hear you’re sharing your brownies 😉

  • Trena

    For me, yes, it is a number of things. Two that stood out in my mind is filling two events: one to capacity and the other with only overflow space available. I did that will my marketing skills and collaborating with others! My next goal is to secure more clients who happily pay my coaching fee.

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