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How to overcome fear of self-promotion

Fabienne Fredrickson
March 10, 2015

shutterstock_127836956One of my biggest marketing strategies for people who are new in business is to send a “Warm Letter.” This is a letter that lets your contacts, family and friends know what you are up to. In this letter you explain:

• The service or products you offer
• Who your ideal client is
• Examples of customer successes with your offering
• How they can send you referrals

In the Warm Letter, you can also share testimonials for happy customers and clients, announce new offerings and share news with your list of contacts. The idea is to stay top-of-mind. Warm Letter campaigns can help you drum up business and increase your client base. These are people who already know and like you, so they feel safe referring others who could benefit from what you do.

Number one reason people don’t send Warm Letters
Surprisingly, you might think business owners don’t use this powerful referral tool for these reasons:
• They don’t feel comfortable with their writing skills
• They don’t know what to write about
• They don’t get to it on their list of to-dos
• They can’t afford the postage
• They feel the list of contacts is too small to bother with

However, these fears can be, not one is the main reason business owners don’t send a Warm Letter. The main reason business owners don’t send the letter is a fear of criticism, pushback, humiliation or rejection.

What is the opportunity cost of not sending the letters?
This fear of what other people will think and the risk of feeling humiliated can be almost crippling. It can keep you from building your business and hold you back from putting yourself out there. When you let the fear take over, you might not offer your amazing products or service to those who could really benefit.

The good news? You can get past this fear and move forward. Here are two empowering suggestions to overcome your concerns.

1. More people will like you than dislike you. Yes, a few people might not like what you have to say. I say, “So what?” Not everyone will approve of everything you do 100 percent of the time. Don’t hold back while worrying about a few naysayers who don’t get you.

2. Keep the people you can help in mind. Think about the people who will really grow and improve their situations based on what you have to offer. Don’t hold back due to fear, because you will be letting people down. They need your solution, so push yourself to share openly.

It‘s your duty to send your Warm Letter and share your brilliance with others. The more people who know about what you do, the more who will benefit. There is a point in life when you have to face the fear and do it anyway.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
It’s time to get over the fear of self-promotion. Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that can happen?” Your feelings might be hurt? Yes, that is possible. But, if you’re speaking the truth in your letter and it can help a handful of people, then you must do it.

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