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How to handle when prospects say, “I can’t afford it”

Fabienne Fredrickson
March 5, 2015

I can’t afford itSome entrepreneurs are doing everything right to attract their ideal clients. But, for some reason, they aren’t closing the sale with as many potential clients as they would like. Even though they create excitement and prospects seem jazzed about working with them, they don’t get enough people to sign up. You may know exactly what I’m talking about if this is happening in your small business.

If you are hearing, “I can’t afford it” from your potential clients, try these two tactics to get more clients.

1. Address the idea of investment in your “Interview with…” Be sure you have a section in your “Interview with [your name here]” about investing in yourself. Investing in yourself is a mindset. Ask potential clients to read the interview before your “get acquainted” call so they discover answers to many of their potential objections, including affordability.

2. Talk about how you’ve invested in yourself. When speaking to a prospective student, I’ll say, “You know, in my own life, the only thing that’s gotten me where I am today is that I’ve been willing to invest in myself. Without that, I wouldn’t even be close to this level of success.” I share how I belong to two mastermind groups, have three mentors and continue to get coaching. I tell people how these investments pay for themselves in the form of increased revenue.

The truth is a lot of people say they can’t afford something, but then they buy a flat screen TV and can somehow afford that. So, it helps for potential clients to read about this piece on mindset and investing in your “Interview With…” ahead of time. Of course, they need to see the value of working with you and be clear on what they can achieve as a result.

All of these ideas will help you get clients as they better understand why investing in themselves is necessary to achieve the results they want.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Have your written your “Interview with…” yet? This is an important page on your website which addresses frequently asked questions (FAQs) and also responds to common sales objections BEFORE you speak to your prospects. If you haven’t prepared this document and posted it on your site, make time this week to get it done.

This is just one of the many best practices we dive deep into with the students of The Client Attraction Business School, the premier training school for growth-minded entrepreneurs looking to quickly attract more clients and make more money. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit for more details. To speak to an enrollment coach, click here.

  • Mark Mauriello

    Hmmm, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, in the incredibly valuable curriculum of the Client Attraction Business School, that’s where.

    People ‘afford’ everything they want badly enough, like that tech-busting TV. When we hear this phrase from prospects, it is a clear indicator that they do not yet perceive our value as exceeding our price – the amount they will need to invest. Nor do they see yet, how many dollars they will reap as a result of making the investment – ROI. So, just keep deepening the conversation over time until the light goes on. ‘No’ is always only ‘No, for now’. Thanks, Fabienne – honoring the one who dug the well.

    • Thanks for sharing your a-ha, Mark! So right on with everything you said. Have a great day!

  • This is a great article!! 🙂 It is so well written and it speaks right to the HEART of how people think and how they react with their money! I for one am so grateful and thankful that I “FOUND” the money needed to join the Client Attraction Business School Last May of 2014. I knew that it was EXACTLY what I needed to grow my two new businesses and that I would have been so LOST without the guidance of Fabienne, Derek, and the wonderful Staff and other students of the Client attraction business school! 🙂 Yes anyone and everyone can get the money somewhere if it really is a PRIORITY to them and if they really want it bad enough. I love turning a negative into a positive and instead of saying “I CAN’T AFFORD IT” saying “HOW CAN I AFFORD THIS?” and thinking of ways to do it and obtain whatever you are wanting or needing in your life!! 🙂 (Fabienne’s 50 ways method is Brilliant for this!!) 🙂 Thanks for this mind provoking article. It was very helpful and I enjoyed reading it!

    • Hi Kellie! Thank you for your insights and comments on how this article applies to your life. I’m sure many of our readers can relate to your experience – you exemplify how mindset and attitude is everything! Woohoo! I love it ♥

  • This is so true even in our line of business. People often complain about how costly translations are because they don’t see them as an investment in the company. We recently had a client who built a very modern super luxurious development in the heart of London, which must have cost a fortune to build, and yet they would spend additional couple of hundred pounds to translate the beautiful brochure that they had produced to promote the development in the target market. What a shame!

    We try to encourage businesses to translate smartly, saving their time and money by doing so, but it’s not always easy to make people realise that the money spent is an investment in their business.

    Przemek Kalemba

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