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Three ways to build your email list in person

Fabienne Fredrickson
December 2, 2014

email-listYou’ve created a compelling Irresistible Free Offer (IFO) to build your email list on your website. This is a powerful way to encourage visitors to share their name and email address in exchange for valuable information. The bigger your list of contacts, the more prospects you build relationships with by sending your marketing materials.

The Irresistible Free Offer is often a free report, ebook, audio program or video series that provides strategies around your ideal client’s biggest problem – the one that keeps them up at night. Your offer shares information about the highly desired solution they seek.

However, to build your email list even more rapidly, there are many other ways you can use your IFO beyond your website. To start, clearly identify your ideal client and then think about where you can find them, in person. This will help you figure out how to expand your reach so the most people possible can gain access to your IFO.

These are three of my favorite methods to broaden your exposure in person:

1. Speaking Engagements. Bringing up your IFO is so easy during a presentation, and it’s simple to provide the audience with access. Mention your offer and then tell people to fill out a signup sheet or drop a business card into a basket going around. Either way, everyone who gives you their name and email will be sent your free offer.

2. Your Business Card. When networking, tell everyone you exchange business cards with about your offer and how they can get a copy. Also, put the text on your card about how to get your IFO. The back of your business card is often unused real estate – now you can put it to work for you! This works great anywhere you go, whether you are in your hometown or traveling for business. The more people who have your card, the more potential prospects will be added to your list.

3. Joint Venture Partners. Working with partners who serve the same ideal clients as you do is a fantastic way to expand your reach and expose more prospects to your IFO. Your partner might send out a dedicated email encouraging her list to get your IFO, host you on a teleclass or offer your free gift as part of a larger giveaway. Partnerships are one of the fastest list building methods available.

Basically, the more ways you can find to share your free offer, the faster you will build your email list. Your business will start to gain momentum once your email list reaches 1,000 contacts. Building your list helps to fill your pipeline and keeps new customers and clients coming into your marketing funnel. That’s how you fill your practice and grow your business.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Do you have an Irresistible Free Offer? If you do, take a minute to review and notice if there’s anything you can update or tweak to keep your offer current and helpful. If you don’t have one, it’s time to create this powerful incentive for prospects. Your IFO is a dynamic way to share your brilliance and the solutions your prospects avidly seek, as well as let people get to know you.

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