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Three ways to shift your mindset and move through a business breakdown

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 6, 2014

three-ways-shift-mindset-move-business-breakdownOccasionally students come to me upset because everything seems to be breaking down in their business. This may surprise you, but I usually take a moment to congratulate them. No, I’m not heartless. Even though this seems counterintuitive, I have found a big breakdown of systems often precedes a big breakthrough in client attraction.

I’ve had experience with this myself. I was in the middle of a big launch when everything started to fall apart and I faced a huge disaster. I called my mentor at the time, crying, and she said to me, “Congratulations.” I responded that this was not a time to be funny because everything was going wrong and I had lost thousands of dollars and opportunities in one night. My mentor explained that this was the big breakdown before the big breakthrough.

What I’ve learned over the years of continually playing a bigger game is that when you take steps to break into the next level of success, the ego often fights back. This shows up differently for every person.

You say you want to go to the next level, but your ego, belief system or fear can hold you back. Sometimes it shows up as a health or a money issue. Clients might back out, a friend might upset you or technology goes haywire (which is the one that happened to me). For some reason, part of you wants to play big and another part of you prefers the status quo. Like oil and water, these things do not mix. However, the situation is perfectly normal and you are not alone in this experience.

1. Focus on what is going well. When you relax and think about it, maybe the situation is only 2% going wrong and 98% of business is great. Just breathe, focus on the positive and feel grateful for what is working. Gratitude is essential for client attraction.

2. Don’t be fooled by the breakdown. You might be fooled by the breakdown and think you shouldn’t be doing what you are doing. More often, it’s actually quite the opposite. You are most likely doing exactly what you should be even though part of you is fighting like crazy to avoid next level.

3. Be persistent and stay the course. If you are facing a disaster, get clear that what you want is likely on its way to you soon. This positive spin helps you shift your mindset and keeps you open to upcoming opportunities. Stay the course and keep going. Don’t shut down – take a brief break if you need it, then forge ahead after what you want.

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  • Julie Wolpers

    This is great advice for those of us who are taking a leap of faith. I’m doing this now in my local market opening up a physical office downtown for the first time in my business, and it feels scary! This post is like a warm blanket. Thanks, Fabienne!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story, Julie! I’d love to hear how it goes. Have a great day!

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