The best mindset for the sales conversation to attract clients

The best mindset for the sales conversation to attract clients

Fabienne Fredrickson
November 18, 2013

giving-mindsetWhen you are ready to have the sales conversation with people and make sales calls, check your mindset before you even pick up the phone. What I have found works best is to come from your heart and a place of “giving” rather than about hoping to get something from the person on the other end of the line.

Sometimes clients tell me they have trouble closing the sale which often comes with nervousness and fear of rejection. That’s when I want to know what the intention behind the call was. Usually the person is coming from a place of fear – she NEEDS to make a sale and that means she WANTS something from the person. This sets up a lower vibration from the start of the call, even before anyone answers the phone.

There are only two emotions and vibrations in the world 1) Fear and 2) Love. One is about taking and the second is about giving. Yes, there are shades of gray between the two, but it comes down to just these two according to spiritual principles.

So, when having the sales conversation, if you are in a place of “I’ve got to get a new client, I’ve got to make more money,” that’s a lower vibration. When you start anything with a lower vibration, your results will be a lower vibration. On the other hand, when you start with the intention of giving, of loving and of being of service, you show up with a very high vibration.

The call is received in a totally different way. You are more confident and not coming from that place of “What if they don’t buy?” You are just coming from the heart right? Because you are vibrating at a higher frequency, you will be attracting higher frequency results.

See, it always has to be about the person you are speaking to and not about yourself. If you look at all the principles of Client Attraction that I teach, everything you do has to be about the client first. Once people recognize the value of having the results and solutions to their problems, they will say, “Yes, that’s what I want.”

Then you can follow up with, “I have a valuable resource for you. Would you like me to tell you about it?” But, if you lead with yourself, the walls go up because that is the energy of taking as opposed to giving. The sales conversation is successful when we don’t make it about ourselves.

Your Client Attraction Assignment
Before you pick up the phone to have any sales conversation, set your intention. Think about coming from a place of giving and learning how you can help. You will find you make better connections and close more sales by coming from this place of giving.

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  • Mirkka Schaller

    So true! It just changed the way I’m writing my current e-mail to the corporates on the new seminars next year. It changed the way I breathe – from shallow small breaths to deep warm liberating ones. It changed the way I feel about my business. Now taking this path, no matter what the financial obsticles may be. Trust in your word! 🙂 Thanks Fabienne!!

    • I love hearing that Mirkka! Have faith and walk your path. Sending you big hugs!!

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