Why People Leaving Your Email List Is Good For Business

Why People Leaving Your Email List Is Good For Business

Derek Fredrickson
September 13, 2013

BlogPost09132013Today, I want to let you in on a little secret… I want to let you know why unsubscribers (people that leave or opt-out of your email list) are good for your business.

You’re probably thinking, “What did he just say? Is he crazy?” But you heard me right. Despite what many think, it can be a good thing for your business when people unsubscribe from your list.

People opt out for a reason. Figure out WHY and what needs to change to prevent others from doing the same. (Click here to tweet this.)

I’m actually happy when people opt-out because it cleans up my list and I can rely on more realistic and truthful statistics and analytics like open rates and click-through rates. Dormant subscribers who never opt-out (and never read your emails) are just skewing your numbers.

In this week’s video strategy, I explain how people opting out of your email list gives you a fresh start. Let me show you how this “red flag” is a chance for you to look back on what you’ve done lately, improve and gain even better, more connected subscribers.

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  • Great points Derek! I have actually sent email messages to people on my “no opens” list asking them to opt out if they don’t really want the emails. I love the points about using unsubscribes as a red flag to look at recent activity. Sometimes it’s just that they aren’t really in your market. Thanks for the post!

  • Yaritza Baez

    Hi Derek! I agree there is no point in having people in your list that never open your email.

  • Shannon Lagasse

    Hey Derek!

    Always love your videos! You’ve gotten so great at sharing your list building strategies and you come across great on video. :]

    I love this idea of not worrying about people who unsubscribe because they’re probably not your ideal customers anyway.

    I’m wondering, though: Would you send this person a personal follow-up email to ask them why they unsubscribed? Or would you just let it be and take an educated guess by reviewing your recent email campaigns and seeing what might have caused them to unsubscribe?

    • DerekFredrickson

      Hi Shannon – thanks for the comment and positive feedback!

      Of course you could do that – but in my opinion to do that right away might seem a bit desperate. I’d recommend instead focusing on securing new and excited subscribers to your list. Additionally – you could reach out after some time to re-engage them on the list if they wanted to.

  • Sa Say

    Thanks! I am always telling my clients this. But having it come from another source just gives me more credibility. In fact, a client just sent me this to read and said “You were right. Now I feel better about my unsubscribes.”

  • Tracy Harrison

    Derek! I am delighted you are so engaged with CABS. I LOVE your videos – and even more, learning from you in person. Pearl after pearl after pearl after pearl. This is one great piece of wisdom that many people need to hear. You’re keeping us focused on what matter most. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • D’Annette Carbuccia

    Hey Guys!
    At the moment, I am in school and working. My last venture collapsed when gas prices went through the roof. It’s all good. I’m thinking of doing something online since that’s where everyone lives these days! Client Attraction has been life changing for me with valuable content! You deserve all success you enjoy! I love Fabienne and the two of working as a couple is a wonderful example to your clients and subscribers

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