How to Build Your List with SEO

How to Build Your List with SEO

Derek Fredrickson
August 16, 2013

How to Build Your List with SEOI get these questions all the time from clients and people I work with.Derek, what exactly is Search Engine Optimization, why do I need it and how does it work. More importantly, what specifically do I need to do about SEO?” And I don’t blame them because SEO is often confusing and overwhelming to people when it comes to online marketing and building their list.

In this week’s video I share my three most important SEO strategies—all in very simple and easy to understand language so you can incorporate the right SEO strategy for your business that will help you authentically build your list and get more clients.

Content is the new SEO. Relevant site content increases the odds of a higher search engine ranking. (Click here to tweet this.)

Click here to watch so I can explain just what SEO is, how it works, and share my three strategies with you. Once you start to follow my simple steps, you’ll be on your way to improving the rankings of your site in the search engines and as a result, building your list and attracting more clients!

Your Client Attraction Assignment

For each of the three strategies I shared, take a look and see what is missing or what you can improve. Knowing that content is the new SEO, perhaps a good starting point is to review past blog posts you’ve written and evaluate how they are relevant for the keywords and search terms you’d like to be ranked for. Where can you improve? Keep these points handy when creating future content to see how your search rankings improve as you continue to get better at prioritizing SEO when creating new content.

  • Susan Loughrin

    Will be looking through my articles for key words (thanks!) and updating my website is in order for the fall.

    In order to get more “referenced from others”, where do you suggest I place my articles (besides my website and E-zine articles) for greater exposure?

    Any suggestions are welcomed,

    • Hi Susan! Thank you for stopping by to comment. Derek may have something to add, but you can turn your article into video content and/or a podcast. And don’t forget to share through social media, which can help give it great exposure.

  • Tricia Pine

    This was so helpful! I just asked this question on the CABS site today 🙂 LOts of good ideas to implement. P.S. I would love to know more about the “architecture” aspect and how to translate that to me web designer. Thanks again, Derek! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  • Suzen Chan

    I’ve been aware of these strategies but am feeling panicked at where to start!. I’m working on my CAS and looking forward to Mindset in Sept. I know that when the time is right these items will all come together. Focus, focus, focus…

    • That’s so true! Don’t let the panic take over, just have faith in what you’re doing, and keep taking the next step. Can’t wait to see you in September!

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