Play Big Master Class with Kate Northrup

Play Big Master Class with Kate Northrup

Fabienne Fredrickson
June 26, 2013

Play Big Master Class with Kate NorthrupJoin Fabienne with her guest Kate Northrup for a great conversation on how to play big – in your business and your life. Enjoy!

Kate Northrup is a professional freedom seeker and creative entrepreneur. She created financial freedom for herself at the age of 28 through building a team of more than 3,000 wellness entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry.

Her philosophy is that if you free yourself financially you can be fully present to your purpose on the planet.She’s committed to empowering as many people as possible to have the ultimate luxury in life: choice.

Kate has spoken to audiences of thousands with Hay House, Wanderlust, USANA Health Sciences, and more. She’s writing her first book, Money: A Love Story, Untangling Your Financial Woes, Creating the Life You Really Want, and Living Your Purpose (Hay House, September 2013). She also continues to mentor entrepreneurs through her network marketing team, The Freedom Family.

Find out more and take her free quiz to find out what your relationship with money says about you at

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  • Renée Parenteau Yemma

    oh my gosh! fabienne!! i’ve been SO out of your loop b/c I’ve just transition to being a mama of 2. i’m just starting to come back into life now that my little guy is 10 months this week! i listened to this last night while lying in bed before I feel asleep and i just LOVED it!!!! especially the end!! one of the reasons why i follow you is that you inspire me SO much to have a business that balances family life. and, really, the #1 reason why i follow you, too, is that your family always comes first!! and then hearing kate say she wants to be a present mom…i started to cry. you both are an inspiration and you help me to see that i, too, can make my dreams come true to build my own business while also being a present mom!! thank you for sharing this amazing talk!!

    • Wow Renee, that brought tears to my eyes… Thank you so much for allowing me to share with you, and for caring so much about making family a priority in the growth of your business! Sending you BIG hugs!

      • Renée Parenteau Yemma

        oh my gosh!! and i just HAVE to share this!! you were talking about stepping out of your comfort zone (and this isn’t with business, but I move a lot, and I have to find new everything – i keep finding hair stylists that deep down, i know i need to keep searching for b/c i’m not fully in love with my hair, well, i find that it’s SO easy to just keep staying in the comfort of the hairstylist even though i’m not happy, but i’ve taken steps to find new ones. yesterday, the day after i listened to your call, was my appt. with my 3rd hairstylist since moving to our current location. i waited a month to get into her salon (which i thought was a GOOD sign!!). while i was sitting there waiting, i came across the people mag that you spoke about with gwyenth paltrow (which, btw i don’t read any mags b/c i’m swamped with my kids) and i was THRILLED b/c i wanted to read what you spoke about. as soon as i saw it i knew i was headed in the right direction and i’m SO happy with my hair!! if i stayed in the comfort, i would have never moved forward and would have never seen that people mag and i see that this is exactly how i need to move in all areas of my life. thank you for inspiring me and helping me move toward better things for my life!! your mastermind is still on my vision board!! 🙂

        • Renée Parenteau Yemma

          i forgot to say, that years ago, i would have stayed. and with everything i’ve learned from you, you’re part of the reason why i’m moving forward in this way. i can’t thank you enough!! 🙂 this kind of action is helping to take more action in my business as well. 🙂

          • That means so much to me Renee, keep taking action! I’ve always found that’s the biggest step.

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