How to Launch a Product Using a Tele-seminar

How to Launch a Product Using a Tele-seminar

Derek Fredrickson
May 16, 2013

One of the marketing strategies that Fabienne and I teach many of our clients and students is the concept of using a product launch to help sell more of their products and services. It’s an essential strategy for getting your product out to the masses.

More specifically – we teach them exactly how to use the technology and tools that are available to achieve maximum sales when it comes time to get their product out there for sale. By product I’m referring to any program, service, event, etc. Really, anything that you want to sell to your network.

Use a compelling and authentic teleseminar to launch your product out to the masses. (Click here to tweet this).

Why? Well, imagine this. You’ve spent all this time and effort to create this amazing product with all the value and benefits you know your prospects need and want – including extra bonuses and goodies – and you post it to your website under the shopping cart – and then you expect the orders to flood in. But they don’t, do they?

Instead you hear crickets… So you decide to email your list about it and you just say, “Go buy my new product. It’s all great and here’s what it’ll do for you and more…” Maybe you get one sale? Or a few sales? And more crickets…

It’s because you don’t have a launch! A launch is an essential vehicle to get the word out about your offer. It creates excitement and buzz in the marketplace where people are excited and interested in what you have to offer. In addition, when done correctly, using the teleseminar approach – you can create heightened motivation to the point where many, many prospects are excited to purchase your product! Doesn’t that sound better than… crickets?

Watch this week’s video for my 3 simple strategies on how to use teleseminars to launch your product for maximum sales.  You’ll then be able to map out your launch, pick a date and start promoting!

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Ask yourself: how can I use a tele-seminar product launch for selling more products, programs or signing on more clients? Then, following the 3 steps I’ve shared with you, map it out, pick a date and start promoting it!

  • Derek, it was a great pleasure meeting you in person at EA. The product launch message is awesome, to the point and covered core nuggets that are essential. Love to hear more.

    • DerekFredrickson

      Great to meet you as well! Thanks for the comment and feedback…

  • This was great info as I am working on launching my first info product .

    • DerekFredrickson

      Fantastic, Jess! Congrats on that…

  • Something I learned was the importance of not stressing out if your entire email list doesn’t sign up for your teleseminar. Such a good point! Thanks for another great video, Derek!

  • This is great i am forever grateful in learning about new stuff for my home base businesss 🙂

    • DerekFredrickson

      Glad we could help! Good luck on getting it out there…

  • This video is perfect timing because I’m planning a product launch next week, with emails inviting people to a webinar where I’ll give them some great content, followed by my offer. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  • Theresa

    Does this strategy work with a webinar as well?

    • Yes, it should work for both teleseminars and webinars. Thank you for stopping by Theresa!

  • Melissa Cappleman

    Thanks for the product launch sequencing information, Derek!

    • DerekFredrickson

      Very welcome!

  • Great info as always 🙂 I signed up for Growth Track during MYM yay!!! My question is: for the compelling call to action, I was thinking I would give those who sign up within 24 hours a break on the price as the ‘bonus’ for signing up quickly. Is that inauthentic or gimmicky? This will be my FIRST teleseminar after 8 years in business and I’ve done a hundred of these for my clients but never my own and omg I’m stressin! 🙂

    • Yay for you Lisa! I see a price break for a limited time as a good way to help them make a quick decision, which is beneficial for everyone. Does that feel authentic to you?

  • Ava Waits

    Hi Derek ~ Thank you so much! I’m about to launch a new program, and this came to my inbox at the perfect time. Your video reminds me of how important it is to have a reason why people should buy immediately, instead of waiting until later.

    • DerekFredrickson

      Yes, Ava – totally agree! It’s all about motivating them to take action.

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