How to Use Social Media to Attract More Clients

How to Use Social Media to Attract More Clients

Derek Fredrickson
April 19, 2013

How to Use Social Media to Attract More Clients

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, when it comes to knowing how to market your business online using the web and the Internet, social media and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are receiving lots of attention as tools for Client Attraction.

And if you’ve used any of these tools, you can see how it’s easy to spend a lot of (wasted) time there. To attract ideal high paying clients from social media and also build your list of email subscribers, it’s important to remember that that the same rules apply for social media as they do for traditional marketing: give value and build relationships!

“To attract ideal clients using social media, give value and build relationships.”  (Click here to tweet this.)

As you know, here at Client Attraction we teach our clients and students that authentic and compelling marketing is all about PULLING prospects to you. With the use of a compelling marketing message and by offering high-content information that adds value, your audience is motivated to take further action, either by wanting to join your email list or even better – wanting to work with you.

And the same applies with social media marketing. So, when using social media, you want to be crystal clear on how you plan to effectively and strategically use these marketing tools and still remain “Client Attractive.”

Watch this week’s video for three great strategies when it comes to using social media to attract clients. 

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Apply the steps from today’s video with a focus on creating meaningful connections and establishing long-term value. As you do, you’ll cultivate the right relationships and as a result, prospects see you as Client Attractive. Focus on that and you’ll never be without clients, ever again.

  • Fabulous video and social media marketing tips! I especially liked the part about don’t post anything you wouldn’t want on a billboard. I always tell my clients “If you don’t want your mom to read it, don’t post it!” =)

    • So true! Whether a billboard (or your Mom) you want to be careful about what you post while still being true to who you are…

  • Thanks Derek! I always tell my clients that they have to build relationships first and be in the social media for the long term. Many don’t see that though, they think social media is a quick fix to promote themselves and make lots of money.
    So agree with everything you said. Be real. Be social!

    • Yep, social media is not a quick-fix at ALL! It takes time to build those relationships but as you do – they develop well into long-term paying clients.

  • Wow! This is so valueble! I just posted a blog about sharing. You say it in different words. I will post it as an extra with mij BLOG.

  • Derek – YES – social media is about connection and relationship. Thank you for the great tips and reminder!

    • You’re absolutely right about the relationships, thank you for your note Cena!

  • Hi Derek,
    People smell if our communication si genuine or fake very true!

  • Hey Derek.,

    Thanks for your nice strategy and video about How to use Social Media to make your business successful!! It’s really awesome.

    Thanks !

  • Hi Derek-
    You’re absolutely right that authenticity is key especially when it comes to attracting the right kind of client for your business. Thanks for the video!

  • Well said Derek! I really like the billboard analogy. I don’t think most people adhere to that and it’s great advice. Thanks again for sharing great content! 🙂

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