How to Create Uncommon Results in Business

How to Create Uncommon Results in Business

Fabienne Fredrickson
April 12, 2013

How to Create Uncommon Results in BusinessPeople I meet at events around the country always ask me what it takes to create uncommon results in one’s business. I’m talking about the kind of results that astounds everybody around you and makes them say, “Huh? How’d she do that?”

When I share with them what to do, they sometimes think it sounds too simple. I think it’s because most people are waiting for a ninja strategy (and yes, there are plenty and I share the ninja stuff with our students and clients) but it also comes down to doing things in accordance with two laws of success, and they actually go hand in hand.

“There are two lifelong success strategies that all highly successful people adopt.”  (Click here to tweet this.)

That being said, many people don’t give these two lifelong success strategies much thought because they’ve heard them before. They say, yeah, I know that already. And you’ve probably said that too. But do you? You see, I don’t believe you know something until you do it on a daily basis, until it becomes second nature to you. And in business, if you don’t do it daily, then you don’t know it, you’ve only HEARD of it! If you’re not getting results from it day in and day out, then you don’t really know it. Action is key and implementation is crucial, even with the simple stuff.

Watch this week’s strategy for the two lifelong success strategies that ALL highly successful people adopt.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Identify the specific excuses and fears that hold you back from taking decisive action on the opportunities that are right in front of you. How are they stopping you and what are you going to do about it?

  • This one really hit me in the head Fabienne, thanks for that! The universe keeps showing me that it is ready for the ‘project’ my husband and I are working but I have been dragging my feet this past week to make it a reality. Not anymore, this weekend I will be dedicating several hours to keep us on course for a ‘grand opening’ next Friday.
    Thanks again, soon we will be in one of your programs, as it was only thanks to you and one of your gifts that we manifested the sale of our business and our move out of the country to our simpler life (after 1.5 years of being at a stand still). Now the opportunities just keep getting put right under our nose, it’s high time I get moving on them.

    • Woohoo! SO glad to hear you’re making progress, and have already manifested some of your goals.

  • a good one this time. thank you fabienne! Im writing on a piece of paper right now. Love and greetings from Barcelona, Spain

  • I think one of the keys to the ‘no excuses’ approach is in taking the attitude that everything is solvable. Challenges and setbacks aren’t dead ends; just feedback that you need to assimilate and design solutions to meet. Often, that’s about learning to separate yourself from your business a bit and not to take things personally. If you make everything about you, setbacks and rejections can be quite discouraging; when you make it about a larger vision you’re going to work in service of, then it’s just evidence that you’re one step closer. The answer to every excuse is ‘so, how do we solve that?’

    • Yes! Love that Lachlan. Thank you for sharing. What have you accomplished since you took that approach?

      • Started a company, moved my business to a scalable revenue model, made over 1,000 new connections, created a subscription based software product that pays the bills, stopped selling my time… there’s probably more; but that’s what springs to mind 😉 Thanks for asking!

        • That’s so amazing, thank you for how that attitude has propelled you forward!

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