How to Show Conviction and Authority in Your Marketing

How to Show Conviction and Authority in Your Marketing

Fabienne Fredrickson
January 25, 2013

This week I’d like to talk to you about how to show conviction and authority in your marketing. Did you know there is a way of BEING that literally makes or breaks your ability to attract clients in large numbers? Many self employed people don’t use it and, as a result, are literally letting prospective clients slip through their fingers, day in and day out—even if they have done a lot of marketing and networking, and even if they have lots of prospects.

To avoid letting prospects slip through your fingers, you need to have serious conviction about what you offer. If there’s no certainty on your end, then a prospect is simply not going to be certain either that working with you is the answer to their problems. They’ll question whether you are really good at what you do and then decide to keep looking. (Click here to tweet this.)

Here’s an example of what happened to me a few years ago, after going to see my dentist. For months, I’d been researching some light cosmetic dentistry done to improve my smile. During my routine dental checkup and cleaning, I asked “Dr. Smith” if he performed cosmetic dentistry. Now, before I tell you what happened, let me explain his typical behavior. He was naturally very outgoing, charming, and did good work (as far as I could tell from the routine cleanings.) He told jokes, was jovial and seemed pretty confident all around. But something happened when I asked him if he did cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Smith’s behavior changed, almost on a dime. He looked away, mumbled something about being in business for 20 years and of course he did cosmetic dentistry, and that he did it well. And then that was it. Nothing else. The strange thing was his words were no longer enthusiastic and confident. They turned empty and uninspiring, and I wasn’t sure how to read the situation.

Whatever had happened, my gut feeling told me not to work with him. Right then and there, in just one sentence, he lost thousands of dollars worth of potential business. I knew by the manner in which he spoke that if I was to go forward with the cosmetic dentistry, I wasn’t going to be using Dr. Smith. He simply had not convinced me—not even close. In fact, quite the opposite.

Here’s what I have discovered from that experience and countless other experiences I’ve had, just watching entrepreneurs talk about their abilities:

  • Prospects want to work with people who are CERTAIN about their abilities.
  • Prospects want to work and learn from an AUTHORITY on a subject.
  • Prospects are looking for someone CONFIDENT about the results they offer.
  • Prospects are silently begging to be LED!

Your Client Attraction Assignment

From this moment forward, you cannot afford to be wishy-washy about what you offer. You’ve got to have total conviction about what you do. Not only that, you have got to express that conviction in a way that makes the prospect feel confident about your abilities.

You see, your job is not to sell. Your job is to be so quietly self-assured that you convince prospects to get out of their own way to work with you. The way you do that is by building trust, showing authority on your topic, and expressing your capability about the results they’ll get with you. And that’s all in your way of BEING.

Now, a caveat. This doesn’t mean that you become overly zealous, or over confident. That’s just a ridiculous turnoff and it would send prospects running in the other direction. Just be yourself, but speak with conviction and certainty.

One more thing. I would recommend that you not tell a prospect you can do something that you can‚ just to close the sale. Some sales gurus will tell you to do this, and then figure it out later, but I don’t agree. It’s out of integrity and we are looking for authentic selling here. It’s better to gently turn away that prospect and move on to the next one.

So, be yourself. Be a leader, and start speaking with conviction from this moment forward. It doesn’t take much, and yet I guarantee you’ll start attracting more clients than you are now. It works!

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  • I know what you say to be absolutely true, I recently lost a client because I felt I was out of my league. Even though I was willing to do extra research and consult a senior lawyer (at no cost to my client), that wasn’t what the client wanted . She or he wanted someone to say they knew what they were doing, even if the extra work had to be done behind the scenes without this client knowing. I heard myself being wishy-washy and my confidence just sunk from there – not a good situation.

    • Another reminder of why it’s always best to stay in integrity and authenticity. Thanks, Penelope 🙂

  • I do Morphopsychology and I would have been very sad to find you had work done to your teeth as they adress the origin of your family – they tell people that you didn’t always have it easy but that you were able to pull through with self nurturing and perseverance and that is Client friendly! Thanks for being who you are Fabienne!!

    • Glad to be able to share this story with you, Jasmine! And thank you for being YOU! 🙂

  • Fabienne, what a great video and so true. I believe the dentist was probably reminded of the trouble among medical practitioners and the “good” and “bad” battle of enhancements and those things. Many dentists feel insecure about helping patients with their “beauty” because they feel it diminishes and rubbishes their profession, yet the patients want to be attractive, so it’s just a battle with his own confusing insecurities.

    And this is exactly that most of us feel: when there is a trigger word or trigger feeling in the client conversation, all of a sudden a whole range of issues pop up in our heads that destroy the positivity and we get stuck, confused and lose our flow.

    Thanks so much for this video as it really makes me think about me doing that quite often. I had this only a few days ago and it’s hard to turn a conversation around after this little trigger comes on about something that might not even be related to the real conversation that is happening right now. Very sad, but it’s good to always keep this in mind and remember to stay in your flow of authenticity.

  • Angela Savitri

    Thank you Fabienne – I needed to hear this message and reminder to embody it in my bones.

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